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Only one can win!

Nominations for Featured Article status should be recorded below. Each new entry should be placed AT THE BOTTOM of the page, just before the template. Note that, should a draw occur, the nominator's support vote will not be counted. For a complete set of rules, see Forum:Featured Articles.

Note that ONLY FAN CHARACTERS AND RELATED MATERIAL may be nominated. Characters, games and locations already existing, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Heroes and Mobius, may not be nominated. Exceptions may be possible if existing in a parallel dimension or reality.

Remember to add this template to any article you nominate. AND remember you can nominate YOUR OWN ARTICLES as well, but only ONE.

  • New rule in effect. Users may nominate three of their own articles, and can vote for one of them as well. Only one, though.

NOTICE: Articles MUST meet Policy Standards to be accepted. If an article is nominated without meeting the standard quality, it will be removed. If a page is still under construction, it can only be accepted if it meets the policy standards of an unfinished article.

Questions and suggestions may be asked in the Head of Featured Article's office. The current Head is Smash The Echidna.

The new featured article will be revealed on the 30th of June.

Another Fresh Start

My apologies to everyone, but I'm going to have to start the Featured Article Nominations over once again. Unfortunately, It looks like I'm gonna have to deal with this whole thing myself. Waiting on people to do the interviews for me and put the articles up on the main page was clearly not worth it, as we've fallen months behind schedule. As we begin our monthly nominations from now on, I will prepare the interview in advance, so that the winner can have their interviews ASAP. Though I may throw in some last minute questions, depending on who/what won.

This also means that the person who was supposed to have won, Sergeant Death, will not be featured this month. Though he is welcome to be renominated and try again. (I still have some suspicions about the votes, anyway. But whatever.)

Once again, sorry for this. But I feel that it's necessary to start over at this point than to try and fix what we've got.

~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 00:48, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

Side note:

  • If you are going to support/object the character, please be sure to make a comment on why you support/object the character BEFORE posting it. Otherwise, adding your username on the supporters/ojectors list without first commenting will not count as a vote if you do not post up a comment on why you support/object this character. Thank you. "Rainbow Dash"--130862516352.gif--"Derp." 13:31, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

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Article Name

Nominator: My Name Here

Comments: This Article Is Cool, so I nominated it!

Supporters: Some Guy, Another guy, so on, and so forth

  • I like this! ~Some Guy
  • Nice. ~Another Guy
  • You get the idea. ~So on
  • and so forth

Objectors: Works like Supporters.

  • OBJECTION! This article is objectionable! ~Some objector.