Fredrick the Deer
Fan character by star sketches-d46o9pl
White-Tailed Deer
Blue eyed deer with alternating shades of brown (similar to a real deer.), Two large horns, White fur on his chest, ungulate legs
Blue overalls, tattered red cloak with silver chain, bandages over his arms and waist to hide wounds.
3 ft. 11 in.
115 lbs.
Hand-to-hand combat, sales-pitching, cooking
Voice Actor

Fredrick the Deer, also known by his birth name Fredrick Nelson, is a nomadic salesman traveling Earth. He spends most of his time either searching for new treasures, selling the treasures, or admiring the landscape as he heads to find a new town or treasure. Although many assume he's solitary, Fredrick's actually very friendly and quick to meet new people.

He is very strong, due to the many thieves who try to steal his merchandise. Understandably, this makes him a power type. Fredrick also has much knowledge gathered from his travels. Unfortunately he's rather immature, prideful, and quick to brag about himself.


Not much is known about Fredrick's childhood. Whenever someone tries to ask, he tells them "One winter my mom was killed by poachers, then my dad raised me but he died in a fire" (an obvious reference to Bambi). It is known that he began his travels in his mid-teens. Although he started out selling food and cheap "junk", things began to turn around when an elderly man asked him to be his assistant. The old man was revealed to be curator of a local museum.

From there Fredrick learned about history and philosophy. However the curator was very sick, and died soon after Fredrick started getting used to life as his assistant. After his death, Fredrick went back to selling on small markets and bazaars. But as thanks for his help, the curator left a few museum pieces to Fredrick. He sold these to build a reputation as a valuable salesmen, and started searching for his own treasures, inspired by the books his old friend showed him.

Now, Fredrick still sells treasures, using the money for food and to fund his search for greater artifacts. Though, he spends the odd night in jail (marketplace fights, trespassing in his searches), he mostly sleeps outside in tents and campsites. Occasionally thieves will come to take his stock, but years of fighting has taught him how to defend himself.


Fredrick is a very friendly person. Although he's only friendly to you as a customer at first, he'll warm up to you quickly if you stay with him awhile. He's also very loud, making jokes and causing mischief. But, despite his good intentions, Fredrick's still immature and sarcastic. He loves scaring people, and playing pranks. He also has a bad habit of bragging about his travels and knowledge. All of this stems from a deep pride, which is why he can't back down from a challenge or accept defeat.

Despite his prideful and childish personality, most people still think of him as a good person. Because his attempts at impressing other normally fail, and the laughable way he defends himself, he's also called "dorky" by some.

Sadly, the friendlier side is rarely seen as he has a deep hatred for Chaos users. This hatred goes so deep that he once allowed the world to fall apart just so it would get rid of those who misuse Chaos. In his mind, the majority of them use their abilities irresponsibly, and he considers them immature. This view was created from his own experiences, having traveled through ruined towns where such fighting occurred. Though, he knows he can't defeat a Chaos user, and never willingly attacks them. However, if urged, he'll allow one to beat him.

Despite this, he's still willing to barter with Chaos users, going by the motto "Never turn down good business". Though, he usually overprices weapons to these customers, or stays more resolute in bartering with them.


Fredrick's attacks are almost entirely head-on attacks. He mostly uses his fists to punch and grab opponents. Sometimes he uses his hind legs to kick as well. But his most powerful, physical attack is when he charges an enemy with his antlers. First, he'll charge at the target, then if he doesn't impale them, he'll throw them in the air. The attack's effectiveness depends entirely on his own strength, and the fragility of his antlers are of no concern as they're the only part of him that can not break.

Although Fredrick has few "special abilities", like Chaos Spear or Chaos Control, he does know a technique in which he can form a "bridge" with one friend, sharing their power so they can defeat a foe as a team.

Fredrick has no Chaos Abilities, Super or Hyper forms, or (willing) transformations.



  • Horace Nelson (Father, drowned when Perfect Chaos flooded Station Square)
  • Adelle Nelson (Mother, killed when Sonic destroyed the Badnik she was trapped in)
  • Sylvia Nelson (Younger sister, killed by Shadow the Hedgehog during the Black Arms Invasion)
  • William Nelson (Older Brother, crushed by a building or starved during the Dark Gaia earthquakes)
  • Sharron Nelson (Younger sister, crushed by a building or starved during the Dark Gaia earthquakes)
  • Unnamed Museum Curator (deceased)



  • Thieves
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