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"Tell my half-brother that I died for our planet... for our freedom."
—Prince Dali
Freedom Planet
Directed by
Mac the Writer
Written by
Mac the Writer; Stephen DiDuro; Shinichi Inotsume
Produced by
Stephen DiDuro; Kazuhiro Yoneda
Hans Zimmer; John Powell
Release Date
December 26th, 2017 (worldwide)
Warner Bros. Pictures (Most of the world); Toho (Japan)
Lightfilm Studios; GalaxyTrail Entertainment; Pierrot
Based on
Freedom Planet by GalaxyTrail

Freedom Planet is a Canadian-Japanese animated action adventure film directed and written by Mac the Writer, who also wrote and directed Blue Blur, The Powerpuff Girls: Signals in the Sky, and Codename: Avalanche. Stephen DiDuro, one of the people of GalaxyTrail, was one of the co-writers and the producer of the film; Shinichi Inotsume was also one of the co-writers; and Kazuhiro Yoneda was the co-producer of the film. The film is based on the 2014 indie game of the same name by GalaxyTrail, and unlike Blue Blur, it's almost note-for-note faithful to the source material, with very few and rather cosmetic changes. The story's tone and art-style is a mix between Blue Blur and Codename: Avalanche. It has Codename: Avalanche's lighthearted-ness and comedy through its main characters' personalities, and Blue Blur's dark and grittiness with Lord Brevon and some of the drama in the story.

The film stars most of the actors from the original game, with a few new ones. Dawn M. Bennett reprises her role as the main character of the film Sash Lilac; Xander Barriga reprises his role as the antagonist of the film Arktivus Brevon; and the rest of the veteran voice actors includes Andi Lott, Aimee Smith, Patrick Seymour, Sean Chiplock, Edwyn Tiong, Jason Lord, Victoria Vitti, and Ashlyn Nicole Selich. The newer actors include Matt Hargreaves (who voiced Matt in Eddsworld), Marc "GanXingba" Soskin (who voiced Tenshinhan in Dragon Ball Z Abridged), Antony Del Rio (who voiced Pit in Kid Icarus), Frank Welker (who voiced Megatron in the Transformers cartoon), and Christopher Guerreco (who voiced Cooler in Dragon Ball Z Abridged).

Alongside Blue Blur and Codename: Avalanche, Freedom Planet is a part of the Blue Blur Cinematic Universe, and has some connection with the other two sagas. The cameo appearance of Mammoth Mogul is the most relevant part of the connection between the three series, though there are also mentions of a Chaos Emerald used as a source of energy for the Kingdom Stone, alongside a reference to the Multiverse aspects of the Special Stages, and the possible dangers of Shadowmen that the Magister warns Lilac about for her mission on Pangu Lagoon.


Lilac Smashified

Lilac Smashified

Theme that plays at the opening credits of the movie.

The story begins during the invasion of Shuigang, where Brevon's army mercilessly assaulted every soldiers of Shuigang trying to protect the city. When Brevon showed up, he murdered every one of these soldiers, and entered the throne where the king of Shuigang was forced to fight back. However, he was injured during the battle, and Brevon forced the king's son, Prince Dali, to watch him behead the king. As Brevon used Syntax to brainwash Dali, Commander Torque, who fought Brevon on the war above Planet Avalice, was forced to retreat after he saw the prince becoming a mindless slave. Brevon witnessed Torque's ship and ordered his men to pursue it.

Torque's ship after being shot down.

As Torque's ship was shot down, two Avalicians, Sash Lilac and Carol Tea, witnessed the ship crashing, and Lilac went on to examine it after telling Carol to fetch some health care supplies from their treehouse. Lilac ended up coming across a robotic snake called the Snake Mount, and destroyed it. Somewhere close, Brevon's second-hand man, Serpentine, heard the explosion as he was holding a disguised Torque hostage, but shrugged it off when he felt it was just one of the soldiers shooting at something. He carried on to force Torque on revealing some information, but Torque still pretended that he's a different person (what he refers to as a "turtle-duck"). When Serpentine got fed up and was about to shoot Torque in the head, Lilac showed up and saved Torque from Serpentine. Serpentine tried to chase Lilac, but Lilac cleverly hid behind a giant rock with Torque. When Serpentine gave up and left with his soldiers to report the news to Brevon, Lilac and Torque got out of their hiding place. Lilac introduced herself, and Torque lied by saying that he's a "turtle-duck from a different region of this world." Eventually, Carol showed up with all the health supply, and introduced herself to Torque after he accidentally called her a guy. When asked about the health care supply, Torque denied the request as he said he was fine, but he did asked if the two girls can bring him to their home.


The Relic Maze, where the Kingdom Stone remains.

And they did, and they brought Torque to their treehouse. Here, Torque explains that the Kingdom Stone is in grave danger of being stolen by Brevon and his men. Although the two girls were skeptical about it, Lilac nevertheless agreed to help him with the situation. The two girls reached the entrance of the Kingdom Stone's shrine, being temporarily guarded by General Gong and Priestess Neera Li, two of Shang Tu's finest officers. When they warn the two about the danger that could happen to the Kingdom Stone, Gong and Neera didn't believe the two young girls and thought they were making stuff up. However, an ambush happened when a bunch of ships and soldiers arrived to take the Kingdom Stone away. When Lilac and Carol tried to intervene the army, they were too late when Spade, a professional thief and assassin, stole the Kingdom Stone.

