Freeze Palm is a close-range fighting technique.


The user fills their open hand with a semi-frozen burst of water, often created by thawing an Ice Punch, then thrusts it into the target. This impact creates a splashing effect with the freezing cold water, but on impact, the user freezes the liquid, creating a chain reaction that can possibly engulf the target completely in ice.

In comparison to the other two common physical Ice-elemental techniques, Freeze Palm has a much higher freeze rate, often argued to be because there is a greater surface area for the ice to take hold and effect the target compared to the smaller area posed by the other strikes, but this comes at the cost of offensive power. While still reasonably strong, thanks in part to the direct thrust nature of the attack, it carries less power directly than the other attacks thanks to the "splash" effect. This technique is often taught as a precursor to the Cryogen advanced element, mostly due to the use of a semi-liquid freezing agent. Indeed, variations performed by Cryogen users are even more effective at freezing a target, as the timing required to trigger the freezing effect is not required.



Technique Rank

Due to the heightened chance to freeze with reasonable combat power, the technique bears a B-rank.

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