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Fotiagos is a male, anthropomorphic wolverine. He is a 28 year old bounty hunter and treasure hunter who is proficient with his Thermokinetic and sword wielding capabilities. 


Early life

Ever since he was young, Fotiagos acknowledged he was... different. His ability to control temperature was discovered at the early age of 5. He spent his days as a child alone and secluded. He would not socialize in school and his teachers never seemed to care. He was a smart and gifted boy and as long as his grades were passing, his lack of social skills was overlooked. Every day he would test his powers out, finding them extremely fascinating above all else. He would boil water, keep a room warm in winter time or cool during the harsh summer or even adapt to the high and low temperatures. If he needed a meal warmed up, he didn't need an oven. Wanted his drink to be colder, who needs a fridge? Although his inexperience caused him to become sick many times, he kept this a secret from everybody. He deemed this a learning lesson every time and would do his best to prevent anything. 

Unlocking new abilities

As he grew into his teens, the origins of his abilities became a recurring joke to him. He came to a conclusion his abilities were the result of being spawned from people such as his parents. His dad was always a cold and distant man, while his mom was hot-tempered and easily angered. He even questioned how they managed to form a relationship and produce a child. The true origins of his abilities always remained a complete mystery. His life remained the same as always, only this time at the age of 13, he unlocked his Cryokinetic and Pyrokinetic capabilities. He became interested in swordsmanship as well at this age after watching a number of movies involving swords and blades. Throughout his childhood, he would even practice with sticks or other things that could resemble swords. Not getting much from his parents, Fotiagos began taking things he needed. Through trial and error, he became adept in the art of stealing. His preferred method was tracking valuables, taking them as his own and selling them at a price that satisfied him. The reason he fell under this is because he wished to actually purchase his desired weapon. Only after many nights in juvenile hall was he able to avoid law enforcement. Finally at age 15, he owned a pair of his very own twin Dao swords. With the leftover money and the money he continued to make, he began taking lessons in Martial Arts and his weapons from an elderly tiger that lived not far from his residence.

Arctic Inferno is born

At the age of 18, Fotiagos could no longer handle living with his parents and left without a word. His thieving quickly became unenjoyably tiresome. He wanted to put his powers to use now that he had decent control over them and they were rapidly becoming better with the aid of his faithful Master. He soon found himself in the business of Bounty Hunting. His first assignment was from a low-end gang of crooks. His target was the leader of their enemy faction. Fotiagos knew nothing of his client, only his objective and that's all he needed. He completed his first job and had taken a man's life for the first time. Shaken at first by the feat, he quickly overcame that and worked for the same gang for some time before moving onto bigger things. Soon, it was no longer about the money, but about the fighting. He enjoyed putting his abilities to use like this. He never became a heartless killer. Killing was never enjoyable for him and he would charge an additional payment for ending a life.

Beginning of solitude

At the age of 25, Fotiagos retained his occupation and classes with his Master, who never questioned the wolverine. He himself was questionable as well, but Fotiagos never said a word about it. He became somewhat renowned for his skills and still chased treasure in-between assignments. He even gained the alias of "Arctic Inferno" from his abilities of controlling hot and cold. Although Fotiagos saw this more as a title and developed the moniker of Thermos to hide his real identity. One fateful day he received a new assignment from an anonymous client and the identity of his target was a complete shock. With a hefty bounty, the very individual who taught Fotiagos all he knew was wanted dead. Since he was the only one he ever established a connection with, even more so than his own parents, he approached it hesitantly. Upon reaching his Master’s residence, he was met with the bladed tip of a katana pinned against his neck. His Master confessed he was aware of the profession Fotiagos held. He said the bounty the Thermomancer had attained was created shortly before he began taking his teachings. He had learned of this and took Fotiagos under his wing to pass his vast skills before his inevitable demise. For the last 7 years he had slayed those who had confronted him with the bounty. The skills he bestowed upon his pupil were nowhere near the fullest extent he wished, but he acknowledged it would get him by with little difficulties. Before Fotiagos could even gather his thoughts about this revelation, he was rendered unconscious from the bottom of the hilt striking his forehead. He awoke in an unknown location. With him was a dual scabbard that housed his blades and a note from his Master that contained a sincere apology. The note also explained one day Fotiagos would receive a bounty for the one responsible for all this. It further explained patience was needed and he would need to continue his training unaccompanied. Now, after 3 years, he has not changed as a person and continues honing his skills as instructed by his former Master. He knows the questions he has will be answered in due time and he lives on freely with no worries. Even the various bounties on his head and the warrants for his arrest don't intimidate him.


