Cquote1 Too much Righteousness leads to Chaos and Chaos leads to Genocide. Cquote2
Freeze explaining how heroes can essentially cause harm to the world


Freeze has a rather odd, yet unique personality, ranging from selfless traits of heroism and egocentric traits of annoyance that tends to intertwine with one another, depending on the certain situation. He is one to do things alone mostly, distancing himself from others, always wanting to find his own way of doing things due to his rebellious nature, though he enjoys the company of others that interest him and tries to keep them entertained as long as they are accompanied by him.

Due to his rebellious nature and lone wolf attitude, Freeze tends to decline any type of help from others while he has goals he is trying to achieve, always relying on himself in order to survive, though if intrigued by the person or type of help they are offering, Freeze does not hesitate to push aside his rebelliousness and take up their offer. Freeze's curiosity in others has gotten him into more rough situations than he can be accounted for because he has taken interest in the wrong people at times, disregarding their own morals of good and evil, though he justifies his curiosity to himself due to being entertained and revels in the thought. His optimism usually gets the best of him as well, as he would defend his own decisions to his death for being something that he had done because he enjoyed himself and set out to do what he got pleasure from. However, much like his curiosity, this has gotten Freeze into trouble when it comes to illegal and dangerous activities he loves, as it can, and has before, hurt him and others around, whether they are loved ones or not.

His motivation, being his family and friends at most times, tends to go hand and hand with his optimism, as he would do anything to pursue his goals and interests he takes pleasure in. Day in and day out, if he isn't lazing around with friends or enjoying a nice day, he'd draw from this motivation, optimism and determination and use it to pursue new horizons; traveling to different places in search of interesting new people, places and events he could find himself stuck in.

To Freeze, the world is oh so very small and centered. He takes much pride and joy in himself, making himself seem as an alpha among betas, especially when it comes to combat, and this usually gets Freeze on people's bad side. Much to their dismay, Freeze doesn't really care about what others think of him and would rather revel in his own pride, boasting, than to prove himself to others why he's such an alpha among betas. To him, it's somewhat a waste of time if he doesn't enjoy proving himself. Ironically, or possibly coincidentally, Freeze does not like arrogance. He doesn't see his own arrogance and since two " alpha personality " individuals always think they are the highest of tiers among others, Freeze dislikes those kinds of people.

Around others, Freeze tends to stay calm and collected, perceiving a more intelligent-like character and shows gracefulness to friendly individuals. He's known for always being honest and modest with those who are the same to him and want a truthful answer, believing that in order to earn trust you must also give your trust. Being in that mind-set, makes him respectful to others, unless provoked, determining whether he can be safe in placing trust in them and if he can receive their own trust.

In battle, Freeze becomes a reckless, hot-headed individual, driven by his thirst and bloodlust for a good fight. Taking so much pride in his innate talent in a fight and battle prowess, he often shows a conceited and playful side while in one, often toying with his opponents, taunting them, and suppressing himself from ending a fight too shortly. At times, this uncanny bloodlust takes over him, as it gives him a rush of adrenaline that makes him feel far more alive than ever and he truly revels the pleasure and excitement of a good, passionate brawl.



Sophitia "Snow" Aerion:

Freeze treats his younger sister as if she was the only thing in the entire world. He cares dearly for her and would not try to make her feel bad no matter what the case. He gave her the nickname of " Sugar " when she was young because she had always been a nice girl who was responsible and kind-hearted. Other than his children, He would put all else before her, even himself. Although not often seeing each other lately, do to Sophie's job and Freeze's current status, they both meet up very often to see how each other is doing and usually catch each other when a dilemna pops up. Being rewritten.

Spectre "Kin" Aerion:

Being rewritten because of character overhaul.

Flarisius "Azleon" Aerion (Flare):

Work in Progress.

Rubecca de Abbecia (Ruby):

Work in Progress

Novisius "Azreal" Aerion (Nova):

Work in Progress.