The maze started to collapse, so Lilac and Carol were forced to get out of here. Carol ended up tripping on the way out, though Lilac was completely unaware of that. When she got out of the collapsed maze, she realized that Carol wasn't behind her, and was worried that she might've been crushed under the ruins. Thankfully, she saw Carol walking towards her without a scratch, and when she asked how she survived, the answer was hiding in the bush behind her. Carol pounced on the bush, and it was revealed to be a young dog that came out scared. Lilac tried to talk soft to her, and the dog ended up calming down, especially when she touched Lilac's hair. The dog introduced herself as Milla, and revealed that she was psychic, and she used her psychic powers to save Carol's life. General Gong approached the three girls, and revealed that it was the soldiers of Shang Mu that stole the Kingdom Stone, and Spade has possibly stole it because he was paid by the wealth-obsessed leader, Mayor Zao, to do so. It was there that Lilac and Carol realized that the conflict can be about more than just the so-called "Brevon" that Torque was talking about.

Lord Brevon

Lord Brevon, from Torque's perspective

Tired after the disaster of the Relic Maze, Lilac proposed to Carol and Milla that they should have a sleepover in their treehouse. However, when Lilac asked Torque about it, he refused to do so, seeing how he wanted to rest instead. So the three girls decided to enjoy the night without Torque, as they spend the night watching True Hero: Forgotten Memories as part of that night's "So-Bad-It's-Good Movie" Sleepover. When they ended up sleeping, Carol thought about giving some night snacks to Torque, so she woke up and entered the tent that Torque set up, when she noticed that Torque no longer looks like a "turtle-duck", but instead an alien-like species. Despite Torque warning her to not tell anyone, Carol completely ignored that to alert Lilac and Milla about Torque's true identity. They all went in his tent, and Torque was too late to put his disguise on before they arrive. When Lilac pressured him to reveal the truth, he ended up doing so. According to him, he is part of a group of Space Warriors named the Chasers, and they had a war above Planet Avalice, when they shot down Brevon's ship known as the Dreadnought. Fearing that he's still alive and could wreak havoc on Avalice, he went to the planet when he discovered that he had already taken over the city Shuigang and brainwashed the prince Dali. He went on to warn all the other main kingdoms about the danger of the planet and the possibility of the Kingdom Stone being taken away, when he was shot down by Brevon's army. He feared that if Brevon takes the Kingdom Stone, not only will he be able to double his menacing army, but he might share its energy to a being with dangerous powers. After Torque's explanation, he asked if the girls are still helping him to stop Brevon from taking away Avalice's only source of energy, and the three girls said yes.

Thinkwell monkey kingdom concept theemd entertainment dave cobb 600

The Kingdom of Shang Mu

The next day, the girls, alongside Torque, entered the kingdom named Shang Mu. The girls were awestruck by the dazzling visuals of the kingdom, and went on to do some sightseeing, distracted from their primary mission. Irritated, Torque decided to go on his own after failing to get their attentions. Eventually, he came across Serpentine again, and hid his position to hear what he says. When Serpentine revealed that he had successfully stolen the Kingdom Stone from Shang Mu, Torque jumped out to attack Serpentine. The two were on a heated battle, and in the mall, Lilac heard the explosions above, and warned Carol and Milla that something's happening above the mall. So the three went to the top of the mall building, when Torque was almost killed by Serpentine before the girls intervened. To prevent anymore interventions and successfully take the Kingdom Stone, Serpentine took off and mounted on the Robopanther to kill off the heroes. Luckily, Lilac and Carol took down the Robopanther, and forced Serpentine to retreat with the Kingdom Stone at his disposal. The leader, Mayor Zao, showed up immediately, and felt that Lilac and the others are to blame for the disappearance of the Kingdom Stone. However, Lilac stated that she didn't steal anything, and was distracted by their Kingdom before Serpentine took it away. Before she could say who it is that took it, though, Zao was enthusiastic about getting visitors when he heard that Lilac and her friends were distracted by the "kingdom's beauty" as he puts it. He invited the four heroes for dinner and added that there are sushi as part of it. While Torque was skeptical, the girls immediately agreed to the invitation when they heard that sushi were a part of it.

A7281fbb2debf82b02cd802c29d6082f1409863412 full

Mammoth Mogul's Throne in the Emptyverse.

Meanwhile, in Shuigang, Spade, after returning to his kingdom, argued against his half-brother Prince Dali that what he did to avenge his father was asinine, revealing that Spade worked for Brevon this entire time under the guidance of his half-brother. Dali argued that the rest of the kingdom needs to know his wrath for the death of his father, but Spade argued that his father would be very disappointed if he was still around. Close by, Brevon then received a message from Serpentine that he has successfully captured the Kingdom Stone. So he interrupted the argument between the two brothers, and stated that they should meet with Mammoth Mogul immediately to report the news. After Dali opened the portal to the Special Stage, Brevon, Dali and Spade entered the Emptyverse to have a meeting with Mogul himself. Brevon reported that his men has successfully taken the Kingdom Stone, which impressed Mogul (Mogul said that he's rarely impressed, especially with low lives like Brevon). Mogul, with antimatter, fabricated a device for Brevon to use on his Dreadnought called the Dimensional Rift Chip. This would allow the Dreadnought to teleport anywhere Brevon desires, and it would bypass the Emptyverse's capability to block powerful sources of energy to successfully transport the Kingdom Stone. He then reminded Brevon that, as promised, he will share half the energy of the Kingdom Stone to him in order to be free from the Emptyverse.

