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Cquote1 I've always hidden behind Statyx for protection...for strength. But now, someone I care about is in danger, and I can't go to Statyx for help. I have to rely on myself...on my own power! Come on Fou, it's time to show everyone what you can do!! It's time to fight!! Cquote2
Fou the Phoenix

New Fou-Complete
Fou the Phoenix

Biographical Information
  • Physical: 8
  • Chronological: 708+
Relatives Statyx the Hedgehog (surrogate brother/father)
  • Firebird
  • Parrot
  • Little guy
Romantic Interests Cream the Rabbit
Physical Description
  • Feathers: Red with dark red tips
  • Eyes: Light blue
  • Height: 2ft 7in
  • Weight: 73 lb
  • Heat resistant blue vest with light blue lining
  • Hyper friction resistant, heat resistant shoes
  • Specially designed metal arm-guards with spring-loaded blade attachments
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Guardian Unit of Nations
  • Statyx
  • Team Storm (Flight Member)
Super Forms Phoenix Cloak
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Likes Sonic & friends, Statyx, Blaze, Cream, Spicy foods, desserts, proving himself, gossiping
Dislikes Rouge, cold places, fighting when Statyx isn't around, Cream being in danger, giving wrong info, not being told stuff, not understanding something, Eggman, Water
Original CreatorKagimizu

Fou is a young, 8-year-old Phoenix, and best friend and sidekick of Statyx the Hedgehog. He was named after the noise he made when he was a young chick. He is young and somewhat immature, but has a good heart and the mentality of a true G.U.N. agent and close friend.


Previous Life

In his previous life, Fou was a powerful firebird, revered by a tribe, and friend to the tribe king. However, a power-hungry advisor killed the king, and framed the phoenix. Furious, the tribe attempted to hunt down the firebird. Before he could be killed, he reincarnated himself into an egg. However, the tribespeople threw the egg into the sea, where he could not reincarnate. He would spend 700 years in this state...


700 years after being thrown into the ocean, He was fished out by a relic ship. However, G.U.N. radars picked up on power readings from his egg, and confiscated it from the old fisherman. The egg eventually hatched, giving birth to Fou. It was decided that Statyx would raise and train the young bird.

Early Life

During his early life, Fou was not raised with love or care, but simply as another weapon to be taken care of. This changed when, at the age of 6, he started training with Statyx. While Statyx pushed Fou to his very limits, he always took Fou's feeling into account, and immediately stopped the training if it got too intense. Through these experiences, Fou became almost dependant on Statyx, seeing him as an older brother, and his only friend. This not only affected Fou, however. Statyx, despite still having a cold and calculating demeanor, showed a softer side to Fou, acting as a brother/father to the young phoenix. Fou, despite the care he got from Fou, heard stories of what his teacher was like, and wanted to see Statyx like that again. Fou would get his wish as he and Statyx continued to interact with Sonic & co.

New Friends



Fou, while quite naive, is at the same time quite complex. Fou is bright, cheery, optimistic, and rather scatter-brained; all traits of a young 8 year old boy. However, Fou subconsciously retains some of the wisdom from his past life, which will sometimes reveal itself in moments of sage wisdom dispensed to friends, more often than not when they need it the most. As a young child, Fou is rather immature and lacks understanding of the world. This often results in Fou whining, complaining, or pouting when he doesn't understand something, and/or no-one will explain it to him.

Due to his naivety, Fou will more often than not insult someone without realizing it, and also sometimes make inappropriate comments at the worst moment. A phoenix's natural wisdom presents itself in the young firebird as the trait of Fou being an incorrigible gossip; Fou often knows about virtually everything going around with the people around him, even complete strangers, down to the smallest detail, sometimes seemingly without any logical way for Fou to possibly know such details. Fou can often mention these subjects with the upmost calm and positive demeanor, sometimes even completely out of the blue.

