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Fran the Walking Annoyance
Also known as
Francine, Fran the Marbat, Fran the Batten
Marten/bat hybrid
3 ft. 11 in.
78 lbs
Hang Castle (Supposedly)
February 19
Good, Team Hybrid
Singing, dancing, parties, rain, randomness, yelling
Rules, people trying to make her be serious
Original Creator


Fran is generally rebellious, headstrong, and annoying. She became known as "The Walking Annoyance" due to her loud, nasally voice and a laugh that causes distress to those around her. Another annoying trait is the fact that she likes to ask "Why?" a lot. She also has a tendency to use her super hearing to eavesdrop and then ask a lot of questions about the conversation.

Fran is high energy and athletic. She enjoys jumping and dancing around and singing. She is very outgoing and will talk to anyone, even if they don't want her to. She also has a good bit of randomness and her own sense of logic which may seem strange to others, often saying things that just make people say "...What?"

Also, she doesn't really have a concept of personal space and will often get too close to people or poke them repeatedly as a standard greeting.

Physical Characteristics


Fran has black fur and hair that is up in a pony tail. She has large bat ears and a fang, as well as a long then tail from being part marten (a weasel-like mammal). She has gold eyes. She is tall and thin.


Fran wears a dark grey sleeveless hoodie with black and neon green baggy cargo pants that have green paw prints on them. She also wears a green headband and pink eye shadow. Notably she doesn't wear any shoes.


As mentioned above, Fran's voice is loud and nasally. It is very brash and irrating as is her laugh.


Fran is very agile and fast. She is able to do all kinds of flips and most of her fighting consists of athletic kicks. She is very flexible and can even bend herself in some disturbing ways. Other skills include super hearing and her prehensile tail which can manipulate objects.


Fran lives alone in a house in the same neighborhood as Joanne and Lianne. She says she doesn't know what happened to her parents and also claims to have been born in Hang Castle. In fact, the majority of her past is questionable as she tends to exaggerate and change her story a lot. Her excuses for how she ended up where she is range anywhere from saying she ran away from home, to being abducted by aliens. She has claimed to be wanted by the government for knowing dangerous secrets, among many other things. However, so far there is no evidence that any of her claims are true and are generally assumed to be made up.


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Joanne "Jo" Hedgecat

Due to Joanne trying to be friendly to outcasts, her and Lianne became friends with Fran and formed a team with her. They generally get along fine but sometimes she and Joanne fight.

Lianne Hedgecat

Lianne trys her best to be nice to Fran and trys to convince her she should be more polite. Fran trys to convince Lianne not to follow the rules so much.

Neos the Hedgehog

Neos and Fran have a sort of rivalry going on that stems from Fran loving to bug Neos. For whatever reason he has become a target of her annoyance.

Roleplay Appearances

Sonic Dimensions

Disease X

Sonic 4: Episode 2

The Way Past Cool Party

Off The Grid


~"That's Japan!" - (Sonic Dimensions)

~"Oh, well I do this to everyone I meet. *pokes Yuki*" - (Sonic Dimensions)

~"Come to think of it this place looks a lot like home, 'cept different. It's basically just like home, only different." - (Sonic Dimensions)

~"Hmm. CJ.... CJ... TJ... Blue-jay..." - (Sonic Dimensions)

~"Did someone say party!?" - (The Way Past Cool Party)

~"Ooooh, a girlfriend~? I getcha." - (The Way Past Cool Party)

~"Hi person! Welcome to... the party." - (The Way Past Cool Party)

~"He said dance floor! That means we gotta dance." - (The Way Past Cool Party)

~"Sure I do! Like there was this one time, with this guy, where we fought, and I won!" - (Off the Grid)

~"More like Black the Lamehog." - (Off the Grid)

~"Are we trying to scare people? I can do that!" - (Off the Grid)


  • Fran's theme song is I'm Not Your Girl by LaLaine
  • Another theme song would be Nothing's Wrong with Me by The Zetta Bytes
  • Fran's real name is Francine, but she hates it.