Back at Shang Mu, Lilac, Carol, Milla and Torque were having their dinner time, and the girls were excited that they were served sushi as promised. Torque asked Mayor Zao about why he needed the Kingdom Stone, and Zao answered that he needed it to regain most of the electricity he lost in his kingdom. When the girls heard it, Carol groaned that Spade wouldn't be hired for something stupid, which Zao questions who Spade is. Surprised, Lilac asked Zao if he actually hired Spade to capture the Kingdom Stone, which Zao answered no. He stated that the only way he got the Kingdom Stone is by complete accident, seeing how he stumbled across it when he was just strolling across the kingdom. This further confuses Lilac, Carol, Milla and even Torque. So after they were done with the dinner meeting, Torque requested if his kingdom can support the Kingdom of Shang Tu and their leader, the Magister, from a possible invasion by the capturers of the Kingdom Stone, which Zao completely denied the request with his sarcastic tone. However, Milla went on to persuade Zao about the possible reward if he agrees, like fame and glory. Through that, Zao ended up agreeing, and send the four heroes to Shang Tu through one of his flying ships.


The ambush on the ship from Shang Mu.

While on the ship during nighttime, Carol noticed Milla staring at the stars. She asked what she was doing, and Milla answered that she was making a wish. She stated that the wish she's making is to be able to reunite with her mother and father, who aren't dead, but are out there somewhere, looking for her. Lilac overheard this, and felt ill on the inside because of an apparently similar fate. Carol then called over Lilac to invite her, and hesitantly, she decided to do so. She explained to Lilac that Milla was making a wish to the stars. Carol stated that she wishes for a brand new motorcycle with lots of cool gadgets. She then asked Lilac on what she wished for, but before Lilac can answer, an ambush happened to their ship by the soldiers of Shuigang, led by Spade. They realized that Spade was behind the work of Brevon, and with the help of Torque, they went on to destroy the three battleships that are attacking them. At the one where Lilac was on board, Spade blocked the path to prevent her from destroying the ship. When Lilac stated that she knew he was working for Brevon, Spade oddly enough said "Not quite." But he left it at that before he immediately attacked Lilac. Lilac emerged victorious, and Spade was forced to retreat in his helicopter and watch his ship go down. However, not too long after the four heroes returned to their ship, it ended up falling down the river.


Shang Tu, the Kingdom of Peace and Justice

Luckily, considering of the ship being shaped like an actual ship, they were able to float on the river. Through the watery pathway, they finally arrived at Shang Tu, the Kingdom of Peace and Justice. Lilac, Carol, Milla and Torque finally entered the castle and met with the emperor of the kingdom, the Royal Magister. The Magister, expecting Lilac's presence, asked about the situation and conflict of Shuigang. Lilac explained that she was assisted by Torque because Lord Brevon has declared war on Planet Avalice, and has decapitated the king and brainwashed Prince Dali to take control of Shuigang. When asked for proof, Torque gave the Magister a piece of Serpentine's Robopanther and asked him to investigate it because it's made of a material that is very rare in Avalice. However, Neera Li, out of suspicion, objected to Lilac and Torque's claim as lies and manipulation. The Magister asked how she knows that, and she answered that Lilac and Carol once worked for the now-defunct Red Scarves terrorist group, and could have stolen the Kingdom Stone for the needs of their rival kingdom, Shang Mu. Torque argued that the claim is asinine, but was shocked when he noticed Lilac and Carol hesitating heavily about the situation. Afterwards, Lilac argued that she and Carol no longer works for Red Scarves and had a change of heart, but when asked about where she was send from, she answered that she was sent by Shang Mu. That was when Lilac, Carol, and even Milla and Torque were arrested by the Magister. He detained the girls, and sentenced Torque to prosecution to further question him.

Later on, Neera Li and General Gong entered the prosecution room to question Torque. When question on what species he is, Torque nervously answered that he's a "turtle-duck", considering of the disguise he's wearing. However, while Gong believed him at first, Neera wasn't fooled so easily. Not only does she know there are no such things as "turtle-ducks", but she knows that Torque is, in fact, Commander Torque. She even removed the duck beak out of Torque's mouth to reveal his identity. Since Torque lied about his identity, Neera and Gong left him behind and let him remain immobilized until he can reveal the truth. Meanwhile, at the underground prison cell, Lilac and Carol were arguing about how to break out of jail, when Milla managed to find an underground passage through a soil-filled part of the cell. Carol suggested that she will go out and save Torque, and Lilac and Milla allowed her to do so. Eventually, after some stealth runs, Carol managed to enter the prosecution room to find Torque, but was quickly captured by Neera. She was then thrown back to her cell, but before Neera closed the gate, Lilac stated that she wanted to plead guilty to the Magister for the claim she put to her. Although Carol was about to question Lilac about what she was doing, but Milla stopped her from doing so, knowing the intents from Lilac.