Prior to meeting Sonic & friends, Fou was a timid, shy little child, largely lacking self-confidence and being utterly dependent on Statyx for support, confidence, and knowledge. In addition, Fou was unable to say a whole sentence to strangers without Statyx's presence, often running off and hiding nearby before he can finish. However, as Statyx's personality changed, the Green Bolt pushed Fou to do his best and be his own person, with some success. Eventually, this push for self-reliance culminated itself during an encounter with Eggman, with both Fou and Cream's lives at stake, with no-one to support, assist, or protect them. Faced with the prospect of both his and Cream's death, Fou decided to stand on his own, and fought back against Eggman, defeating the doctor. Since then, Fou has been able to stand up as an outgoing and fairly independent person, though he will often panic under extreme pressure.

Despite his youth and relative innocence, Fou is a trained and powerful fighter, fully capable of striking with the intent to kill, and taking part in brutal fights with great focus and seriousness. However, this somehow fails to seemingly affect Fou, as he maintains his innocent, happy demeanor. Fou is also a trained, determined, and loyal G.U.N. soldier, able to withstand interrogation with steadfast determination, even insulting and spitting at the people interrogating him. Fou is an excellent judge of character, and is able to determine the key aspects of the personality of a person he's just met with little interaction; prior to meeting Sonic and the others, Fou was unable to do this due to shyness and fear overtaking him.

Fou takes great pride in his phoenician powers and capabilities, and will furiously (albeit immaturely outside of a fight) attack anyone who attempts to belittle or shame his powers or species, often requiring to be held back by older characters. This is a recurring theme with Fou, as more often than not he can be rather over-eager or excitable.


Fou, despite his young age, is rather powerful. He is a pyrokinetic, able to control fire. He typically uses this by breathing fire, or encloaking his body parts in flame for physical attacks. His flames can also be used as propulsion to increase his speed, though it can only be done for short amounts of time. As a phoenix, he can also fly with great speed and skill (even greater than Tails and Rouge). His arsenal includes:

  • Fire Shot: Fou fires a ball of flame from his mouth
  • Sun Strike: Fou fires small fireballs rapid-fire like a gatling
  • Blade Flame: Fou concentrates fire to his blades, then swings the blade(s), sending out a wave of fire
  • Feather Dart: Fou flaps his wings, sending several flaming feathers at the opponent
  • Heat Burst: Fou uses his fire to perform a high-speed fire dash, blasting through enemies
  • Flame Driver: Fou covers himself in flame and blasts at the opponent at high speeds, spinning like a drill. His most powerful attack, it can malt through and pierce even fire-resistant metal

He also has numerous Phoenixian abilities, though they have yet to mature. Such abilities include his tears healing others, along with putting someone in a hypnotic sleep with a bird-song. He also has the ability to control minds, though this ability has not matured. Because of that, he must have eye-contact when he makes baby-eyes, which cause anyone to comply with his request. The only people immune to this are Statyx, Sonic, Shadow, and Cream. Fou also has a unique sonic scream that is extremely potent. Fou can also see the aura of others, and thus tell how they are actually feeling. However, like many of his other abilities, this has not matured, so he cannot use it at will, though he does seem to use it when it is most necessary.

Phoenix Cloak

Phoenix Cloak, Fou's most powerful and dangerous ability

However, Fou's greatest ability is called Phoenix Cloak. Under certain conditions, Fou will completely cover himself in a flaming aura, which takes the form of a phoenix, though its size varies. When using this ability, Fou 'loses himself', become a mindless bezerker that attacks anything except Statyx, who is also the only one who can calm him down. While in this form, Fou's fire abilities are greatly amplified, giving him immense destructive power, but because of his bezerker mindset, his competency with this power is greatly reduced. On the one occasion he could control it, he displayed a far greater arsenal. On top of expert control of his fire powers, his abilities included telekinesis, incincibility, and an 'Air Slash', in which he sends a blade of wind from his wings.

Fou is the Flight member of Team Storm, and as such, can perform the Thunder Shoot. When on his own, Fou releases fire balls that function in the same way as dummy rings. As he powers up, Fou's range and power increase, and at maximum he can hit up to 4 enemies in range with one shot. After performing Storm Driver, Fou gains an "elemental boost", with his Thunder Shoot becoming the Fire Shoot, with maximum range and increased power.

