You may be looking for his Prime Zone counterpart or his Dark Mobius counterpart.

This is an alternate version of Fox the Brave who made a minor appearance but still had a major role in The Legend of Fox the Brave in the story Shadowed Future and its sequel, Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later. He is the former leader of the Storm Fighters in the Altered Timeline of the Light Mobius universe; he was mercilessly killed by Shadow the Hedgehog when trying to overthrow the tyrannical king.


Fox most likely retains his appearance from the main series.

As such, he is a tall anthropomorphic red fox with especially thick fur around his neck and shoulders and a thick, bushy tail. He has mostly russet-red fur with dark brownish-black hands, feet, and ears, white fur running from his chin to his underbelly and on his tail-tip and the inside of his ears. He has a notch in his right ear and emerald green eyes. Finally, Fox wears a black t-shirt, beige cargo shorts, and an open brown leather jacket with a black wrist-com on his right arm.


Fox most likely retains his personality from the main series.

As such he is incredibly arrogant, short-tempered, hotheaded, stubborn, snappish, irritable, and overall very grumpy. He retains his main series counterpart's incredible hatred of Shadow, which makes him even more unpredictable. As a Spirit, he was shown to be much more benevolent and much calmer.


Before the Series: Fox's past is more likely the same as his Prime Zone Counterpart.

Unaltered Timeline: Fox's past in the Unaltered Timeline is unknown, but it's likely that he accepted King Sonic's rule without question and was able to live in peace with his Teammates.

Altered Timeline:

Shadowed Future: After Shadow began to conquer Mobius, his biggest opposition came from the Storming Alliance, primarily led by a very hateful Fox. One night, Fox led a large patrol consisting of several warriors from each Alliance Team with the goal of overthrowing Shadow. However, this went horribly awry when Shadow hit Fox in the chest with a single Chaos Spear, killing him. Fox would later appear as a Spirit and give Braveheart the prophecy: "When the storm rages, the shadows will vanish, and the true king will return." Later, after Sonic suddenly appeared and surprise attacked Shadow, defeating him, Fox reappeared. He recited the prophecy once more then instated Sonic as the new, true king of Mobius.

5 Years Later: Fox would later bring another warning, this time telling the Storm Fighters' new Healer, Phoenix, that "Darkness is coming..." Phoenix would soon tell this to Braveheart and assert that Fox died protecting his family and Team(after Braveheart questions if his father and Fang died for no reason). Fox is later mentioned in Braveheart's thoughts when he has a nightmare about being killed during the celebration of 5 Years of Peace.


Unknown, though it's likely he had all the transformations his Prime Zone counterparts has.


Since Fox made only one physical appearance while alive, his weaknesses are unknown

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