After falsely pleading guilty to the Magister and asking him to release Torque from the prosecution room, since she claimed that she dragged him in the mess, the Magister accepts her confession and released Torque. Lilac promised Torque that she and her friends will catch up to him, and he agreed. So, when Lilac was about to be put back to her prison cell by Neera, she smacked Neera in the head, temporarily rending her unconscious. She, Carol and Milla managed to break free of the castle of Shang Tu, but they were too late. Serpentine captured Torque and whisked away to the Dreadnought. The Kingdom Stone was taken away, Torque was kidnapped by Lord Brevon, and the kingdoms they seek help to became their enemies... All of that stressed both Lilac and Carol to no end, to the point that they broke their friendship. Lilac desperately wanted to save Torque and put an end to Brevon's schemes, but Carol just wants to go home, hang out with her friends again like old time, and not get hurt anymore. Carol blamed Lilac for getting herself hurt a lot of time, and left her and Milla behind. Lilac told Milla to stay hidden under the mountain because not only does she want to rescue Torque, but she'd rather not have Milla hurt when she goes on the mission.


Lord Brevon's Torture Chamber

So Lilac headed straight to the Dreadnought to stop Brevon's scheme, and while she felt that everything went easier than expected, seeing how she immediately found the Kingdom Stone, she heavily underestimated Brevon's security system and an alarm went off as soon as she approached the Kingdom Stone. Brevon appeared, and Lilac recklessly charged towards him, but was stricken back by him, rendering unconscious as a result. She then woke up later, and found out she was trapped in a Torture Chamber. Brevon entered the chamber to question Lilac about her motivation and what she tried to do here in the Dreadnought. When she replied that she's here to save Torque and stop Brevon from further destruction, Brevon revealed that Torque is on the other side of the room, wrapped in chains and unable to move. Brevon pressured Torque to reveal who else is left of the Chasers, but Lilac warned Torque to not say anything. In response, Brevon shocked Lilac with electricity, heavily torturing her and forcing Torque to watch. Torque eventually tried to lie by saying that there's no one left of the Chasers, but Brevon knew he was making that up, and continued the torture on Lilac.

Elsewhere, Milla ignored Lilac's order to search for Carol. She eventually managed to find her hiding from the rain underneath a giant rock. Milla asked Carol about going after Lilac, but Carol refused to do so. Milla was going to ask why, but she held herself back for another question. After thinking for a few seconds, she asked Carol how did the two of them meet. Carol thought about it for a few seconds, and finally answered. She asked Milla if she remembers the wish she made back at the battleship from Shang Mu, and asked if she noticed that Lilac was acting nervous. She revealed that it was because she also lost her parents, but in a much more severe case. While Milla's parents were missing, Lilac's parents lost their lives to a tornado. They told a younger Lilac to run as fast as possibly, and that they promised they'll catch up to her. However, her parents never kept the promise, and were swept away by the tornado. Lilac had never seen her parents since. Eventually, she entered the Kingdom of Shang Tu, and that was where she came across the Red Scarves terrorist group... and Carol. Carol was just as young as Lilac was when they first met, and seeing how Lilac had no parents, Carol asked her parents, who works for the Red Scarves, if she could keep her as a sister. That was how they first met, and she could never see the pressure that Lilac had to go through because she had the one thing that Lilac tragically lost: a family. After her explanation to Milla, Carol realized what she just finished with, and decided to go back and help Lilac. Milla wanted to join, too, but Carol said she should stay. But Milla stated that friends must stick together no matter what, so Carol decided to bring Milla with her to help Lilac.

Hurt (Johnny Cash)

Hurt (Johnny Cash)

The song that plays when Lilac and Carol were separated after the failed raid on the Dreadnought.

The two girls entered the Dreadnought and wrecked through many of Brevon's soldiers, and they managed to free Torque, and eventually the three released a heavily injured Lilac from the Torture Chamber. Carol, seeing Lilac's injury, felt incredibly guilty of abandoning her, and apologized to her deeply. They carried Lilac over to an escape sailboat and tried to get away, but then Dali showed up and ordered his men to send missiles on them. The four managed to avoid the missiles, but one bump from the waves caused Lilac to fall off the boat. Carol tried to save her, but after an explosion near them, the remaining heroes presumed Lilac to be killed, which hurt Carol internally. They were forced to flee from the Dreadnought without Lilac. Elsewhere in the river, Lilac managed to survive and reach the shore where she initially got to the Dreadnought. Unfortunately, Neera Li, General Gong and the soldiers of Shang Tu showed up and captured Lilac to bring her back to Shang Tu, presumably as a prisoner.

