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Red the Fox, known by many as Fox the Brave, is the titular hero and a recurring character of the Quotev series The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a cold, short-tempered red fox with a long history. Born to the latest descendants of Redstone the Fox, his family was murdered when he was a cub, and he was later forced into Eggman's army as a teenager. He escaped, changed his name, and founded a Team called the Storm Fighters, which he led until his disappearance fighting Dark Enerjak, and later his death shortly after his reappearance


Fox is a tall Mobian red fox with russet-red fur, dark brownish-black hands, feet, and ears, and white fur running from his chin to his underbelly, as well as on his tail-tip and inside his ears. Unlike typical red foxes, who have yellow, brown, or amber eyes, Fox has green eyes. He has a notch in his right ear, four scars on his belly, and wears a black t-shirt, beige cargo shorts, and an open brown leather jacket.


As a cub, Red was friendly and eager, though this became somewhat subdued following the tragic loss of his family. In his teens, Red became more withdrawn and distant, to the point he grew cold and aggressive. He grew to hate Eggman and everything to do with him. This would later extend to Shadow, when the hedgehog interfered with his escape. In his adult years, Fox was very cold, distant, short-tempered, and aggressive. While he respected his Teammates and was willing to acknowledge his enemies if they helped him, the latter was very begrudging, and often rare.


Fox was born as Red the Fox to Torch and Sadie, the former being the latest in the line of descendants of Redstone the Fox, whose bloodline was considered "cursed" by others of the forest. When Red was a young cub, Eggman visited his family to attempt to regain Torch as his assistant. This failed, leading to an attack that claimed the lives of Torch and Snow. Sadie vanished, and Red was left orphaned and on his own. He was taken care of by a friend of Torch's, a hedgehog named E.J., until his teen years, when Eggman forcibly recruited him under the threat that he would suffer the same fate as his family. During this time, Red would suffer constant physical abuse my Eggman, often being the target of a rage-fueled beating. Red was also tormented by nightmares of Sonic.EXE, who taunted him with his involvement in Torch and Snow's deaths. When Red tried to escape, he was stopped by Shadow, resulting in Red getting beat badly. Later, while sent to help an Eggman outpost on Angel Island, Red escaped and sheltered with the Red Fox Pack living on the Island. After some time, he eventually left, taking up a new name and gaining a companion in Sky the Falcon. After visiting Soleanna Forest, Fox gained some help in forming a Team to fight Eggman, naming them the Storm Fighters.


Fox originally had two other children, Kevin and Rose, who were completely removed.

Fox was initially designed with three long scars on his face and three on his neck, but these were removed and later replaced by his belly scars in The Legend Begins.

Despite his cold and emotionless attitude, Fox still greatly cares for his warriors, so his greatest fear is losing them.

Had Eggman left Fox's family alone, chances are the Storming Alliance would never have existed

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