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Not to be confused with Fredrick the Deer

Frederick the Rabbit is the last member of the powerful Hopstick clan and thanks to a long chain of events which involve him trying to find the murderer of his clan, he is now a exceptionally skilled GUN agent.

Frederick the Rabbit

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Biographical Information

19 (January 1st)

Relatives (All deceased)
Alias Freddy
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Rabbit
Gender Male
  • Fur: Orange, w/ peach skin.
  • Eyes: Brown
Casual Attire
  • Orange & Indian red windcheater
  • Yellow shirt
  • Red tracksuit pants
  • Orange, Indian red & white trainers
Powered Armor
  • Style: Paratrooper-type Battle Armor
  • Color: Matte grey, w/ red detailing
  • Emblems: 5th Division emblem on left upper arm plate & breastplate, G.U.N logo on breastplate & upper right arm plate.
  • Customizations: Adrenal booster (right thigh plate), Signal scrambler (backplate)
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations G.U.N, Fifth Army Division - Powered Armor Trooper, Army paratrooper
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Possesses the genetic ability Rear Sensor
  • Advanced psychic abilities - verging on manipulation of Time
  • Advanced-level Cryokinesis & Pyrokinesis
  • Trained w/ shotguns
  • Advanced combat - hand to hand, knives
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearances Down Under
Original Creator Flashfire212


Frederick has the physical structure of a soldier fresh out of the academy - tall, broad & muscular. His orange fur is relatively short over his body, including his long ears. He has peach skin, and dark brown eyes.


When off-duty, Frederick wears a yellow t-shirt under an orange and Indian red windcheater, plus red tracksuit pants & and a pair of orange, Indian red & white trainers.


When armored up, Frederick wears a basic suit of G.U.N-made Paratrooper-type Powered Armor, an altered version of the base-line Solder-type. This suit is optimized for parachuting into either a battlefield or enemy territory. Frederick's armor is painted gray, with the standard red detailing of 49th Battle Group, his unit, and wears a black bodysuit underneath it. In addition, it is fitted with both an adrenal amplifier in the right thigh plate to boost his Adrenaline levels when needed, plus a sensor scrambler into the back plate.


Frederick was a happy boy blessed with the honor of being born in the Hopstick clan. One of the oldest and strongest clans in the world. As a young child he was seen as gifted due to his strength and intelligence. His grandfather believed him to be the Lucky One, a Hopstick warrior that emerges every five-hundred years to usher the clan into a new era of greatness. After hearing this Frederick became extremely gleeful and excelled even further in in his studies, it seemed that nothing could bring him down...until that day eleven years ago.

After Frederick got walked to his dojo from baseball practice at knight he noticed sthe front door ajar. He went inside to investigate and discovered his family members dead, bodies everywhere, he was horrified then he heard screaming from the kitchen. He rushed in only to find the mysterious attacker had finished killing his mother and was fighting his father who was sick that day. Frederick attempted to help his dad but he was commanded to run far away from home and never to look back. With tears in his eyes, Frederick listened to his dad's final plea and fled the dojo only to be stopped by the mysterious attacker only a few blocks away from home. The attacker began beating Frederick, though not enough to kill him, he wanted to torturr the boy.

Right when the man was about to finish him off his little sister appeared from nowhere and shielded her brother killing herself in the process. Enraged Frederick shot a fireball at the attacker but with no avail, he punched Frederick in the gut. Frederick was saved by police sirens which caused the murderer to flee.

When Frederick was shipped to an orphanage all the children were crying and complaining about how bad their lives were. Frederick, angry because he felt their pain and sorrow could never top his, went berserk burned the orphanage down by accident, his true powers finally startung to awaken. Horrified of what he had done he traveled very far away from his home town and roamed the land. Later, he was recruited by GUN in an attempt to find his family's killer, hone his skills, and kill any outlaws he found in hopes to ensure that no one will ever suffer the way he did.

A Light in the Tunnel

Two months ago, Frederick was sent on a mission to capture Suprano who was sighted heading towards Chun-nan. Frederick just missed him and as a result, wasn't able to stop the twisted monarch from slaughtering a village of pandas. Only one person was alive after the massacre, a young panda named Momoka, who survived due to her hiding skills. After attempting to drop the orphan off at the same orphanage he went to, Frederick decided to take the panda with him to Rahare. He soon learned that the panda admired Krinkinko the Hedgehog and Pearl The Echidna due to their heroics during the Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament but didn't believe she could aspire to ever be as strong as them. Frederick promised her that he would help Momoka surpass them and began training her in body and mind. Ever since Frederick met Momoka, he has slowly become friendlier; more approachable and the ghosts that have haunted him are slowly leaving one by one....