Back at the sailboat, Torque suggested Carol and Milla that they should return to Shang Mu to report on what happened and what Mayor Zao should do. Carol was denial at first, but Milla strongly agreed to it. Through the river pathway, they eventually reached Shang Mu, but the entrance was blocked by Zao's guards. The three let them know that they should speak to the emperor immediately, but the guards stood on their ground and denied their entrance. Carol ended up snapping on one of the guards and told them that she has gone through so much pain through the journey, including losing her closest friend. She desperately pressured him to open the gate because she wanted to finish what Lilac had started, and the guard gave up and opened the gates for the heroes. At the same dinner table, Mayor Zao revealed that he never spoke to the Royal Magister after he heard of what happened to them, not wanting to make a deal with his arch nemesis after the attempt from the heroes failed. However, Milla once again persuaded Zao by saying if he does do it, her friends will reward him all the diamonds they have (Carol was about to question that, but Torque stopped her from saying anything, seeing that he knows Milla's intents). Mayor Zao, feeling that the result will make him the most powerful emperor on Avalice, agreed to Milla's deal, and ordered his soldiers to ride on and prepare the Train of Wonders to head straight to Shang Tu.

4029 1224512044 large

The Pangu Lagoon

In the castle of Shang Tu, Lilac was dragged there to meet with the Magister. She sorrowfully apologized to him, in which she lied to him, endangered her friends, and had probably doomed the planet to its demise. The Magister replied that he'll let her go under one condition... that she accepts his forgiveness. Lilac, confusingly, asked why, and the Magister replied that his actions to her might've been a part of the problem that her and her friends went through. He then ordered Gong and Neera to explain about the part of Brevon's machines given by Torque; Gong explained that Torque was right about the ship's material, and that it was very alien-like, seeing how it's fabricated of a material extremely hard to find on Avalice. Neera stated that they recognized the material from the same one they found a few years ago, but didn't collected it because they feared that it was poisonous. So after the confession, the Magister suggested to Lilac to listen on his mission if she wants to not only be free, but also serve Shang Tu as part of the finest soldiers in the army. Lilac agreed, and the Magister explained the mission. He wanted her to enter a cave in Pangu Lagoon to search for an ancient artifact, where she could use it to fight against Lord Brevon and bring the Kingdom Stone back to its rightful place. Lilac, never backing down to any missions, accepted the offer, and the Magister ordered Neera and Gong to remove the handcuff from Lilac and bring Lilac to the Pool of Dragon's Blood to heal her injuries. The two did so, and Lilac was fully healed from her injuries. And thus, Neera transported Lilac to Pangu Lagoon on her helicopter, while Gong led the soldiers of Shang Tu to head to Shang Mu and let them know about the situation with Brevon, as the Magister ordered him to to.

140516 RV chinese-dragon

The Holodragon, projected by Pangu.

Upon arriving at Pangu Lagoon, Lilac eventually reached the cave where the supposed ancient artifact remains, but found a giant dragon attacking her. She ended up defeating it, but bizarrely enough, it turned out to be a physical hologram by a machine that looks like Syntax. Believing that it is Syntax, she ordered it to reveal why it works for Brevon, but it stated that the "data [was] not found." After putting her hand on it to have it scanned, it properly functioned again and identified itself as Pangu, a machine built centuries ago by the Dragons of the past. It ended up projecting a hologram message from a deceased Dragon, who revealed a lot of things. His and Lilac's species were not from the planet Avalice, and originated from a another one in the far reaches of the universe. When he and his companions crash-landed on Avalice, they were trapped in the planet for good. He noticed that the planet was on the verge of extinction because of lack of energy, so with one of the Chaos Emerald he found in Mobius, he used part of its powers to build a source of energy for Avalice known as the Kingdom Stone, and made it to allow Avalice to survive and live on. Upon the message being finished, Lilac realized that Pangu is the artifact that the Magister was referring to. She ordered it to project the Holodragon again, and it did, so Lilac rode on it to catch up with Shang Tu's army.

Meanwhile, at the glaciers between Shang Mu and Shang Tu, the two opposing army finally meet face-to-face. Carol, Milla and Torque watched from Shang Mu's side as Mayor Zao and General Gong attempted to have a more calmer conversation, but failing to do so. Gong ordered Zao to read a letter from the Magister, and after Zao did so, he called it fake and insulted Gong by saying that the Magister "forgot to take his pills", which resulted the two preparing to go at war. Carol warned the two that this is exactly what Brevon want, though luckily, before the two fought each other with their army, the Holodragon finally arrived, as Gong expected. The Holodragon discussed with a cowering Zao that they shouldn't fight against each other and ordered him to team up with the Magister and Shang Tu to fight against Brevon and his army. Out of fear, Zao agreed, and Shang Mu and Shang Tu finally set aside their rivalry to team up with each other. To Carol's, Milla's and Torque's surprise and happiness, Lilac showed up from the Holodragon, which Lilac, Carol and Milla got together for a group hug, and Torque eventually joined the group hug. She revealed that the Holodragon was projected by Pangu, an ancient artifacts containing knowledge about the Kingdom Stone and has the power to stand up to Brevon and his army.

