Freeze Frame is an Ice element technique created by Sledge the Hedgehog and is one of his signature techniques.


The move begins with the user charging up a massive amount of ice energy, when the right amount has been gathered the user release's it all, dropping the temprature in the surrounding area to absolute zero and causing everything to stop even time which is the effect the technique aim's for. When the effect end the temprature returns to what it was before the technique was invoked and anyone within the affected area at the time will not suffer any ill affects from the temprature drop dispite the extreme levels it goes to.


Anyone can learn this technique, however only Sledge knows how to use it


Technically, any skilled ice manipulator would be able to use this technique provided they can gather the required amount of ice energy to activate it, however only a person who is immune to ice element abilities can use the technique without being affected themselves, as a result very few people can use the technique with any real effectiveness

Significant Variants

The only other ability that is anything similar is Chaos Control

Weak Points

The main weak point of the ability is the time it takes to gather the required amount of energy with the charging time increasing as the temprature rise's which also reduces the duration of the effect. Another weak point is it's inability to affect ice, fire or lightning based beings, the former because of immunity to ice attacks and the latter two because of their volatile nature. Fire and lightning shield's can also provide protection.


The only drawback of this technique is the amount of energy that's required to use it, unless the user isn't immune to ice element abilities in which case the user is also subjected to the effect's.

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