Fragmentary Passage is the name of a collection of short mini-fics centering around my characters. The name is derived from the fact that you only get fragments of each character's story, not the entire thing. There is at least one fragment for each of my characters, Each of the fragments are short and relatively easy to read.

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Fragmentary Passage


Fragmentary Fragments documents small pieces of a character's life. They are stored here when the snippet is too short for a fanfic. Each character has their own "passage" which contains one or more "fragments". Generally, only Sonicfan919 will take part in the fragments.

Passage of Frederick

Fragment 001:Unfounded Revenge

Fragment 002:The Seed

Frederick folded his arms as he stood in front of the large monitor in the Station Square G.U.N. base that briefed his mission. Apparently, The demented wizard king, Suprano had fina lly risen from the shadows and was causing mayhem again. Him and his children were headed towards the eastern country of Chun-Nan. Frderick's mission was simple, he was to intercept them then aprehend them, unknown to Frederick, that mention would change his life forever. 

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Frederick flew west, travelling so fast that he was enveloped in fire. He was certain that there was no way that Suprano would escape due to the speed that he was travelling.

It will take every inch of my being to stop that demented scum without killing him! It's a good thing I'm burning off my energy now...

Frederick dashed towards the ground as soon as he was over Chunan, landing in a crouched position with his left hand level with his feet, As he touched the ground a shockwave spread outward from his body. Frederick rose and looked around confused, only seeing an eerily quiet deserted village.

The devil? Where is every-? Frederick's eyes widened in utter horror, being all too familiar with the aura emitted after a slaughter.  Frederick ran inside the village then darted inside a house. Frederick gasped at the sight of a dead panda on the ground. Frederick got on his knees and examined the panda with horror in his eyes. Fredercik couldn't determine how the panda had died, his best guess being a heart attack. As Frederick rose, he clutched his hand into a fist that quickly became coated in flames and dashed off, teeth clenched in anger. 

"Hello?! Is anyone alive!?" Frederick asked, his voice cracking. He searched around the village but only found dead pandas, it seem that everywhere he turned, death had just fled the scene. As Frederick ran the village he was in began to look more and more like his dojo and the pandas began to look more and more like rabbits,

When Frederick entered the eleventh house that was filled with dead pandas he feel to the ground crying as he let out a pained scream. He clutched his forehead until it began to burn and closed his eyes, trying to ward off the memories of his past. After seeing the last image he had of his little sister, dead after she sacrificed her life to save her cherished little brother, Frederick shakily rose.

Get a grip Frederick! I'll find the sick bastard who did this and kill him!

Frederick ran out the house through the village, determined to find the culprit. He'd rip his soine out, he'd make it a trophy, he'd have revenge, he'de make them pay for what they did. Frederick was able to think clearly soon enough to hear voices, causing him to dart around a corner and press his body against a wall.

"Who are you and what right do you have to kill my people!?" shouted a deep voice with a thick eastern accent.

"That's none of your concern spotty. Now, rest in peace." commanded an old yet intimidating voice.

Frederick growled and dashed around the corner to see a gray hedgehog, a brown flying squirrel, and a cloaked figure enter a dark portal. His head grew hot as he saw a muscular panda slump down to the ground, inches, away from the feet of an elderly frog dressed in a mystical cloak.

The frog turned to face the enraged rabbit. "Oh, Frederick. I've heard great things about y-"

"DIE!" Frederick interrupted crazily before he fired a high speed, higly explosive medium-sized ball of fire from his mouth towards the frog.

The frog sighed as the fireball passed right through him, going through the portal. The frog pulled out a wand seemingly out out nowhere and flicking it towards Frederick, causing the powerful G.U.N. agent to fall to the ground with a mighty cry of pain, feeling as if his heart just violently exploded.

"I see you do not wish to have a diplomatic discussion at this moment. Fine, fine. Another day then, Frederick the Rabbit." sighed the frog as he turned around and entered the dark portal before it shrunk to a microscopic level.

"Piece of sh**!" cried Frederick as he staggered up into a kneeling position. Frederick buried his head in his hands and began to growl as he had run out of tears. He wanted to spill blood, he wanted to make criminals pay for the crimes they commited but they kept getting away, His blood literally boiled and the right side of his face began to heat up into fire and the left side of his face began to change into water as he began to transform into his hellish High-Terror State.

The transformation was cancelled as Frederick's eyes widened, his rear sensor picking up movement from ten feet behind him. Frederick quickly whipped his head around to see a panda holding a doll. Frederick rubbed his eyes, seeing a young version of himself instead of the girl for a bit.

Frederick slowly walked towards her as to not frighten her. The girl backed away until she bumped into a wall. Frederick held out his hand. "It's alright." comforted Frederick as he spoke, his voice softer than he ever knew. Frederick turned away, embarassed, startled at the sound of his voice but quickly turned to face the girl once more. He moved his hand slightly.