Fotiagos has no strong personal attachments. Whatever his goal, he seeks to achieve them through a direct application of force or intimidation, more often than not. Very infrequently will he have uncertainties about his actions, though this might not necessarily be the case in every circumstance. He has a strong passion for an ideal or belief system in an effort to assist said ideals in some manner, be it through acquiring funds or other means. He tends to hide his feelings through silence and has difficulty expressing himself due to his own apprehension towards his feelings. Despite this, he would like to express himself, but finds himself unable to do so, often for fear of others' reactions to his thoughts. He will hold a strong hatred for a person, group of persons or organization that has done him wrong. Destroying the object of his ire is his primary motivation in life, and he will go to extremes in order to achieve his goal. He rarely expresses his true feelings, instead opting to hide behind a facade of impartiality or logic. He can be considered cold-hearted due to his seeming lack of emotion, but this is a misconception. He has very strong convictions and feelings hidden beneath his "shell." When provoked sufficiently, he can explode violently and unrelentlessly. He has a tendency to be extremely silent, rarely speaking within the presence of all but the closest of allies. Should he begin trusting an individual, the icy exterior will gradually melt away and it can be shown Fotiagos has a friendly and loyal side to him.


Fotiagos' entire body is covered in thick and shaggy fur with a rather uncanny coloration. Everything on the left side of his body is blue, while the right side is red. There are diamond shaped markings on both palms and the backs of his hands. The ones on his right hand are red and the others are blue. His eyes are black in color with a cold stare of fiery hatred. His tail is long and bushy plus hangs just above the ground. Small and round ears with black inner areas are perked on the top of his head. He has a purple furred muzzle with a small and rounded black nose as well as an ovular shaped tuft of purple fur covering his stomach/chest. Fangs are seen when his mouth is open even at the slightest. 3 small spikes are visible on each of his hands. They are positioned in between the knuckles from his pinkie finger to his index finger.


Fotiagos wears a black trench coat in addition to a pair of same colored pants with his tail poking out the back. The trench coat also has a hood in case he needs to conceal his appearance. His markings are visible through the pair of fingerless black gloves with holes for his spikes. Finally, he has a pair of dual-toned shoes. The frontal half of his left shoe is blue while the other half is red. His right shoe has an opposite color scheme. Both have purple soles and a thin, horizontal black strap evenly dividing the two halves.


Fotiagos is mostly seen wearing a purple "X" shaped scabbard on his back. Dark grey straps form a similar shape and wrap around his chest. A silver buckle is placed in the middle of each strap to hold them in place.



Fotiagos’ main ability is to generate, absorb, and manipulate temperature. His fur and markings don a glow whenever he uses this power with the red fur glowing whenever he makes things hotter and the blue glowing when he makes things colder. Additionally, his eyes take on a gradual change as well with his right eye becoming increasingly more red and his left becoming blue in a similar manner. He can alter the temperature of any given environment within a close proximity and also has the ability to actively modify and control his own body temperature. Heating and cooling can only be done separately and only when his body temperature is normal. That means if he chooses to increase it, he must wait until it restores to normal if he wishes to decrease it. He can also transfer this power into his clothing to prevent them from being destroyed. His control over this is impressive and can be used for a moderate amount of time before his energy begins to run low. Each has a limit by increasing/decreasing his temperature for a few moments and there are 2 ways in which he can do this. He can either utilize the temperature around him which uses less energy or he can use the temperature surfacing from his body, which reaches the limit in half the time but at the cost of burning through more energy. Once this is breached, he gains access either manipulation of fire or ice and his attacks with these two abilities are identical.

