Cquote1 Too much Righteousness leads to Chaos and Chaos leads to Genocide. Cquote2
Freeze explaining how heroes can essentially cause harm to the world


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Freeze's Stats

Freeze's proficiency in both physical fighting and special abilities are abnormally remarkable and unique to the point others call him a natural talent for fighting. As a street brawler, he has shown phenomenal physical capabilities, usually his strength and durability, having highly enhanced physical capabilities. Part of his enhancement comes from his special ability, but most comes from natural strength and battle prowess, which most deem astounding. Freeze fights incredibly rough, reckless and unrelentingly against his opponents, that when toppled with his physical capabilities and special ability usually proves a test for his opponents. He takes certain precautions towards his attacks, but for the most part, focuses on future moves to combo and counter with, rather than worrying about being hit or the destructive aftermath it could have to the things surrounding him. He doesn't use much strategy to calculate his opponent's strengths and weaknesses, but does calculate his own moves during a fight. In battle, he usually focuses on using things that will overwhelm his enemy enough to take powerful strikes on them with his strength and dexterity, not really worrying about taking hits and tiring himself out due to his high durability and stamina. Due to many years of experience going toe to toe with many different talented fighters, Freeze is able to maintain such high standards as long as he continues to battle others.

To many's surprise, Freeze doesn't have any actual training in fighting, having only his own knowledge and skill in battle to back up his prowess. It shows, as he's brash and reckless, developed mostly from freelance brawling as a kid all the way up to him being an adult. He's taken his many years of fighting experience and adaptively applies the skills and knowledge he's learned from them into a fight, often unknowingly modifying his battle tactics depending on the situation he's in. Lots see this skill of his as remarkable, being able to always adjust himself in a fight when things aren't going his way, and unknowingly always applying his knowledge from many different fights over the years to any brawl he encounters himself in. This natural talent, alongside his pride, has made Freeze develop a unique fighting style, mainly consisting of using his legs to attack and defend himself. He restricts his own arms (with handcuffs he still has own from escaping prison) in order to give his opponent a better chance at beating him, and surprisingly, keeps up with many of his opponents, even only using his legs.

Freeze doesn't really use weapons in fighting, besides energetic constructs with his special abilities in order to combat them. Even then, he usually doesn't even make energetic constructs, it's very rare to see him use his abilities in that way.


Freeze has the uncommon, if not, unique and rare ability to extract radiant energy, caused by the build up of Gamma Radiation, from his own bloodstream and manipulate it into pure Gamma energy in any form he pleases, whilst adding acidic properties to enhance the effects of his ability. Through this, Freeze can also generate plasma and manipulate his own plasma because gamma radiation ionizes while plasma is an ionized gas. If put into the form of a gas and manipulated structurally, the gamma radiation will generate the plasma. Most people who can manipulate or generate radiation, are called Radiokinetic, but Freeze likes to refer to himself as a Radiatric, as his abilities are mildly different than that of a Radiokinetic. Freeze, much like the Incredible Hulk, is a living, breathing Gamma battery of extreme Gamma energy and radiation. Due to the build up of this energy and radiation within his bloodstream, Freeze's body mechanisms essentially allows and forces him to absorb radiant energy to function on it's own without failing and killing him. Everything within the world, with the exception of other forms of energy, emit small doses of radiant energy, that when gathered together can create a large source of it and with that large pool of energy, not only around him, but stored within him as well, gives Freeze a vast amount of energy to rely upon if he needs to use his abilities to fight a foe. With this vast amount of energy that Freeze possesses, some of his stored away energy, not only is for later use of his radiatric abilities, but augments some of his physical attributes such as durability, endurance and strength. His energy allows him to perform feats for long amounts of time, as well as withstand and recover from fatigue, injuries and large amounts of damage done to him, while also letting him dish out large amounts of damage and causing injuries. Alongside his physical battle prowess, his proficiency with his special ability makes him a formidable challenge for most individuals to overcome.

Through his anger, the adrenaline released from his body makes his heart rate (affecting blood flow) and respiratory rate accelerate (faster breathing, more oxygen and nutrients flowing into the body). Through this, Freeze enters his Acid Fever state and becomes stronger, as well as durable to the point where if he were shot, it would barely phase him (unless it's to vital points, such as the head, spine, knees and feet). Due to his accelerated blood flow, the toxins in his body rapidly build up Gamma radiation, giving his blood stronger acidic effects. If Freeze were to be shot, the bullet would break through his skin but would not travel through his blood because of how much acid was built up that it would just disintegrate or decay the bullet unless it was made out of strong lead. Most bullets are, so this state is not very useful towards gun users, but very proficient while in physical combat.

