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Francine is a 17-year old rabbit and the younger twin sister of Chrissy the Rabbit. She runs a small garden and aspires to be a professional florist.


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Francine, at first, appears to be quite pretentious and cold, ruthless and brutally honest. She often comes off as condescending, scaring most people off. She has difficulty describing and figuring out feelings, so when she does its often too late. Francine is mostly extroverted, not afraid to speak up in situations that directly involve her, or when she wants to share her input on a situation. She is quite smart as well and she takes interest in the supernatural. Francine also likes social interaction and dislikes feeling alone. However, she does enjoy having time to herself. She has strong endurance and isn't easily annoyed. She has a maternal side, showing a lot of care towards smaller children and she is quite protective of children as well, becoming somewhat violent when others show intent to harm children.


Physical Appearance

Francine is a female angora rabbit with fluffy white fur. Her tail is also fluffy and small. On her head is a pair of ears that are pointed upwards, and the skin on the inside is almost purplish. Her muzzle is also white and she has a black, triangular-shaped nose. She has somewhat long blonde hair worn a ponytail. She also wears a blue headband in her hair decorated with white polka dots and a yellow star hairpin is attached to it.


Chrissy's common attire similar to her sister's. It is a black and blue sailor dress with white trim and a bow around her waist, along with a white ribbon tied around the collar. She also wears a blue sailor hat, as well as long white socks and black flats. When the temperature drops, she wears a large black wool coat with shearling boots. She always wears a flimsy, translucent white scarf

Skills and Abilities

Francine, like her sister is a great runner with strong legs. She is not afraid to defend herself in a situation where she needs to fight back. She is good at kicking, like real rabbits.

She also has the ability to manipulate plants and plant growth, although this does not affect how she actually grows plants. She doesn't use this method to grow her flowers as she sees this as "cheating".


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