" escape...find him Fox...thank you..."
—Forrest's last words, Revenge of Enerjak

Forrest the Wolf, also called Officer Forrest Wolf is an anthropomorphic gray wolf who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is one of Shane the Wolf's sons, the other being Coal, as well as a former police officer of the New Ninjago City Police Department(NCPD) under Chief Adam Lyons(an African lion) alongside his brother up until his death in Revenge of Enerjak.


Forrest is an anthropomorphic gray wolf with handsome, thick grayish-white fur and amber eyes. He wore a blue police uniform, complete with a walkie.


Forrest was a dutiful person. As a pup, he was very friendly and happy-go-lucky, but-while it was never mentioned-he had to mature greatly when Sandra was killed and Forrest and Coal were separated from Shane.


Forrest and his brother Coal were born in the forest outside the then unnamed Hedgehog Village during Shane's quest for vengeance against Fox for Orville the Wolf's arrest in Shane's Promise. A short while after Fox moved his family away to the then unnamed Storming Base, Shane focused his efforts on his family, but Eggman's robots suddenly attacked them. This attack resulted in Sandra's death and Shane's pups being lost. Several years after, Forrest and Coal were revealed in Revenge of Enerjak to have become police officers in New Ninjago City, working for the New Ninjago City Police Department(referred to as the NCPD), and are good friends with a beaver named Woody Chipper and a silver fox named Rocky McCloud, who are also in their department. Forrest is assigned to investigate the disappearance of Cori the Charmeleon, and gets information from a panther that Cori was dragged into Swift Alley Avenue(named after Ninjago's last feral cat Clan, SwiftClan). Forrest investigates the alley, but is attacked by Dark Enerjak, who claims that he's "interfering" with his plans. Realizing that it would take too long to climb the wall behind him, Forrest dives forward in a desperate attempt to escape, but is blown back. He manages to get a plea for help over the radio before he is blasted again, and falls unconscious. A few weeks later, he tells manages to tell Fox what happened before he dies. His memorial is held soon afterward. After the first Storming Revolt, when Splash is brooding on the deaths suffered because of Finitevus' ambition, Forrest is mentioned after Shane's memorial, stating that the younger wolf had died to Finitevus in a roundabout way. He is also mentioned in Splash's thoughts when he mentions the lives lost because of Finitevus and his obsession.


Since Forrest had so few appearances and was rather minor, his weaknesses are unknown. This is furthered by the fact that he is dead.

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