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Name: Frezik Hielo

Gender: Male

Species: Husky

Race: Shironan

Age: 20

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

R. Interest: None

Weapon: A large sword 


Mother: Glaciara the Husky-Missing

Father: Frezikin the Husky- Missing, Frezik is currently chasing him


Frezik has a grey furred muzzle with tinges of fuzz on both sides, with there being three tinges on either side. this grey coloring extends to the insides of his ears, his chest, and the soles of his feet. Everything else is covered in a smoky grey, though the tip of his ears and tail fade into a snowy white. His tail is short, and colored grey like the rest of his fur; with of course, a white tip. His hair is cut short, with it being spiked back. His sclera is glossy white, his irises lemon yellow, and the pupils black.

Frezik is commonly known to wear his mother's ring on a necklace.

Frezik wears an all white hooded parka jacka jacket with black sleeves, and patches of white. However, he almost always keeps the hood up, obscuring most of his face; leaving only his eyes to be seen. He wears a pair of black pants with white colorings on the leggings, and white boots with black heels. He wears black gloves, with white claws built into them; these allow him to have a better grasp on something. He wears a white sash around his waist.



Claymore: Frezik's weapon. This serves as both his method of melee offense, and a tool for controlling his powers for combat. The sword is also infused with ice, and has many ice related abilities. One of these is being able to form ice on whatever it touches; the most common version of this ability are ice spikes formed from the ground.



Frezik, despite his build, is quite strong; able to swing a claymore in one hand. 


Frezik was born with the ability to control ice, mainly able to use it however he chooses. Though there is one drawback with his power; In exchange for power, Frezik cannot completely control his power. While he can control it enough to prevent it from freezing everything he touches and forming something, this is all he can do. To compensate for this, he uses the sword he has as a focal point, using this weapon to focus his powers to an acceptable level. When his power is leashed, he can form walkways of ice, icicles, and can even freeze the ground to increase his momentum. However, the sword is also infused with ice; and can cause icicles to form from the ground. His powers however, can be negated by fire elementals and stronger ice elementals.

He's currently training to learn how to control this power.


Frezik is the first husky I ever made.

He's also the first Anti-villain I've ever made that has started out as an anti-villain and not made into one later on.

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