Frederick has the genetic ability Rear Sensor, allowing him to instinctively know what's going on behind him, as if he could see, within a moderate range of about fifty to a hundred meters. This is unhampered by his armor, and gives him a massive boost in combat situations.

As a member of the Fifth Division, Frederick is trained in his elemental & psychic powers as a primary skill to fit with the Fifth's specialty, powers. As such, Frederick is skilled with the manipulation of Ice and Fire, and is regarded as a naturally talented psychokinetic, his powers rumored to be on the verge of developing into full-blown Time manipulation. Some of the higher-ranked officers in the Fifth suspect that his gift with psychic powers is due to his genetic ability, although they have no proof. Others suspect it may have something to do with all the emotional trauma he's went through in his life.

Frederick is also trained in close-combat, both with his hands and knives. To this end, he carries a meat cleaver in a specially-designed sheath pouch on his armor or clipped to a belt-hook on his pants while off-duty. This cleaver has seen action with him on many occasions, with Frederick known to use the knife against much larger blades in a more defensive style, or throwing the head-weighted blade in an overarm style at an opponent or target to reasonably accuracy. In armor, he also carries a Hammerforge S-19 shotgun fitted with a silencer, his primary weapon while on duty. This is rumored to be because he trusts his elemental skill greater than his skill with long-range firearms, and as such prefers close-quarters weapons such as the gun he carries in armor.

His deceased clan also has the forbidden ability Power Chomp which allows him to gain the ability of one he eats. Even if he eats something small like a finger he'll still be able to copy an ability, which is how he gained his High Terror State. High Terror State is Frederick's version of an unknown enemies energy munipalation technique. In High Terror State his right foot is made out of ice and leg, right hand and arm made out of lava, left leg and foot made out of lava, left hand and arm made out of lava, eyes made out of emerald, face and head made out of fire on the right side and water on left side. His torso is made out of dry ice and his crotch area made out of blue fire. His power skyrockets, his powers are upgraded, has some  new attacks and gains the power to control water and lava. Frederick though finds the Power Chomp to be gross and has only used this move once.

Unfortunately, Frederick suffers from the standard weaknesses of an elemental fighter of his kind. Long-range techniques from behind pose the most major threat, as these avoid the distance of his Rear Sensor. His Psychic abilities can be preyed upon by Chaos Powers, while his manipulation of Fire and Ice are each affected by the standard weaknesses of such powers, and can also be overpowered by a more skilled user of each though it's commonly assumed that Frederick may be close to a master of these respective elements.

It is shown that he's able to easily gain an enemy's trust to gain information in Down Under.

Fire Abilities

  • Return Burn
  • Fire Punch- Coats his hand in fire and punches the enemy.
  • Fire Kick- Coats his foot in fire and kicks the enemy.
  • Spitfire-Frederick spits ember at the enemy, almost instantly making them catch fire and get burned. The downside is that it's easy to smother.
  • Fire Repel-He creates a invisible shock wave of hot air that pushes back his opponent.
  • RUSH- Frederick rushes towards the enemy at blinding speeds and throws a barrage of fire coated kicks.
  • Heat Teleport- Teleports using the heat in the air. The hotter it is, the further he teleports. The downside is it takes about four seconds to charge and when charging he bends over and growls as if he's constipated making it easier to notice. (He executes this faster in Full Body Fire Coat)
  • Fire Choke-Grab's opponent's neck burning the inside and outside of their neck.
  • Full Body Fire Coat-Frederick's body is coated in fire and he is given moderate defense (due to the raging flames) speed, and the ability to scratch his limbs. The downside is this doesn't last very long and after the flames are dosed he's left weak and defenseless.
  • Fire Arm- He throws a fire coated punch that stretches super far. (Full body fire coat only)
  • Flaming Big Bang (High Terror State Only)-Throws his hands back and creates fire spheres in each of them. He then throws his hands forward causing the two spheres to fuse. The giant fire spheres explode on impact.
  • Fire Burst-(High Terror Form ONLY)-His body begins to glow red and he releases a fiery explosion.

