List of Abilities

Radiatric Abilities


  • Gamma Sphere (Signature Move)+++
  • Flash Strike (Signature Move)+++
  • Flash Meteor -
  • Flash Reactor ++
  • Nucleo Seige ++
  • Nucleo Wasteland
  • Atom Bane ++
  • Chaos Theory ++
  • Stronghold +
  • Wasteland -
  • Transmutation ++
  • Flash Stream ++
  • Flash Assault +
  • Flash Frenzy (Acid Fever Move) -
  • Northern Lights of Divinity (Ultimate Attack)


  • Coating +++
  • Fever +
  • Convergence +++

+ is for proficiency in using the skill from none(-) to max(+++)


Gamma Sphere

The one of the two signature moves that Freeze utilizes with his Radiatric abilities. He extracts the gamma radiation from his bloodstream to form pure gamma energy and then converge the extracting energy into a single place as a sphere. The sphere stays in place where it was gathered and does not move unless Freeze manipulates the position of it with his hands. Upon closing his hands, the sphere can explode into a small explosion of the extremely pressured and hazardous energy.

Flash Strike

The other of the two signature moves that Freeze utilizes with his Radiatric abilities, he forms a Gamma Sphere into the palm of his hands then pressures the sphere out at high velocity towards his opponent; causing a small explosion upon contact with anything. Usually, the aftereffect of this move allows his energy to start to decay what it hits; causing a burning sensation on organic materials.

Flash Meteor

A much larger version of Flash Strike that takes time and build up to use against an opponent. Usually, Freeze has to absorb energy using Convergence in order to restore the large amounts of energy he used up when using this ability.

Flash Reactor

A move that can variate based on how Freeze uses this move, it is commonly used as an advantage move against opponents. Forming several Gamma Spheres either around enemies, or into the ground, Freeze uses this to cause a much larger succession of explosions to overwhelm his opponents while not trying to use up too much energy. By using Coating, he can extract the energy directly into the ground and flow the energy like a stream throughout it, then causing an explosion as he sees fit. He can also pressurize the Gamma Spheres at different times to shoot out at his opponent at different times. Using this move can leave Freeze highly vulnerable.

Nucleo Seige

Freeze uses Coating in order to surround himself in his gamma energy, then jumps into the air and falls down onto the battlefield or his opponent to cause a shockwave of his energy to overwhelm them. Usually, it is a quick, short burst of energy. This usually takes up a lot of energy, having Freeze to use Convergence right after this attack.

Nucleo Wasteland

A much stronger version of Nucleo Seige that combines the moves Nucleo Seige and Wasteland, where at the end of Nucleo Seige he uses Wasteland to cause a rather large shockwave of gamma energy. This attack also takes up a lot of energy and immobilizes Freeze for a short time, having him to use Convergence right after this attack and having to deal with not moving for a couple of minutes.

Atom Bane

After using Coating, Freeze rushes at his opponent as if he were using Nucleo Seige on the ground without the shockwave at the end of the attack. Freeze is also highly vulnerable, using this attack.

Chaos Theory

Freeze extracts a lot of his gamma energy in order to create a makeshift shield out of it in order to defend against powerful attacks.


A much more formidable and larger version of Chaos Theory in order to defend against very powerful attacks that are close to Finishing moves.


Essentially a defend and counter move, it is a variation of Chaos Theory that defends against an attack and then releases a large shockwave in order to overwhelm the opponent(s).


Freeze essentially accelerates the build up of his gamma radiation in order to transmute his body to become a Gamma Ray itself. This ability only lasts for a very short time, as it can essentially kill Freeze if he does not regulate the flow of his bloodstream. While using this ability, Freeze can essentially move extremely fast, bypassing most opponents own reflexes and speed (unless they can move at the speed of light). This gives Freeze a huge advantage over his opponents most of the times it's used but comes at a great cost. The Gamma Ray can only go in one direction at a time, so if missed, he'd have to stop using the attack against his opponent. Freeze would become highly vulnerable and immobilized after using this ability as well as having to use Convergence in order to restore large amounts of energy.

Flash Stream

An attack that originates from Transmutation where, as a Gamma Ray, Freeze quickly boosts towards his opponent and strikes them, usually with a powerful, cocked-back kick or knee.

Flash Assault

A stronger version of Flash Stream where Freeze uses consecutive strikes against his opponent, usually moving in different directions when he does.

Flash Frenzy

A move that can only be utilized while in his Acid Fever state, due to the accelerated flow in his bloodstream, he can rapidly form many Gamma Spheres at once and then fire them out in an enormous succession of Flash Strikes.


After forming a Gamma Sphere, Freeze can essentially decrease the pressure of it and let the energy flow around a part of his body that he manipulates it to. It will augment his strikes when using it and essentially a gateway to many of his skills. Using Coating and striking an opponent will activate the Fever passive against them. When using this ability he forms a Gamma Sphere and gives off a breaking effect, similar to the one of Whitebeard using his Tremor-Tremor Fruit, then flowing around the body part he chooses.


Is a passive that activates when Freeze comes into contact with things will using his Radiatric abilities. The energy from his moves start to flow around the opponent and decay away at the atoms around them, including clothing, materials and tissue. Fever happens after certain abilities are used.


Is a passive where Freeze gathers around the small doses of the radiant energy around him and absorbs it in order to regain his own energy. Convergence is needed in order to maintain Freeze's bloodstream and energy supply as well as regaining energy after using his abilities. Convergence is mostly a passive, as Freeze is always absorbing small doses of radiant energy, however can become an active as Freeze can make himself absorb larger doses of energy; even doses that can make him become ill or cause him to become too radioactive and kill him.

Northern Lights of Divinity

For later reveal.

Attacking Quotes

Flash Strike

  • " Alright, you're in for a Flash Strike! "
  • " Ready, Aim, Flash Strike! "

Flash Meteor

  • " Watch out for this, Flash Meteor! "
  • " Time to show you, this Flash Meteor! "
  • " Let's play catch~. Flash Meteor! "

Flash Reactor

  • " Erupting, Flash Reactor!"

Chaos Theory

  • " This'll stop you, Chaos Theory! "
  • " Chaos Theory! "

Hazard Zone

  • " It's hazardous in this area... "
  • " You've stepped in a Hazard Zone! "
  • " No escaping this... Hazard... Zone...! "


  • " This is your grave! "
  • " This'll be your grave... Wasteland...! "
  • " I've no intention of letting you escape! "

Flash Stream

  • " Try to keep up! "
  • " You won't touch me now! "

Flash Assault

  • " Don't blink! "
  • " Alright, let's get this done! "
  • " This'll be over quickly! "

Flash Frenzy

  • " Flash Frenzy! "
  • " Hahaha... Try taking this Frenzy! "

Northern Lights of Divinity

  • " I'll end this... One way or another...! "
  • " If anything, you're done for now...! "
  • " I won't allow you to leave here alive...! "
  • Special Quote for revealing later
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