Focus Punch is an extremely powerful but risky punching attack.


The user focuses intensely, focusing immense power directly into their fist, during which the user is left completely vulnerable. However, once the user has focused enough energy into their fist, the user gets within range and throws their punch. If it makes impact, the result is a devasting punch filled with raw power, capable of sending an opponent flying several hundred meters, or practically blowing apart their body.

A direct hit from this attack is almost guaranteed to leave the opponent severely injured, with multiple bones broken and serious internal injuries. If used to send an opponent upwards, it can send an average Mobian several stories into the sky, while throwing the attack towards the ground is capable of flattening a mountain-top. However, this attack's greatest flaw is during the period of concentration. The user is left unable to defend themselves from attacks. If the user is hit, they lose their focus, and all the garnered energy is lost. This makes the attack extremely dangerous, and is best used with prior planning to cover the fatal flaw of this attack.


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