You may be looking for the mainstream version or his Light Mobius counterpart.

This is an alternate version of Fox the Brave that is mentioned frequently in the Secrets of the Dark World trilogy in The Legend of Fox the Brave. Like in the main series, he is the father of Braveheart and Midnight, the mate of Karra, and a descendant of Redstone. In this World, he was brutally killed during a fight with Dark Enerjak after being forced to revert to normal and being crushed by falling rubble.


Fox's appearance was never mentioned, but it's likely the same as his mainstream counterpart.

As such, he is a tall, anthropomorphic red fox with a bushy tail and broad frame with especially thick fur around his neck and shoulders, a notch halfway down the outer edge of his right ear, and emerald-green eyes. He has thick russet-red fur, white fur running from his chin to his underbelly as well as on his tail-tip and inside his ears, and dark brownish-black hands, feet, and ears. He wears a black t-shirt, open brown leather jacket, and beige cargo shorts with a hole for his tail. It was mentioned in the Prologue for Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest that Fox has a scarred and graying muzzle.


"You can try to attack me, but when you hurt my family, that's crossing the line!"
—Fox snarling at Knuckles, Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest

Fox likely retains his personality from the Main Series

As such, he is an arrogant, short-tempered, brutish fellow. He is often cold and snappish toward others and demands extreme loyalty from them, and is somewhat easy to manipulate. However, he is close to his family, and will do what he needs to protect them.


Fox's past is most likely the same as his Prime Zone counterpart. The point of divergence was when Knuckles became corrupted by his Chaos Powers and became Enerjak. At this point, Fox realized that Knuckles had become a major threat and deemed him an enemy. Fox accepted help from Lyron the Charizard, Lycus the Lycanroc, and Rory the Incineroar to deal with the new Dark Enerjak, and attempted to eliminate him. In a major battle, Fire Fox was thrown by Enerjak into a nearby abandoned building, where he fell to the ground and was forced to revert to normal. After this, the rubble dislodged by Fox's collision with the building fell on him and crushed him, killing him.


Fox obviously still has his Fire Fox transformation, since it was mentioned to have been used in the fight that resulted in his death. How he was forced to revert to normal before his death is unknown.


Fox never made a physical appearance, so his abilities are unknown.


Fox never made a physical appearance, so his skills are unknown.


Fox's weaknesses are largely unknown, but it's likely that if slammed into something with enough force, it can exhaust him to the point of reverting to normal, which is what led to his demise.

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