Freezle the Echidna is a smart, quick witted, delinquent echidna born in the slums of Empire City.




Species:Short Nosed Echidna


Birthplace:Empire City

Blood Type:AB

Physical Description
  • All purpose Goggles with universal tech cable
  • Spiked Boots
  • Grey Jacket
  • Master Pyro and Cryokinesis
  • Advanced Fighting Techniques
  • Super Smart

A master of Fire and Ice, Freezle lives calmly in the sewers of EC where power rings form due to pollution. He has Special Rings called "Super Power Rings" he uses to boost his power. Hanging from his goggles is a special cable that when linked to a machine allows Freezle to freely hack it. He comes to the surface to find food whenever he needs it. Using his Icicle Spear Technique, he can instantly incapatate a weak person if he punctures their neck (they come backk to when the Ice Melts). He recently went on an adventure with Turbo.


Freezle is an extremely laid back and sneaky person. He is also incredibly blunt; he will commonly point out a fault someone has with little to no regret. The excpetion is his friends (And sometimes not even then) and when said insult will end up being baneful to him. 

Freezle is also incredibly intellegent, rivaling the greatest minds on the planet. However, he hides this knowledge, thinking that the world simply is not ready for his brilliance. 



Data being gathered


Unrivaled at his pyrokinetic and Cryokinetic powers, advanced fighting and super smart brain make him a considerable threat. His goggles have all of the following functions. Night Vision, Geiger Counter, Heat Sensors, Radiation Vision (X-rays, Gamma rays, Ultravoilet ect.), up to 1,000,000 Magnification, Data Scanners, Radar, fashion, eye protection, music player, hearing amlification and a cable that can hack into almost everything. However, he is quite slow and can't fly.

His Pyrokinesis is so powerful that he can move objects by manipulating the heat created by its atoms. His Cryokinesis is equally as deadly. He can suck the heat out of an area to (in theory) lower the tempature to Absolute Zero (0 Kelvin, 459.67 F or 273.15 C) His energy control is slightly worse than Turbo's. He uses 12.5% more energy than needed. He has, however, larger reserves of energy than Turbo.

He possess a vast analytical prowess, allowing him to proccess information at greater speeds and capacities than normal people. He potentially possess Eidetic memory, but this is uncertain. 

His Power Level is 3800. Like Turbo, he can lower his power level to avoid Scouter like Devices.


Hydrogen Splitter:A Ridiculously Dangerous Punch thats splits Hydrogen Atoms in the air to create "small" Nuclear Explosion

Overflame:Opens up the "Six Powers of Fire" Understanding of Fire, Control of Fire, Greater Control of Fire, "Creation" of Matter Through Fire, Conversion of Other Elements (mainly Water) into Fire and the Greatest skill involving Fire:

Turning your thoughts into Fire! This Technique uses a moderate amount of ENERGY.

Sheer Cold:A slow, Absolute zero explosion-type attack that "Defeats" (knocks out) or Kills, all opponents in a 10 yard radius that have a power level equal or less. Very Inaccurate. If used against a stronger foe, it does magor damage.

Overfreeze:Opens up the "Six Gates of Ice" Understanding of Ice, Control of Ice, Greater control of Ice, "Creation" of Matter from Ice, Conversion of other Elements (mainly Electricity) into Ice and the greatest skill involving Ice: Turning your thoughts into Ice.

Icicle Spear:Also known as Icicle Needles, is a very weak but unique Ice technique. If it punctures your foes neck, it fills then with a cryokinetic force that stops their heartbeat and bloodflow until the Ice melts. When the Ice melts, they wake up and have no memory of what happened for 5 minutes before being impaled.

Ice of Shiva:Absolute Zero cold ice is hurled as swords made of "Shining Ice".

Technique List


Artic Spindash

Coctyus (calls it kracrackle)

Freezle Palm

Freezing Slash

Frost Kicks

Frost Blades

Frozen Tail


Ice Beam

Ice Maelstrom

Ice Punch

Ice Fang

Ice Storm


Blast Burn

Blaze Kick

Burning Combat

Corona Flame


Fire Blast

Fire Palm

Fire Punch

Fire Fang

Fire Spin

Flame Charge

Magma Storm

Golden Fire

Flame Rejuvenation (heals Freezle)

Flame Barrier (Five Layer Barrier of Fire)

Magma Spindash


Flare Burner


Freezle's name is based of a planet in Spore Creatures.Freezle's

Freezles regular Christmas Present is Coal, but he actually puts coal on his Christmas List.

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