Fortuna the Panther is a (obviously) a Mobian Panther and (not obviously) a member of The Forsaken.

Fortuna the Panther

Biographical Information
Age Mid-20s
  • Fortuna
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Mobian: Panther/Fallen
Gender Female
  • Hair: Black with varying colored highlights
  • Fur: Black
  • Eyes: Emerald
  • Top/shirt: varies, but is generally a dark color
  • Pants: varies, but is generally darker than her top
Political Alignment and Abilities

(See section of the same name)

Super Forms
  • Sanctuarian Fortuna

Physical Description

Fortuna is a Mobian Panther, and as such she is covered head to tail with jet black fur. Her hair is similarly black, but she tends to bleach and dye specific areas of it in order to allow for some variance.

Fortuna wears a strange form of shirt that she herself has designed featuring overly long sleeves and exposed shoulders. The long sleeves serve the purpose of concealing her hands to allow her to prepare spells and such without detection, but it is unknown why she has her shoulders exposed. Her pants are common and plain in comparison and tend to be a darker color than her top. It is also known that Fortuna wears a silver ring on the middle finger of each paw, and it can be assumed that they are laced with enchantments that argument her abilities.


Fortuna wears a mask of a personality in order to hide her real one, with the mask being highly scatterbrained and ditzy. While wearing this facade she acts the part of the innocent observer; loving sweet foods, stereotypically cute things and your average "girly" music.

Underneath the mask, however, things are different. In reality Fortuna is highly manipulative, cunning and observant; someone who enjoys messing with the minds of those around her. Many of the things that would have her alter-ego distracted and/or excited have no effect on her when she's acting like herself, making it hard to know what her true likes and dislikes are. It is known she is highly loyal to Charlene and The Forsaken, however, and she will immediately blow her cover to defend either.



Fortuna's biggest asset in both combat and day-to-day life is the one she refers to as "DoubleThink", the ability to act as if she were a total scatterbrained ditz constantly while she plots strategically and practically within the confines of her mind. The cover of a ditz makes her seem overly innocent and clueless on the surface, allowing her to bypass the suspicions of everyone around her until she's ready to place her plans into action. This, coupled with a great mind for weaving realistic stories and noticing details, makes it incredibly hard to catch her off guard while allowing her do so to just about everyone around her.

Runic Spells

Fortuna is also a user of the Sanctuarian Runes, and is quite proficient in barely uttering thier names while still pronouncing them properly. This coupled with the nature of her garb, prevents an opponent from receving real sort of warning before she thows a spell in thier face.


Speaking of spells, it just so happens that Fortuna isn't just restricted to casting the runic ones, she also knows plenty of other types of enchantments, most of which she applies to weapons she keeps in a personal pocketspace. Be weary of any blade, bludgeon, or ball she swings your way, odds are there's a magical aspect to it that'll make 'em hurt more than normal. The most notible of these are her Mageblades, silver throwing knives enchanted to phase straight through metals and alloys which allows them to dig into whatever the barriers are protecting, Like people.


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  • Charlene - Fortuna's mentor and role-model of sorts, Charlene is probably the only person Fortuna truly trusts.
  • Cheryn the Serval - A loose acquaintance of Fortuna's with whom she doesn't interact with often. Despite this Cheryn is fully aware of Fortuna's DoubleThink.



Romantic Interests

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This is Fortuna's second rendition, the first being having lacked greatly in depth.

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