Matter State Manipulation

An ability that comes naturally with his Thermokinesis. Depending on his temperature and the substance, Fotiagos can convert a solid into a liquid, a liquid into a solid or a gas and a gas into a liquid. He must have some sort of physical contact for this to be effective.


Once his body reaches maximum heat, his red fur bursts into flames and becomes reddish-orange in color. He is granted control over fire and it's only limited to his right side. These attacks will inflict moderate burn damage to foes. He can either manipulate any surrounding fire or create his own from the heat on his body, although the latter will consume more energy.


Once his body reaches maximum cold, his blue fur freezes over, becomes crystalline in appearance and cyan in color. He is granted control over ice and just as his Pyrokinesis, it's only limited to his left side. These attacks have the possibility of freezing an opponent solid for a short time. He can control nearby ice or use the cold surfacing from his body to form his own at the cost of using more energy.


(1) Spheres: A basic ability which involves Fotiagos forming orbs of fire/ice within his palm. These can be charged up to create larger, slower bursts, or weak and swift repetitive strikes to keep opponents off balance. Once launched, the speed of these is moderate and has decent range.

(2) Rings and arcs: A spinning kick or sweeping arm movement creates rings and arcs of fire/ice to slice larger, more widely spaced or evasive targets.

(3) Streams: Fotiagos can launch a continuous stream of fire/ice for a mid-ranged attack.

(4) Daggers: Forming small and numerous constructs of fire/ice from his palms or fingertips, Fotiagos has access to great piercing abilities with these. Each individual dagger does minor damage, but the amount can lead to high injury for an opponent.

(5) Punches and kicks: Considered a short range attack, Fotiagos can create fire/ice at the end of a limb, and thrust it down onto an opponent in an explosive burst.

(6) Barrier: This creates a protective shield of fire/ice around the front of, or the whole body of Fotiagos that can deflect attacks. Stronger attacks have a chance of breaking through.

(7) Ramp: He can manipulate fire/ice as a means of short transportation and travel at fairly fast speeds of up to 180 mph. This can also be used as an offensive attack by sliding towards his foes in a quick burst of speed.

Enhanced senses

All 5 of Fotiagos’ senses are enhanced beyond a normal level. He can see, hear and smell clearly from far distances as well as finely distinguish objects or individuals, taste poisons or other potential hazards and has the ability to sense vibrations through solid substances, liquids or even the air-pressure changes. Furthermore, he can combine his Thermokinesis with his vision. By doing so, he is able to perceive the infrared spectrum, allowing him to see any and all kinds of heat. This ability is incredibly useful for observation purposes as he is able to see the heat signatures of any living targets. This can also help him determine whether to increase or decrease his temperature depending which is more prominent in his vicinity.

Flammable and Cryogenic blood

Fotiagos’ extensive use of his kinetic abilities has permanently given his blood strange properties. If he suffers an injury on the right side of his body, a majority of his blood will combust into flames which will eventually diminish. Even once it does, a heat wave could be seen around the wound and will only vanish once he decreases his temperature or the wound is healed. A wound on the left side of his body will result in blue blood that instantly freezes. Somewhat like his flammable blood, this will continue to leave a chilly mist once it melts that vanishes when his temperature is increased or it’s healed.


Fotiagos wields a pair of twin steel Dao swords that are typically seen sheathed in his scabbard. His weapons are moderately curved and single-edged with a few inches of the back edge sharpened as well; the moderate curve allows them to be reasonably effective in the thrust. The hilts are canted, curving in the opposite direction as the blade which improves handling in some forms of cuts and thrusts. The guards are black colored and disc-shaped with an additional cup-shape to prevent rainwater from getting into the scabbard and to prevent blood from dripping down to the handle, making it more difficult to grip.


The blade he wields in his right hand. The handle for this sword is dark red. Once Fotiagos unlocks his Pyrokinesis, this blade combusts into flames. He is able to stream fire from the tip as well as ignite the tip and have a trail of fire follow every slash.


The blade his wields in his left hand. The handle for this sword is dark blue. Once his Cryokinesis is unleashed, the sword freezes over, sporting small crystals protruding across the blade. By swinging this sword, he can form and release spears of ice. Also with this is a path of cyan crystals that trail the swing.