Kõrvetus "Aeldyr" Aerion (Vulcan):

Work in Progress.

Alsius "Lyron" Aerion:

Work in Progress.

Layla "Airi" Garcia:

Layla wasn't really close to her father as she is to her mother and holds a bit of hatred towards him for the actions he has done while they were kids. Freeze, like any good father, holds his daughter in his dearest regards, always trying to keep in her happy and well. They don't always see eye to eye and usually are not around each other when Layla and her siblings live with Freeze for a while, usually because Layla tends to always be with friends and Freeze is always out or with Furea and Leslie, Kai and Nitro, or ZX. Being rewritten

Furea "Azeroth" Aerion:

Work in Progress.

Leslie "Ann" Garcia-Aerion:

Work in Progress.


Lana Garcia:

Freeze still has a lot of love for her, but ever since they left each other, it's been kind of hard for their relationship. Freeze would like to be lovers again or even friends, but she wants nothing to do with him, so Freeze gives her the wish of leaving her alone forever. Being rewritten

Relationship with Kai/Nitro(Two friends on SJ): 

Those are his best friends, rivals, and the ones he always goes around with. Whenever he's not walking to a location for redemption alone, he's usually doing things with Kai and Nitro. Being rewritten

Relationship with Ultimate(Friend on SJ):

Ultimate and Freeze are like Friends and Rivals at the same time. Even though they've never seen one another in battle, they'd love to battle. Yet with Sophitia dating Ultimate, Freeze doesn't plan on battling him soon. Being rewritten

Relationship with Turbo(Friend on SJ):

Being his friend and the rival of his rival, Freeze and Turbo often battle each other to test each others strength. They've grown to know each other really well, until Freeze was thrown in prison. Afterwards, they havn't seen each other for a while. Being rewritten

Relationship with Ryu(Friend on SJ):

Being the first rival of his rival, Freeze trys to prove to Nitro that Ryu is no where near the level of skill he is on, so that Nitro can truely see that Freeze is his greatest rival/threat. Being rewritten

Relationship with Jade/Dyon(Friend on SJ):

He doesn't know them much, but him and Dyon has battling and talked on multiple occasions. Jade and Freeze have a neutral relationship since they rarely talk, but Freeze thinks that Jade wouldn't like Freeze thanks to the way Furea acts around Midnight and the others. Being rewritten

Relationship with Raizune/Rev/Jen(Friend that owns Jade/Dyon):

Raizune and Freeze are long time friends, and have gone through a lot with each other, as they once lived together in a mansion full of other people. They had crazy adventures together there, but that soon changed once Freeze got thrown in prison. Before he got in Raizune and Nitro were building a romantic relationship together, as Freeze once tried to do with Raizune, but blew it when he was thrown in prison. Rev is like a second son to him, as he's always playing or doing bad things together with Furea, and Akiro. Jen is often shy and quiet, and has rarely met Freeze so he has a neutral relationship with her. He finds it funny that his son PROBABLY likes her. Being rewritten

Relationship with Akiro(Friend that owns Kai):

Being Kai's younger brother, Freeze has sympathy for Akiro as he doesn't know how much Kai sacrificed for him. He treats Akiro nicely, but sometimes horribly because he's the main influence on getting Furea and Rev to do chaos. Being rewritten

Relationship with Spik(Friend on SJ): 

Spik and Freeze met via same friends. Nitro, Turbo, Ryu, Ultimate, they're all friends with both Freeze and Spik whom then became friends and rivals. Freeze and Spik share several personality traits such as laziness, uncaring at times, and laid back which helps them get along rather well, yet their personality differences negate this. Freeze and Spik don't hang often, but if Freeze had the chance he'd visit him anytime he'd feel like it. Being rewritten

Relationship with ZX(Friend that owns Kai/Akiro)(Pet):

Work in Progress.

Relationship with Anise(Friend on SJ)(Adopted Child):

Work in Progress.

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