Fow Toth International Speedway

Nickname Fow Toth Speedway
# of Turns 14
Capacity 59,000
Location Fow Toth Town
Owner Fow Toth Motorsports
Operator Fow Toth Motorsports/N Squad
  • Endurance Race
  • Touge Drift Challenge
  • Touring Car Race
  • Superbike Challenge

Fow Toth International Speedway is a road course located on Fow Toth Town. The course involes some of the turns and with a full straight turn from the start/finish line, enough to go 150 MPH or over in a race car (or race bike). This race track was designed by J the Hedgehog, with Fow Toth Motorsports the owner (most likely because J is very adventorous and wants to bring on the sports in a small town of Fow Toth Town, and later in Ultimate City).


The speedway, consists numerous curves designed for challenging drivers, a tunnel from underneath a circle-like turn (denoted in slightly gray color), a small creek from a turn up ahead and its very own chicane. It even includes a straight-lined track (located uto where the start/finish line is), good for vehicles that are fast with good handling specs.


Here are the legend that will denote the track:

  • Black (denotes race track; denotes pit stop; denotes tire walls)
  • Gray (denotes start/finish line; denotes walls)
  • Red (denotes curbs)
  • Blue (denotes river/creek)
  • Sand (denotes gravel)


The Events will take place in Fow Toth Town, consisting F1 races, Go-Kart races, etc. It also takes place in The Wheels of Fate RP, with J's four vehicles; Desert Hawk, a trophy truck, MACH10, a Formula 1 car, SkyStar, a hill climb car and FR34, a supercar.

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