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Fox Forest 1

Fox Forest's entrance, as seen in SpTH

Fox Forest is a large, peaceful area outside the western entrance of Greenflower City and a common gathering spot for children. Most of the area is somewhat open with many clearings, giving the kids lots of space to play. It's also a pleasant place to take walks. Though the forest runs deep, there are many clean streams and ponds about, and few people explore too much farther than where the sunlight doesn't reach.

Though the forest is a gathering spot, a few people actually live within the forest. It's home to Amber The Cat, an orphan who often tries to look after the forest and keep it clean and safe.

The forest runs along the side of a large mountain, which on the other side is a large canyon. Somewhere along the side is a cave leading to an old minecart tunnel, running from Techno Hill Zone all the way to Eggman's abandoned old castle.

Fox Forest Eve 1

A clearing and a pond, as seen in SpTH

There is a dirt road leading from Greenflower City's western outskirts, to a small hill in which the road splits into two paths. Going north would lead to a stream, which flows into a fairly large and somewhat deep pond; a popular fishing spot. The south road leads deeper into the forest, and eventually turns into Tulip Road. Tulip Road extends outside the forest into a vast field. The road keeps on going and meets with the one between Greenflower and Techno Hill Zones. Somewhere near the edge of the forest on that road is a treehouse, where a couple of kids started an exploration club.
Fox Forest Day 4

The path leading to Deep Fox Forest.

Farther north leads to Deep Fox Forest, in which the wildlife grows thicker and less friendly. It's unknown what all lurks in these woods, but there is a caution sign in front of the area where the plants begin to grow taller and wilder. There is also a fence bordering it from the rest of the forest, but some adventurous individuals go beyond it anyway. Deep Fox Forest is full of very tall grass, walls of trees and shrubbery, and is generally difficult to navigate. It's very easy to get lost. Amber lives somewhere around the edge of it; in the largest and oldest tree in the forest. There is also a Chao Garden hidden deep within the woods.

Fox Forest Day 1

The road splits.

Fox Forest's Theme ~Day

Fox Forest ~ Day

Fox Forest's Theme ~Night

Fox Forest ~ Night

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Fox Forest holds little importance until about halfway through the game, where it becomes a mini-dungeon in the deep end of the forest. Splice, separated from the rest of the party, must find his way out. Along the way, he meets Amber The Cat, who gives him directions, and Cymbeline the Hedgehog, whom joins his party as she too was lost in the forest.

As the path was previously closed off, at this point of the game the Deep Fox Forest area will then be opened for free exploration.

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