This is not an entirely new weapon, but a combination of Fotiagos’ two swords. With a quick clockwise twist on the handle of Ignis, a pair of prongs will appear from the bottom of the hilt. A counterclockwise twist on the handle of Glacies will uncover an equal set of prongs, only inwards. This allows Fotiagos to connect the two swords and lock them together with an opposing rotation he used to reveal the prongs, granting him access to a two-handed, staff-like weapon with both bladed edges facing outwards. To disconnect them, he must use an identical method of presenting the prongs followed by a swift pull. Through enough practice, he can induce these twists with a simple flick of his wrists and connect or disconnect the swords within seconds, even in the midst of swings.

Vehicle and firearm skills

Fotiagos has some experience in using cars and guns. Finding himself at a disadvantage against targets that used these tools, he has decided not to shy away from using them himself. Getting his driver's license and visiting various shooting ranges at age 19, he has learned to use these well. He has driven a wide array of vehicles and when it comes to firearms, he prefers pistols and doesn't stray from the dual wielding style much like he does his swords. Additionally, he's recently recognized the efficiency of a Sniper Rifle and has been working to increase his abilities in using it. He doesn't personally own anything of his own, choosing only to make a temporary purchase and discard it once he's finished with it.

Combat style

Fotiagos is an extremely aggressive and offensive combatant. His fighting features quick, successive attacks that take extreme power momentarily, much like an explosion. It optimizes a strong continuous offense, sacrificing defense for greater power, the principle behind a pre-emptive strike. It also suggests he has self-control, great diversity, and variation in strength due to external forces and strong emotions. Through time, he has learned to alter his temperature without even disrupting his focus on fighting. This can possibly lead up to a surprise attack. While decreasing his temperature, his movements still retain their aggressive nature, but are more graceful and controlled.

While dual wielding his swords, the same offensive principles are used. He uses many quick slashes and thrusts to punish a foe. He never allows the blades to stop in a fight once he gets them started. He swings one and while it recuperates, he sends out the second one and thus continues a cycle. Should an opponent stop this cycle, Fotiagos can act quickly and could possibly counter it. Ignis and Glacies are designated for the hands that wield them. If he were to lose a sword, he relies on wielding his remaining sword one-handed and will attempt to unlock the opposing power. This way, he has access to both a kinetic ability and a blade. Until his kinetic power is unlocked, his sword combat makes a noticeable decrease in effectiveness.

Using Adnecto has offensive style as well and the way Fotiagos wields it resembles that of a staff and will keep both hands firmly grasped on it at most times. Only through the quick transactions between twirls or running with it will he release a hand from it. He uses quick jabs or weak swings while stationary or utilizes various spins to build up momentum for deadly slashing attacks. While he has increased range with the weapon, the speed of his strikes is lessened greatly to prevent the possibility of damaging himself. If he draws out a kinetic ability, he will lead his attacks with that respective sword.


Ascended Power Form

Under extreme amounts of stress or anger, Fotiagos' Thermokinetic abilities lose control. As such his body temperature both increases and decreases to its fullest limits simultaneously. That being said, his red attributes bursts into flames while his blue portions freeze over at the same time. His Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis are available in conjunction with one another. The strength of his power does not change at all, but his options in battle are far more resourceful and he attacks a foe more viciously. After a fair amount of time, his body temperature will return to normal and his energy level will restore to normal. However, any physical damage will remain the same and his Thermokinesis is disabled until he has ample time to recover.