Encho enchev 09

The Inside of the Dreadnought

With the two opposing kingdom united, and Lilac returning to her friends, they all charged towards the Dreadnought together, with the Train of Wonders and the Holodragon, to charge onward to the army of Brevon. Brevon retaliated with his own army, but the heroes effortlessly passed through all of them, and managed to have Lilac, Carol, Milla and Torque land on the Dreadnought again. As the Dreadnought started to launch, Brevon desperately ordered every one of his soldiers to attack the heroes, and even went so far as to open the airlocks and turn off the oxygen options, but none of them worked. He then ordered Prince Dali to set up his Shade Beast machine to kill off the heroes. He arrived in time to destroy the heroes, but was defeated by Lilac, Carol and Milla. When he was about to use his desperation attack, he was knocked unconscious by his half-brother Spade. Spade told the four to keep going, as he'll try to help his half-brother remember who he once was before he was brainwashed. So after he left with an unconscious Dali, Torque gave Milla, Lilac and Carol each a Self-Destruct chip to destroy the Dreadnought before it teleport to the Emptyverse. He said that they should all split up, but Carol stated that she wants to stand by Lilac this time, seeing how she wanted to finish the job with her closest friend. They all agreed, and went their separate ways.

Torque, on his way to the first control room, was stopped by Serpentine. He managed to successfully defeat him as payback. Serpentine ended up being pulled to an opened airlock, and to his demise, when Brevon opened it to stop Torque dead on his tracks, but Torque was saved by Spade, who ended up betraying Brevon to help Torque insert the Self-Destruct chip. Enraged, Brevon decided to take matters in his own hands, and called Syntax to join him, in case he needed it. Eventually, Milla went to the second control room and was about to insert her own Self-Destruct chip, but was stopped when Syntax wrapped its metallic tentacles around her. Brevon crushed the chip, and ordered Syntax to brainwash her.

Lilac and Carol finally arrived to the third and final control room, and did inserted their Self-Destruct chip and removed the Dimensional Rift chip, but Brevon showed up holding Milla as a hostage. He ordered the two to remove the Self-Destruct chip and insert the Dimensional Rift chip back to its place if they want to see Milla alive, and Lilac was forced to do so. Brevon released Milla and crushed the Self-Destruct chip, and then returned to the pilot room to continue his mission. When Lilac and Carol approached Milla, Milla was shown to be brainwashed by Brevon, and with energies inserted by Syntax, she transformed to a giant death machine to fight Lilac and Carol. Lilac was extremely hesitant on fighting her friend, but Carol told her they have no choice, though Lilac feared that Milla might die if they defeat her machine form. Risking the possibility, Carol and eventually Lilac went to fight Mutant Milla, and managed to defeat her. However, they found Milla, unconscious and unable to breathe. They both thought that she died, and Lilac, out of agony and sorrow, vowed revenge on Brevon. She told Carol to take Milla and get to an escape pod, and she'll fight Brevon alone.

Back at the first control room, Torque successfully inserted the Self-Destruct chip. Then Prince Dali finally woke up, and was free from Brevon's control. Happy of the news, Torque, alongside Spade and Dali, checked on the girls, and they see that Carol and an unconscious Milla went to an escape pod, but Lilac went to fight Brevon on her own. Torque exclaimed that what she was doing was suicide, and Spade said that he'll go help her, but Dali said that he'll do it, since he felt that the only way to redeem himself from the damage he caused is to kill the one who killed his father. He told Torque and Spade to get to an escape pod, and he went on to get to the third control room, take the Dimensional Rift chip and help Lilac.


Lilac facing Brevon to a death battle.

Meanwhile, Lilac stood in front of Brevon, angered over the supposed death of her friend. Brevon warned her to stand down, but because she didn't, he decided to fight her with his ultimate machine using the power of the Kingdom Stone, called the Absolution. After a tough and desperate battle, Lilac destroyed the Absolution, and fiercely beat up Brevon in revenge for him to kidnap Torque, torture her, and most of all, kill Milla. She was about to finish him off with Brevon's own sword, but stopped when she realized that her anger has taken her too far. She dropped the sword and backed away from Brevon, when she felt that she became a monster, the same as Brevon. Brevon got up and kicked Lilac before picking up his sword again. He was about to "end her pain" when Dali used the Dimensional Rift chip himself to teleport right behind Brevon and stabbed him in the back. Even though Brevon has regenerating skin and blood cells, Dali knew what to do to ultimately finish off Brevon... at the cost of his own life. Before he did so, he told Lilac to "let Spade know that he died for [their] planet; [their] freedom," and then sent himself crashing on the window, falling down to Avalice with Brevon, as they both died from terminal velocity. After the emergency airlocks closed the broken window, the ship's alarm went through as the self-destruct was activated. Lilac couldn't have saved the Kingdom Stone in time, because the ship only had 30 seconds before self-destruction, so she was forced to run to an escape pod. She caught up with Torque and Spade, entered their escape pod, and got out of the Dreadnought before it exploded to millions of pieces.


The Kingdom Stone's energy spreading around the night sky of Avalice.

Later, after they landed safely on Avalice's glaciers, they set up a camp to rest from their grand adventure. Carol got out of the tent to let Lilac and Torque know that Milla was still alive. They all entered in, and saw Milla regaining her consciousness. Lilac sorrowfully hugged Milla, and Milla apologized for what happened. They eventually got out of the tent to sit next to the campfire, and despite having the Kingdom Stone destroyed, they noticed the energy of the Kingdom Stone still remains above the night sky, and spreads across Avalice. Many things happened during that time. The Magister witnessed the beauty of the Kingdom Stone's floating energy; Lilac went to Spade to tell him about what happened to Dali; Spade was crowned by the Magister as the new emperor of the reformed Kingdom of Shuigang; the people of Shuigang, Shang Mu and Shang Tu had their peaceful dinner time at Shang Mu as part of their celebration; and a friend is about to leave Avalice...

