Fortress Angel is the seventh stage in the game Sonic Advance X.



Fortress Angel

Takes place on Dr. Eggman and Snively's space station in outer space. The heroes, using the space elevator, have reached their base where the evil duo experiment on Chao. The stage bares a strong resemblance to Cosmic Angel Zone from the previous Sonic Advance installment, as colourful lights surround the base as well as there is no gravity.

Egg Projectionist

The seventh boss in the game. Unlike the other bosses, this boss does not have a cockpit and its not driven by anyone. However, the machine creates a hologram of Snively which the player has to strike. This boss, is a mechanic orb-thing with sharp legs like those of a spider. It shoots laisers, light and bombs from its core and multiple cannons. Other attacks include the summoning of badniks and missiles.


  • The blue light emerging from the core of the station seems to be the energy of the Chao.

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