SFW Abilities

As a phoenix, Fou is capable of high-level pyrokinesis, even capable of using Inferno adeptly without severe fatigue on his part. Due to the magical nature of his phoenix roots, it's highly speculated that if he were given proper training, Fou would be capable of using not only the advanced forms of Fire, but even all of the fire-based combination elements as well. However without the proper training, Fou is restricted to using only Fire and Inferno elements.


One of Fou's obvious weaknesses is water, which, as long as he is submerged, cancels his fire powers. He can also freeze up in serious situations without support. He does not have complete control of his powers, which can cause various (often comedic) effects under stress.


Fou's size and weight are just a bit bigger than Creams. His feathers are a blood red/scarlet. He has a feather mohawk very similar to Jets, but the largest feather is in the front, and they shorten as it goes down, and has fewer feathers in it. The feathers are tipped with a much darker red, which is the same color as his stomach. He has two 'spines' on the back of his head shaped very similar to Shadows. He wears a cobalt blue vest, which is lined with a thick, light blue lining. He has a long phoenixian tail, also tipped with a darker red. His beak is unique, as it is much more realistic then others such as those of the Babylon Rogues.


Statyx the Hedgehog

Fou sees Statyx as a father/brother figure in his life, because he was the only one to show Fou any true kindness. Fous relationship with Statyx is something of a combination of Sonic and Tails' relationship and Silver and Blazes' relationship (before the events of Sonic '06 were cancelled out). This is because, while Statyx and Fou are best friends, Fou is somewhat dependant on Statyx, freezing up in life-or-death situations, unless he has some form of support from Statyx, atleast until he met Sonic friends (most notably Cream), who helped him get past his dependancy on Statyx, making the green hedgehog very proud, because Fou "grew up a little".

Cream the Rabbit

Cream and Fou have a very close relationship, equal to what Statyx calls "Kiddy love", much to Fou's embarrassment. Despite this, neither denies that they care for each other greatly, shown when Cream was in danger, and Fou was ultimately able to get over his dependency on Statyx to save Cream. Another sign is that, whenever Cream shows Fou affection (from a hug to a kiss), he molts, much to everyone's amusement.

Blaze the Cat

Due to the difference in how their powers worked, Statyx was never able to truly teach Fou how to control and use his pyrokinesis. This caused Sonic & friends to suggest that they contact Blaze, which they did. Fou, like the others, was able to immediately notice Statyx's attraction to Blaze, and later Blaze's affection to Statyx, all the while keeping each others feelings a secret from the other, so they could figure it out themselves ("I may be a gossip, but Statyx is the matchmaker"). This led to a humorous moment when, after Statyx and Blaze became a couple, Fou (whom the two thought would freak out about it, due to being so close to Statyx) said "Finally! I've been sharing info with the two of you for weeks now! I was starting to think it would never happen!" Shocking everyone with his approval of the couple. Fou has a friendly Student/Teacher relationship with Blaze, her being the first one he goes to for advice about 'any girl' (Cream).

Charmy Bee

Charmy Bee is Fou's second closest friend. The two can often be found playing together, sometimes along with Cream. However, the two are considered the two most annoying kids in the world, Statyx and the Chaotix usually dreading play-dates. Despite their annoying behavior, the two have proven to be a dangerous team-up, even taking on, and beating, opponents of Shadow's caliber together. What's more, the two are able to agree on virtually everything, never arguing a single bit, though there are the occasional pranks, which never cause any real harm

Shadow the Hedgehog

While Fou and Shadow don't talk much, Fou greatly respects the black hedgehog. He sees Shadow as something of an uncle, looking to him for advice when Statyx isn't around. Despite rarely showing it, Shadow cares for the young firebird, finding his personality and status as a G.U.N. agent amusing.

Amy Rose

Fou's relationship with Amy is a bit friendlier than the one Statyx has with Amy. Statyx often calls Amy 'auntie' (though Amy tries to hise it, this obviously gets on her nerves), and goes to her for protection when Statyx isn't around. However, Fou is one of the very few who isn't afraid of Amy. This is due to him being able to hypnotize her with the "Baby-Eyes Maneuver". Even if this doesn't work, Amy's intimidation tactics don't work on Fou, most shown when, while tied up and under interrogation, he has the guts to spit in Amy's eyes when she tries to charm information out of him. However, no matter how much Fou antagonizes Amy (mostly unintentionally), she just can't bring herself to hit him.

