Focus Blast is a powerful element-less attack.


There are a couple of variants of this technique. The more commonly used variant involves the user bringing both hands/claws together and forming a ball of energy, before firing it at the opponent, either by thrusting their arms forward or throwing it in a two-handed soccer-style throw. A more complex variant involves the user raising one arm to shoulder level and forming the ball of energy in one hand, before hurling it in a shot-put style at the target. Each of these versions of the technique are designed to cause extreme damage to whatever it strikes. The least common variant of the technique is to use the initial version of the technique, but creating and launching a series of weaker blasts in rapid fire, which is useful to decimate a large crowd. The color of the energy balls is influenced by the user's "color signature", or the color of the energy that naturally forms around the user. The technique can have elements added to it, similar to Aura Sphere, but possesses greater power in a trade-off for accuracy, with Aura Sphere being much faster, but unable to damage tougher targets, whereas Focus Blast is a lot slower to fire at full power and is equally slow in covering distance, making it more likely to be dodged or defended against.


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Technique Rank

The technique, due to it's sheer power, bears an A-rank.

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