"Please, believe me I won't hurt you. Do you speak English?" asked Frederick.

The girl nodded slowly. At that instant Frederick didn't see the young panda girl, he saw a young rabbit, his sister. Frederick snapped back to reality as the girl tightly took his hand, due to her seeing the small tears in his eyes, Frederick quickly wiped the tears away and held the girl close. 

The girl quickly broke away from the rabbit's embrace and ran away.

"Wait!" Frederick desperately called as he reached a hand out in despair before he let it limply fall. Frederick shhok his head before angrily walking away from the village, not turning back.

Frederick walked until he made it to a beach and was preparing to fly off when his rear sensor once again picked up a small object, though this one was moving quickly. Pierceving it as a threat, Frederick whirled around and fired a ball of fire. To his horror he realized it was the girl from before and quickly steered the flaming sphere away from the child who was now absolutely mortified. Frederick noticed that in addition to the hedgehog doll she was holding, she was now holding an echidna doll.

The girl slowly wlaked to Frederick. Frederick grunted and forcibly took the girl in his arms before flying away.

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The young panda was eager to finally be dropped by Frederick, due to the ride being unberably hot. Frederick held the girl's hand as they entered a dark and foreboding building, The Foxuu Orphanage, the same orphanage Frederick went to all those years ago. 

Frederick and the panda walked inside the dimly lit building towards the front desk where a roach was sitting at the desk.

"Wlecome to the Foxxu Orphanage. How may I halp you?"

"Yes, I rescued a young girl who-" the young panda quickly broke away from the rabbit's grip and ran behind him,

"Mm-mm!" she complained.

Frederick growled. "Look brat you need to stay here or else!"

"Or else what?! You kill!?" the girl shouted.

Frederick's face darkened as he recalled the fate of the other children in the orphanage all those years ago, "No, but it's best for you! Why wouldn't you want to-"

"Bad place." the panda quickly answered.

Frederick blinked at the young girl. He turned to see that the roach had left her post and quickly grabbed the panda before running towards the entrance.

                                                   01101100 01100001 01110100 01100101 01110010

Frederick was still trying to figure out what compelled him to take the little panda girl to Rahare,the home of the Hopstick Clan, mainly due to the fact that she was currently driving the poor rabbit insane.

"I've asked you once, I've asked you five-hundred-one times so far! What. Is. Your. Name!?" demmanded the rabbit angrily.

The panda simply splashed around the water in the beach instead of answering Frederick. The rabbit groaned and decided to take her to his dojo due to it getting late.

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Frederick sighed as he laid down a cover for him to sleep on while the young panda slept on his lavish, queen sized bed.

Frederick sighed as he closed his eyes.

"Turn off light." said the panda.

Frederick's eyes narrowed. "I always sleep with the lights on it helps me-" in truth the light helped him not hear the screams of his fallen family. "-think." Frederick lied.

"Think for day. No light for night." responded the girl.

"Fine!" Frederick shouted before snapping his fingers, causing the light bulb in the lamp to violently burst. The girl shrieked in fear.

Frederick sighed. "I'm sorry it's's been so long that I had to share a room with someone. I don't really know why I didn't drop you off at the orphanage...I guess you remind me of Hailey...and I wouldn't want Hailey to go to that rat infested hellhole." sighed Frederick rubbing his temples.

All was silent until Frederick heard. "Momoka"

"Excuse me?" asked Frederick.

"Momoka. You ask name. It Momoka."

Frederick turned on his side. Momoka huh? That's a beautiful sounding name. It sure sounds better than Frederick...

For the first time since his family's massacre, Frederick soundly slept with the lights off.

                                                  01101100 01100001 01110100 01100101 01110010

Frederick was in a frenzy the next morning tyring to look for Momoka, who was gone when he woke up. He practically turned the island upside down looking and callling out for her.

Frederick eventually found Momoka high on the island's mountain, making her dolls fight.

Frederick angrily grabbed her shoulder. "What the fu** o you think you're doing!? Do you know how bloody dangerous this is!? Play with your toys on the goddammed ground!" he angrily yelled.

Momoka blinked at Frederick calmly. "Then fight no be realistic." she explained.

"What in the name of all that's justice are you talking abou-" Frederick's eyes widened slightly once he got a good look at the dolls. One depicted a light green young hedgehog with spines that formed a mohawk shape with dozens of purple spots and the other was a beautiful light pink echidna. "Those people..they're from the Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament."

"Yes. I want be strong like them and others. I too small. I never be strong." Momoka, no older than five said as she looked towards the ground glumly. Momoka let out a slightly shocked gasp as Frederick took her into his arms with a determined look.

"Then I'll make you strong, mentally and physically. I'll make you stronger than Krinkinko ever was." 

And with that declaration Momoka's face grew a wide smile

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