Rouge the Bat

Fou doesn't particularly like Rouge because of her flirty attitude, but because of his young age, he describes it as 'acting wierd'. Due to his young age, he is also 'immune' to her flirtations, and is one of the few characters to be outright rude to her. He also lacks fear of her, shown when, while tied up and being interrogated, he spit in her eyes when she tried to charm information out of him. His lack of fear is not completely justified though, as, unlike Amy, Rouge is completely willing to hurt the little firebird, though because of his flight abilities, she rarely succeeds.

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is one of the few people Fou actually hates. This is due to the fact that when Cream and Fou were separated from the others, Eggman grabbed Cream in a giant mech. At first, Eggman was able to easily pound the young bird, but Creams cries reached Fou, the young phoenix was able to overcome his dependency, and defeat Eggman, humiliating the scientist. Ironically, it was this very event that got Fou over his reliance on Statyx.

Sunny the Hedgehog

Fou has a friendly relationship with Statyx's younger half-sister. He enjoys here randomness, or as he calls it, "Craziness". However, Fou sometimes seems to think that Sunny is genuinely crazy, saying she has more than one screw loose. Despite this, Fou enjoys watching sparring sessions between Sunny and Statyx, sometimes even eating snacks while watching. Sunny's crush on Silver is one of the few that the oblivious Fou notices, and often makes less than subtle attempts to 'help'.

Mystic Monkey

Fou doesn't really speak to Mystic, due to Mystic usually sparring with Statyx, or fighting both Statyx and Silver. However, he does speak to Mystic occasionally, although usually calling him by his 'nickname' Rat. This'll usually send Mystic into a rage, resulting in Statyx (or someone else) having to hold the monkey back.


  • Statyx the Hedgehog (surrogate brother/father)


  • Statyx the Hedgehog (Best friend)
  • Charmy Bee
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Miles 'Tails' Prower
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Knuckles
  • Amy Rose


  • Valdez Vulture
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Miles "Tails" Prower


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Team Wolfe
    • Valdez Vulture
    • Wolfe the Hunter
    • Fiona Fox


  • Cream the Rabbit

Memorable Quotes

"Yes!! I did it, and all on my own too!" Fou after getting an A Rank

"That was fun! Can we go again?" Fou after getting a B Rank

"That was okay I guess." Fou after getting a C Rank

"That was hard!" Fou after getting a D Rank

"I don't wanna do that ever again!" Fou after getting an E Rank

"Get ready, now I'm gonna prove myself!" Fou before a race

"Great! How was that?" Fou after winning a race

"What, I lost!?" Fou after losing a race

"I'm stronger than I look!" Fou before a battle

"That enough proof for ya?" Fou after winning a battle

"Whoa-Wha, what happened?" Fou after losing a battle

Extreme Gear

Fou's Extreme Gear is called the Red Wing. It looks surprisingly intimidating, most of it being a shade of blood red. It is unique in that when it hits max speed, it leaves a trail of fire, keeping anyone from going into his slipstream. While being a Flight-type Gear, it is surprisingly durable, able to take multiple punishing blows.


Speed: 2/4

Drift: 3/4

Power: 3/4

Curve: 3/4


Speed: 3.5

Power: 3

Skill: 3.5

Stamina: 4

Theme Songs

  • Brave
  • The Hero in Me
  • Believe in Myself
  • Pressing On
  • Endless Possibility
  • Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch - Team Storm theme song.


RP: Eternal Darkness

Fou and Statyx travel to the Mobian Desert after Fou says that he senses something wrong there. They eventually come across some ruins, and are then warped into the Temple of Mantorok.

Later, Fou becomes the Guardian of the Essence of Mantorok (after Ryushu the Cat entrusts the Heart to him).



  • Despite his young age, many moments and characters have alluded to his untapped power.
    • On a side note, should his powers ever fully mature, he could potentially become one of the strongest characters in the series.
  • Fou can often be compared to Niles from The Nanny, as both are incouragable gossips that always seem to know what's going on.
  • Strangely, Fou always seems to be able to tell if someone is disguising themselves, and who they really are. Whether this is part of his phoenixian powers or not is unknown.


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