Torque, after completing the mission, said his goodbyes to Lilac, Carol and Milla. Milla asked him if he'll ever return, and Torque answered that he might visit them time after time. With that, all four got together for a group hug, then Torque went aboard his ship, and left Planet Avalice. Later on, Lilac, Carol and Milla stared at the stars again, surrounded by the polar lights created by the Kingdom Stone's energy. Lilac was asked by Carol about her wish, seeing how she couldn't have said it during the ambush on Shang Mu's ship. Lilac, after thinking about it, said that she just wanted to see her mother and father again. But she also said that she's still happy as is, seeing that she felt that she still have a family, them being Carol and Lilac as her best friends.

The End.

September (Daughtry)

September (Daughtry)

One of the music that plays in the credits.


Pictures Description

Sash Lilac

The protagonist of the story, Sash Lilac is a brave and reckless dragon who will not hesitate to help those in need. When Commander Torque landed on Planet Avalice to warn her about Brevon, she didn't have a second thought before going out on an adventure to stop Brevon from taking away the Kingdom Stone. However, her recklessness would lead her to great dangers, including a part of her past...

She is voiced by Dawn M. Bennett.


Carol Tea

The closest friend and roommate of Lilac, Carol Tea is a very loyal and hot-headed motorcyclist who is always right behind Lilac wherever she goes. Her primary weapon of choice includes her trusty steed, her motorcycle, allowing her to zip by her opponents at blinding speed.

She's voiced by Andi Lott.


Milla Basset

Milla Basset is a psychic dog Avalician who accidentally stumbled across Lilac and Carol after saving Carol's life at the Relic Maze. With her capability of sensing energies around her, alongside her incredible keen sense of smell, she makes for a fantastic partner and friend for Lilac and Carol.

She's voiced by Aimee Smith.


Commander Torque

Torque is the leading soldier of the Chasers. After crash-landing on Avalice, he disguised himself as a "turtle-duck" to blend in with the rest of the Avalicians. He eventually met up with Lilac, Carol and later Milla, and they agreed to help him stop Brevon from stealing the Kingdom Stone for his devious needs.

He's voiced by Patrick Seymour.


Arktivus Brevon

Commonly known as Lord Brevon, he is the antagonist of the story. After crash-landing on Avalice, he needed a source of energy to power up the Dreadnought and regain power in his lifeless planet. He brutally killed the king of Shuigang and brainwashed Prince Dali to do his bidding. He serves the much more powerful being Mammoth Mogul, and made a deal with him to share half of the Kingdom Stone's power to free him from the Emptyverse.

He's voiced by Xander Barriga.


Prince Dali

The prince and new leader of Shuigang, he was brainwashed by Lord Brevon when he witnessed his father, the King of Shuigang, mercilessly taken down by Brevon. Because of that, he became emotionless and power-hungry, and will do anything to avenge his father's death under the bidding of Brevon.

He's voiced by Sean Chiplock.



The most loyal soldier of Brevon, Serpentine is a blood-thirsty, trigger-happy commander of Lord Brevon's army who will stop at nothing to hunt down his targets. His speed and excellent aiming skills makes him a dangerous threat for Lilac and the others.

He's voiced by Jason Lord.



One of the most talented assassin and thief, Spade is the half-brother of Prince Dali who once worked for the now-defunct Red Scarves terrorist group, and has a personal vendetta with Carol and especially Lilac, who both once worked for Red Scarves. Forced to work under Brevon's leadership, he does the bidding of the tyrant ruler, but ends up intentionally failing for the sake of rebelling against him quietly.

He's voiced by Antony Del Rio (who voiced Pit in Kid Icarus), replacing Sean Chiplock for the role.



Syntax is a hologram machine built by Lord Brevon through one of the ancient Dragons' defunct hologram machines. Not only can it project holograms, but it can also create enemies for Lilac and her friends to face, and brainwash certain people to do Brevon's bidding. It is, in no way, related to Pangu despite their similar designs.

It is voiced by Victoria Vitti.


The Royal Magister

Magister is the wise, polite and peaceful emperor of the Kingdom of Shang Tu. Being very focused and calm, he never snaps at any situation, even the worst ones imaginable, and is seen as an inspiring leader by many, with maybe the exception of Mayor Zao. He has the most knowledge with dragons, and is very sympathetic of Lilac.

He is voiced by Edwyn Tiong.


Mayor Zao

Mayor Zao is the self-loving, loud-mouthed and sarcastic emperor of the kingdom of Shang Mu. He wanted possession of the Kingdom Stone to restore the many sources of power he lost in his kingdom. He's also the arch nemesis of the Shang Tu kingdom, especially with general of Shang Tu's army, General Gong.

He's voiced by Matt Hargreaves (who is known for voicing Matt in Eddsworld), replacing Alejandro Saab for the role.


General Gong

General Gong can be best described as a "more muscles than brain" character. He is the general of the army of Shang Tu, and the second-in-command of said army, with his best friend Priestess Neera Li being above him. Despite having no royal traits, he is the arch nemesis of Mayor Zao, who can't stand his nature that he describes as "a mouth that never closes."