Ice Abilities

  • Ice Beam
  • Ice Punch-Coats his hand in ice and punches the enemy.
  • Ice Kick- Coats his foot in ice and kicks the enemy. (Also called Frost Kick)
  • Sheer Cold
  • Frozen Tail
  • Full Ice Coat- He coats his body fully in thick ice giving him god-like defense for the price of his speed. If he falls to the ground he's trapped like a turtle until the ice melts.
  • Flash Freeze- Creates a mist and freezes all the water in the area.
  • Flash Freeze +- Same as Flash Freeze but as a bonus the air freezes every two seconds. The downside is Frederick only seems to use this attack when low on power or when using Full Ice Coat or Full Fire Coat.
  • Ice Fang
  • Cut Storm-Fires a barrage of sharp icicles at the enemy. (Can be executed longer with more icicles in High Terror State)

Elementless Abilities

  • Delta Search
  • Tackle (can coat his hands to create fire or ice tackle)
  • Regeneration-His limbs grow back after being chopped off. (High Terror State Only)

Psychic Abilities

Water Abilities (High Terror State Only)

Lava Abilities (High Terror State Only)

  • Face Burn-Grabs opponents face, causing it to melt.

Combined Abilities

(Combinations of all his elements)

  • RUSH!!!(High Terror State ONLY)-Same of RUSH except he uses kicks as well, he's faster and he uses water, ice, fire, water, and lava abilities.

Genetic Abilities/Clan Featured Abilities


He's shown to be extremely unfriendly friendly due to him not having a family. He's arrogant and snobbish. He believes him to be a superior pure-bred while others to simply be mutts. He's shown to be cruel personality even to his comrades(though there are rare occasions were he shows remorse for others like when was pained at Fa-La-Stu's apparent death in Down Under (though it can simply be seen that that he did this because she was dead)). He has a high sense of pride and hates being helped. He has a high sense of justice and will kill or harm anyone that he feels isn't doing the right thing though his punishments are shown to be immoral. He seems to have a high dislike of stupidity. He's also known to be extremely loyal to GUN and his leaders, the only people that he truly seems to respect.

He's even harsher to someone he hates:He will take whatever chance he gets to berate you over the tiniest things that most of the time aren't even worth it. You say something, and he yells at you. You theorize a situation incorrectly and suddenly in his eyes you the dumbest person alive. You give an opinion, and you're a "pee colored idiot." Whether he's right or wrong, it doesn't matter: He'll take whatever chance he gets to swear at you.

Frederick is known to be stubborn who rarely listens to both sides of the story. If he feels one side is right, he will stick to it and won't hear anything else.

Frederick is also shown to be a control freak, wanting to always be in control at all time.

Though it's shown all of his negative personality traits are ways to cope with the loss of his whole family. His mother, father who were killed by the attacker. And his little sister, who sacrificed herself to save her older brother, Frederick.

Frederick uses his mean demeanor to hide his serious self-esteem issues.

After the death of Krinkinko the Hedgehog his demeanor softened and he is a bit kinder towards people but nontheless still strict. After adopting Momoka, Frederick has become friendlier and more sympathetic and finally has found a purpose in life that's not destructive.


Frederick's hobbies include rugby, tennis, soccer and golf.

Allies & Enemies


Falalala-Stu the Echidna-Implied he may harbor romantix affections towars her.

Rachel the Goat-Secret crush. The only person in the planet thatcan make him lose his composure.


Krinkinko the Hedgehog-Grealt reveres him.

Fevine Gemson-Respected ally.

Droget the Frog-Thoug, a fellow GUN agent. Frederick looks down on the awkward and chubby frog.



Smash The Echidna (Down Under only)


He appears in Roleplay:Down Under to gain the trust of Candi in her group. Though Smash knew something was up about the muscular bunny and in the morning the group tried to ditch him only for Candi to refuse. When Rachel betrayed the group it was discovered that he was indeed working for GUN and was less than impressed when he found out Rachel could do what he couldn't.

Later he led Krinkinko, Droget, Fa-La-Stu, Mike and Clide into a battle to the death with Candi's group. After eating a piece of Smash's arm he gained a form of his high tension state in which he dubbed High Horror State. He then killed his surviving teammates due to their "weakness" and began to attack Smash and his friends. shortly after he was defeated and killed.

Later after being revived by GUN he was brought to the Town Square of Molipoli so he could be publicly executed....

This roleplay has died...


MOTHER 3-Love Theme

MOTHER 3-Love Theme

Remembering the Hopstick Clan



Fragmentary Passage

Momoka huh? That's a beautiful sounding name. It sure sounds better than Frederick..."~Frederick, revealing his esteem issues.

"Then I'll make you strong, mentally and physically. I'll make you stronger than Krinkinko ever was." ~Frederick talking to Momoka.

"I'm sorry it's's been so long that I had to share a room with someone. I don't really know why I didn't drop you off at the orphanage...I guess you remind me of Hailey...and I wouldn't want Hailey to go to that rat infested hellhole."~Frederick explaining why he didn't leave Momoka at the orphanage,


  • He was born on new years.
  • Frederick's head will occassionally catch on fire when extremely angry or embarassed.
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