Super Form

If the mental stress in his Ascended Power Form continues, Fotiagos will undergo a more deadly transformation. The fire and ice enveloping his body double in size as their respective temperatures double. A brief flash of light shrouds him and he emerges with purple fur and markings plus a great increase in muscular density. A massive pair of wings forms from his upper back. Much like his swords, the right wing is composed of reddish-orange flames while cyan ice makes up the other. These wings bend and flex much like organic ones. They don't allow Fotiagos to fly far distances, but his speed can reach high levels. His abilities remain the same as before, only the power of his Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis are doubled. It is possible for him to either incinerate a foe to ashes or freeze with such low temperatures they can shatter with a single touch. Aside from his elemental upgrades, Fotiagos attacks with far much more speed and strength behind his attacks with both his hand-to-hand combat and his weapon styles. Only one new ability is granted in this form. Fotiagos can form spheres of icy blue flame in either palm. The speed and distance is greater than his other projectiles and he is able to manipulate its size and shape. They combust into a fiery explosion that burns foes upon contact. Out of this explosion is a cluster of ice shards that travel a short distance in all directions with great speed. These will bring high damage to a foe and will most likely freeze them. After a short time, Fotiagos' temperature and fur return to normal. Unlike his previous form, this drains him of all energy and it would take him days or perhaps even weeks to recover. Even after he regains the use of his Thermokinesis, he must ease into it or he risks breaching his limits quickly.


Fotiagos has impressive control over all his kinetic abilities and is able to use them for long amounts of time. He is well aware of the limits his body has and will do all he can to prevent himself from breaking them. He has an unbalanced mix of strength and agility, able to pull off deadly combos with blistering speed. He has a moderate amount of knowledge in the art of hand-to-hand combat as well as both styles of his weapons, which he can easily utilize in a battle. Despite his aggressive combat style, he possesses great stealth tactics and has a high amount of patience, enabling him to easily slip in and out of areas undetected. Being able to work well under pressure, he can leave no trace of his presence quickly and efficiently. He also has the ability to hide from followers and pursuers and avoid detection with ease. Furthermore, he tends to just know things, sometimes even things he shouldn't have knowledge of and claims it's from various informants he contacts. His balance and reflexes are extraordinary as well. Being a wolverine, his predatory instincts are impressive, giving him great hunting and tracking capabilities. He can discern numerous factors of a situation that make him adept in pursuit and capture. This includes what move an enemy will make, where they are headed (if he is in the foe’s proximity, or knows the foe fairly well), as well as how to effectively cause an opponent to play right into his hands in combat/pursuit. His aggressive fighting style is only unleashed once he is seen. Fotiagos has two natural weapons on his body. The spikes on his knuckles added with his physical strength can deal great damage to an adversary. A natural ability of his species is having a powerful jaw and can deal a lethal bite. The fangs he possesses can easily tear through flesh.


While he has great control over his elemental abilities, his stamina is poor and he can find himself worn out quickly if he's too reckless. His highly aggressive combat style assists with this. Until he unravels his fire or ice abilities, his fighting range only covers close to medium range. Fotiagos will always strike first in a fight without giving second thought. This can lead to him misjudging a foe where a multitude of things can go against his favor. His skills in stealth can be nullified by individuals with enhanced senses or any sort of technological devices programmed to discover hidden targets. He is more vulnerable to bright lights and loud noises as one normally would be. His Thermokinesis is highly unstable and even though he has learned to control it well, he will suffer greatly if his temperature makes a sudden shift. Depending if he's heated or cooled, he is more susceptible to hot or cold than usual. Even a change in temperature by a mere couple degrees farther than his control limits will result in him succumbing to either hypothermia or heatstroke. He may be able to deal great damage, but his ability to take damage is poor. The most durable section of his body is his jaw, and even a couple strikes to that area can incapacitate him. His dense fur aids in some protection against attacks, but Fotiagos can be taken down easily if he’s careless.


Avenged Sevenfold - Flash of the Blade lyrics video

Avenged Sevenfold - Flash of the Blade lyrics video

Fotiagos' theme song


  • Fotiagos was crafted around the scrapped concepts of the original Graviton. The attire, weapon styles and occupations were the items used for this.
  • His first name is the Greek word for Fire (fotiá) and Ice (págos) merged together. His last name is Latin for Control.
  • His weapons are derived from Latin words as well. Ignis is Latin for Fire; while Glacies is Latin for Ice and Adnecto is Latin for connect.
  • His personality is a combination of his two elements
  • The Marvel character, Wolverine, was the source of some inspiration for Fotiagos. Most notably his fist spikes and his fighting style.
  • A wolverine was chosen for his species because of their great predatory and scavenging, hence his two occupations.
  • In Fotiagos' fanfiction, "The Silent Voyager", it is revealed he had silver colored fur until his powers were unlocked.
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