Freeze, having used and practiced this ability over so many years of it's development, became rather deft in his ability to use and innovate the ways he could apply his abilities. Initially, he could only extract Gamma energy in the form of Gamma energy balls, but after many attempts at practice over time he started to use his Gamma energy in different ways and extract them from different places in his body. He's created ways to use his Gamma energy such as Energy Balls, Energy Shockwaves, EMP Waves, Acidic Gas, Gamma Rays, Energetic Constructs and more. His ability is a mostly offense ability in battle, usually having more attacks dealing within the variety of the manipulation of Gamma than having defenses. Although, within the rather devastating ability, it comes with it's own fighting defense mechanism. One that is out of Freeze's control. Whenever in battle, if Freeze is activating his abilities whilst coating the part of his body that he wants, through contact, the defense mechanism activates. Once contact has been ensued, the particles from the gamma radiation travel from Freeze's area of coated Gamma energy to his opponent and begins to " eat away " or decay at his opponent's clothes and skin. Although, the effect is short-lived through immediate contact, but constant contact can make the effect last way longer and even disintegrate the area of contact, atom by atom. This mechanism can not be controlled by Freeze, so if he accidentally touches an ally, the effect will occur on them, so he has to make sure that he is not in contact with allies with activating his abilities or at least not in constant contact.

Ability Development

As Freeze entered the atmosphere of the Earth, the inorganic molecules and elements within it caused a genetic mutation within Freeze's genes, to help him adapt his body to such biologically hazardous toxins. His genes manipulated his white blood cells to operate where they had to breathe in such toxins from the inorganic molecules and elements to have his body adapt to them. In order to fully adapt, his white blood cells started to absorb and store the radiant energy and toxins of the inorganic molecules and elements. In the long run, the toxins started building up in his body and becoming highly radioactive. This left Freeze rather sick and weak for a while. In order to survive from such a powerful radiation, his genes manipulated his white blood cells to regulate the radiation within his body, where as, he would be able to absorb gamma radiant energy and manipulate it into pure gamma energy. Having done this, the build up of gamma radiation had no longer done harm to his body and even became the source of Freeze's abilities and fundamental living system. Although, to be cautious, his body knew that if too much Gamma radiation built up again, Freeze could become really ill and even near the verge of death so it allowed Freeze to extract the pure Gamma energy from anywhere throughout his body. This process resulted in his abilities now.


Special Skills

Master's Degree

Freeze has managed to acquire a Master's degree in the business field and has worked in several jobs that are about business. None were seriously top jobs, but well paid until he became CEO of a hotel business he later renamed Chilly Palaces from a friend named Zero. At one point in time he wanted to go back to school to earn a Doctoral's degree, but later was arrested for association with an illegal business(Street-Fighting Establishment), which basically killed his chances of doing so. If he had been able to go back, he would've created a new company dedicated to helping others off of their feet.

Great Wordsmanship

Freeze is rather good with the way he approaches others verbally and could be a silver-tongued devil. He chooses the words he says carefully and tries to approach others in the best way he believes for them specifically and will always try to get them on his side. He could be rather manipulative and use others, but this is not often needed by Freeze or it's even detected. His sarcasm comes into play within this skill a lot more than Freeze himself even knows, but he tries to keep it at a minimum of joking around.


Freeze, like any person, is not perfect in anything he does. With his rather complex personality that he has and his current status of being an infamous convict, he puts a lot of people off. Over time, as well, Freeze has become an alcoholic, always calling it " Liquid Courage ". He's become an addict towards it and has made it a sort of hobby to go out drinking if he has the chance. He's rather easy to piss off when it comes down to his friends or family, especially if you insult them. He doesn't care if he's insulted himself, sometimes he'd even laugh along, but if it's towards the people he loves he's easily angered. This can easily be used to his opponents advantage, especially while he's in a raged state. He's also developed a sort of heart problem, due to his Ineptian Dronagan (Will be explained later) who's always toying with his body. Through his life, as the Ineptian Dronagan got a lot more stronger, it became a heavier influence on him and his body. Freeze, even though being a silver-tongued devil himself, tends to be manipulated into doing something, although he knows and only does so if there is a beneficial factor to it, so he plays dumb in being manipulated. 

Freeze, also, is no Super Man. His natural strength can be overwhelming, but equally strong opponents can fend off Freeze's assaults as can equally durable opponents, as they can just endure his hits. In most of his positions while using his martial arts, he is very vulnerable to attack because he usually has no way to guard himself or chooses not to do so, unless putting his hands up. His moves can be countered if timed right, as well. A master of Martial Arts can easily detect faults within Freeze's battle style and try to pinpoint a vital weakness while he is fighting. They would still have to watch out for his Radiatric abilities though.

Freeze's abilities takes a lot for him to build-up into gamma energy and extract as an attack. If he has too little or too much energy, it could easily backfire on him and make Freeze become weak and sick, even close to dying in extreme cases. His abilities require lots of energy for even the most simplest of attacks, for example, his signature Gamma Spheres. Freeze can overload his usual Gamma radiation intake from 20 sieverts to the limit of 75 sieverts and if any higher than 90 sieverts of radiation goes into his bloodstream, his blood will become too radioactive for his body and start to decay his own entrails, killing him slowly. If Freeze does not regulate his radiation to, at the least, 16 to 20 sieverts, he will not be able to function and breathe, thus killing him as well. Gamma radiation is very hard to protect from, but luckily Freeze's radiation is not as powerful as regular Gamma radiation. Gamma rays usually can cut through and decay atoms of anything other than large amounts of lead, Freeze's Gamma rays can only cause severe burns on the skin with his defense mechanism intact and give off radiation to others. He may be proficient and skilled with his abilities, but he is far away from mastering his ability.

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