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Forest Freeway is an action stage within the Doriteverse, accessible to Razor the Raptor. It does not actually exist in a playable state (yet), but this page describes what it would be like. It is located in central Northamer, in what would be northeastern Kansas in the real world.

It is based on a real-world freeway, which is one of the first that someone who arrived via the Kansas City Airport will drive on. This freeway is well-known among people who live in Kansas for absolutely destroying any given non-Kansan's prior assumption of what the state is like due to the vast forests and hills which the freeway cuts through.

Level Description

Forest Freeway as a level does not actually exist, but if it were to be made, it would play like this.

Forest Freeway begins with the player, as Razor the Raptor, running a loop onto the freeway's central running lane. From there, there are two main routes through the first part of the level--the ground route and the sky route. The ground route has hazards such as cars and ground-based enemies, while the sky route, which is significantly faster, is littered with flying enemies that must be dodged or destroyed--or else the player may have to fall back down to the ground route.

At the first checkpoint, the player must land if they are not already on the ground as the road goes through a tunnel under a wildlife overpass. The running lane is closed here, so the player must navigate through a 2D platforming section above the car lanes. Here, the player glides and climbs between various platforms, obstructions, and outcrops in the tunnel walls--no doubt the reason the running lane is closed--and fights enemies on platforms until they can find a switch to turn on a large fan and open a gate above it, allowing them to safely exit the tunnel. If they try to leave via the car lanes instead or they fall off the platforms, the player will be hit by a car and lose a life. A gateway to the special zone can be found in this section.

Using the fan to exit the tunnel, the player enters another gliding segment. Dodging flying enemies, the player can get an extra life by gliding through 5 rings in order; otherwise, this section is pretty straightforward. The player eventually comes across a roundabout after a checkpoint, which the player continues to loop around until a switch is pressed that opens up three paths.

The first path is a closed road running section with no easy way to get into the air. The player must defeat enemies to progress.

The second path is a 3D gliding puzzle between trees and rock faces.The road cuts straight through a hill, creating cliffs on either side, and the player will be struck by a car if they fall. The player must find three hidden switches guarded by flying enemies to progress.

The third path, which is the fastest, requires the player to land and takes them through a loop off the freeway and into a small town.There are several ground enemies, but they can easily be avoided by jumping over them.

All three paths soon converge on a particular section of the aforementioned town, taking the player on a short run with no enemies towards a goal ring in front of a theater.


Forest Freeway is surrounded by deciduous trees, being located in a forest and all. Mobini birds such as robins, ravens, and sparrows can be seen fluttering about if the player stops to look. Mobini deer can also be seen dashing across the road occasionally as well as using the wildlife overpass. Ground not blocked by the shadows of trees is covered in tall green grass.

Notable Areas

The Northamer Plains History Museum is located not too far from Forest Freeway and can be seen from the air in the first section, where the boundary between the forest and the plains is also visible.


Forest Freeway has several landmarks along it, including:

  • "Buffalo Warfare": A sculpture of several Mobian bison in armor wielding spears and galloping over a hill, with one in front holding a flag
  • "Creepy Cat Tower": A water tower with a creepy-looking cat painted on it
  • "Tail Wag River": A river that turns left and right continuously as though it was carved by the wagging tail of an enormous dog
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