He's voiced by Marc "GanXingba" Soskin (who voiced Tenshinhan in Dragonball Z: Abridged), replacing Jason Lord for the role.


Priestess Neera Li

Neera Li, alongside General Gong, are two of the most important soldiers of Shang Tu. She serves as the second-in-command of the entire kingdom, and the leader of the army of Shang Tu. Her "act-before-thinking" mentality, however, can cause unjust arrests of people who committed no crimes at all...

She's voiced by Ashlyn Nicole Selich.

Pangu and the Holodragon

Pangu is the ancient artifact found by Lilac, and the last one created by the ancient Dragons. Being the opposite of Syntax, Pangu helped Lilac and her friends and allies to stop Brevon's madness. It can summon a giant Chinese dragon named the Holodragon, which Lilac can ride on.

Pangu is voiced by Victoria Vitti, while the Holodragon's roars and growls are performed by Frank Welker.

Unnamed Ancient Dragon

The one who recorded his final message on Pangu, not only did he invented Pangu, but also the Kingdom Stone for the survival of Avalice.

He's voiced by Christopher Guerreco.

Cameo Appearances

  • Mammoth Mogul - Mogul made a small but relevant appearance in the movie. Lord Brevon made a deal with Mogul to capture the Kingdom Stone and share half of its energy to him so that he can become free from the Emptyverse.
    • He's voiced by Laurence Fishburne.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - A very, very brief cameo appearance, and he was only there to make a mockery out of Mac's most embarrassing work, True Hero: Forgotten Memories (which would later be constantly revised to become The New Hero).
    • He's voiced by Amy Palant, who voiced Tails in Sonic X and the Sonic games between 2005 and 2010.


After the massive critical and commercial success of the indie game Freedom Planet, development for a movie was already in progress, as GalaxyTrail signed a movie deal with Warner Bros. for a movie based on their critically-acclaimed game. Lightfilm Studios, best known for their work on Blue Blur: Curse of Mobius, Codename: Avalanche, and The Powerpuff Girls: Signals in the Sky, were assigned by Warner Bros. to work on the story and animation department for the film. Eventually, GalaxyTrail got Japanese animation studios Pierrot (who are known to work on adaptations of Naruto Shippuden and Bleach) to assist Lightfilm Studios on the animation department. While Lightfilm Studios and GalaxyTrail Entertainment worked on the CG models and screenwriting, Pierrot worked on the animation and special effects part of the film.


Freedom Planet received mixed reviews from critics. It has been praised for its animation by Pierrot along with the voice performances, but criticized for its linear approach to its storyline, compare to Blue Blur: Curse of Mobius and The Powerpuff Girls: Signals in the Sky, which are much more complex with its storyline and characters. On Rotten Tomatoes, it was given a rating of 56% based on 122 reviews, certifying it "rotten". The site's consensus states, "Although its animation is among the best in the industry, its characters and story is too restrained, contrary to what the movie's title suggests." On the other hand, IMDb gave the movie a more favourable rating, with the movie earning a 7.2/10 based on 1,201 reviews.


Freedom Planet Theme - "Epic Rock" Cover (Little V Mills)

Freedom Planet Theme - "Epic Rock" Cover (Little V Mills)

The soundtrack is rather varied compare to Mac's other projects. The main theme is a rock cover of the game's theme by Little V Mills. The other tracks are a little more varied, though it mostly contains different kinds of rock music. The soundtrack is composed by Hans Zimmer and John Powell, and came from the movie Kung Fu Panda.

Vocal Tracks

Imagine Dragons - Friction ("Ghost Recon-Friction (Imagine Dragons)

Imagine Dragons - Friction ("Ghost Recon-Friction (Imagine Dragons)

  1. Main Theme (Epic Rock Cover) by Little V Mills
  2. Friction by Imagine Dragons
  3. Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz
  4. Everyday Superhero by Smash Mouth
  5. My Hero by Foo Fighters
  6. Nothingtown by The Offspring
    Oogway Ascends (Hans Zimmer)

    Oogway Ascends (Hans Zimmer). Oogway Acsends - Hans Zimmer (Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack)

  7. I'm Going Slightly Mad by Queen
  8. One More Time / Aerodynamics by Daft Punk
  9. All You Did Was Save My Life by Our Lady Peace
  10. Move Along by The All American Rejects
  11. Hurt by Johnny Cash
  12. Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2
  13. Fire Woman by Crush 40
  14. To Glory (Two Steps From Hell)

    To Glory (Two Steps From Hell)

    September by Daughtry

Scores (Hans Zimmer and John Powell)

  1. Hero
  2. Let the Tournament Begin
  3. The Dragon Warrior is Among Us
  4. Tai Lung Escapes
  5. Peach Tree of Wisdom
  6. Accu-flashback
  7. Impersonating Shifu
  8. The Sacred Pool of Tears
  9. Training Po
  10. The Bridge
  11. Shifu Faces Tai Lung
  12. The Dragon Scroll
  13. Po vs. Tai Lung
  14. Dragon Warrior Rises
  15. Panda Po
  16. Oogway Ascends

Trailer Music

  • To Glory by Two Steps From Hell
  • Dragon Rider by Two Steps From Hell

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