Cquote1 I'll bring you happiness, whether I like you or not! Cquote2
Flower the fox
Flower fox
A year older than Tails
Janet, Jake and Violet
Romantic Interest(s)
Miles "Tails" Prower
Miran Fox
Miran fox with dark brown hair, greenish blue eyes, peach colored fur
Blue amulet, dark blue dress with cut sleeves, black karate belt, light blue socks and dark blue boots with white toes
Team Miran

Team Goldheart

Team Rose (when Cream was sick)

Punch Kick Dash Drop Kick Jump Kick Spin Dash Dodge Ki Blast Tail Whip

Tail choke hold


Flower is a Miran fox with peach colored fur. Her muzzle, inner ears, and the tip of her tail are all white. She has oval shaped greenish-blue eyes, and her nose is black. Her dark bown hair reaches her hips, and she has bangs that cover the sides of her face.


Flower is a friendly, kind natured type of girl. She normally keeps quiet and to herself, not daring to interact with strangers. She may seem a little strange when first meeting her, but after a while she'll become one of your best friends.

Because of her strong love of plants, she may catch herself constantly babbling about them, which is easily irratating to her friends. It's no different with geography. The only person who actually sticks around and can take her babbling is Tails, one of her closest friends. Both of them share a love for mechanics, helping them bond better.

Don't be fooled by her playing dumb, she's a really bright gal! In fact, she knows a lot more than the average fifteen year old. Actually, this isn't always an advantage. When meeting new people, she may develop suspicion, due to her over-thinking. This may cause many people to find her odd. This also isn't always a bad thing. She can also find enemies this way.

Her over-thinking is caused by her many enemy encounters, so really, she knows every trick they have up their sleeves. Sometimes, her over-thinking causes her to lose friends, and leaves her with no choice but to try and regain them back.

Many people find her very boring, or uninteresting at first sighting, which is why she tries her best at improving her magic skill to impress them. Once they've gotten a glimpse of her magic, they constantly ask how she knows how to use magic, which sometimes causes trouble. She unintentionally brags, causing her to blurt out the secret to her magic. Her amulet, she kept after her parents died, is the reason she can use her magic without it glitching. This causes rumors to spread, and for Eggman to find out. Her amulet contains almost as much power as all seven chaos emeralds, which is 'close enough' in Eggman's eyes. At times, she has to hide her amulet just so Eggman doesn't get a hold of it.

She never thought of a guy having a crush on her, or guys in general. That was, until Tails came along. Everytime she came near him, her heart fluttered, and she couldn't help but make a fool of herself. No matter how hard she tried to not make it obvious she liked him, she always seemed to show a bit of her emotions...One of her biggest fears is for him to find out that she likes him. Please don't tell him!


Early Life

Flower wasn't born on earth. She was actually born on planet Miran, in Mira City. She isn't your average fox. She is part Miran, part fox, or an 'alien'. She was one of the most well known residents in her home town, considering she was the daughter of the King and Queen. She was sent to earth when her parents were held hostage by Robotnik's crew, and eventually murdered. Robotnik destroyed her planet, leaving only an amulet, which Flower kept as a reminder of the tragic story.



  • Violet the fox (sister)
  • Janet the fox (older sister)
  • Jake The Fox (Long lost brother)
  • Lela The Fox (Future Daughter)
  • Sparkle The Fox (Future Daughter)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower (Future Husband)


  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Amy Rose
  • Knuckles The Echidna
  • Rouge The Bat (sometimes)
  • Cream the rabbit
  • Charmy Bee
  • Espio the chameleon
  • Cosmo The seedrian
  • Shadow the hedgehog
  • Cheese the chao
  • Sticks the badger


  • Rena the fox
  • Kayla The fox


  • Jet the hawk
  • Wave the swallow
  • Sonic.exe (her worst nightmare)
  • Sugar the hedgehog

Sonic The hedgehog

Her closest friend. He protects her and gives her lots of advice, including love advice. He's like an older brother.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Her love interest, including one of her best friends. He marries her at the age of eighteen and has two children.

Amy Rose

Her 'wingman', or in this case, 'wingwoman.' She's Flower's one way ticket to Tails' heart, or atleast, that is what she attempts to do..She often embarrasses Flower by trying to set her up with Tails.

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles never trusted Flower, even from the beginning. Although he is often rude to her, she still has a friendly place in her heart for him.

Rouge the bat

Rouge and Flower aren't really that close. Rouge refers to her as 'the most nerdiest girl I've met'.

Cream The Rabbit

Flower and Cream have been best friends since they met, even if Cream's habit of picking flowers annoy her.

Charmy Bee

Charmy isn't that close to Flower. He likes to annoy her but other than that, they don't even speak.

Espio the chameleon

She refers to him as 'too serious' and tries to cheer him up. Her attempts fail many times, but sometimes she actually gets to see his fun side.

Cosmo the seedrian

Flower brought her back to life with her magic, and they became good friends. Tails didn't have any further feelings for Cosmo, except for friendship.

Shadow the hedgehog

Same with Espio, except, sometimes she actually gets her feelings hurt while attempting to cheer him up.

Cheese the chao

She rescued her from a robot, and returned her to Cream, which is how her love for chao started.

Sticks the badger

They met in the jungle, greeted each other, and became good friends.


  • Flower's classic design was an amber colored twin tailed fox with Tails' fringe, except thick, and a white dress with red sneakers, but was changed in 2012, due to complaints of her looking like his sister.
  • Flower's first appearance was in 'Tails x Flower-The Way' in summer 2012.​
  • Flower is the only fox with wings.


"I'm Flower, what a pleasure to meet you!"
—Flower's intro
"Oh no..we've gotta do better than that..."
—After getting rank E
"Not the grade I was expecting..."
—Flower after getting rank D
"Is there by any chance we can turn this 'C' upside down, and draw a line.."
—Flower after getting rank C
"B for brilliant!"
—Flower after getting rank B
—Flower after getting rank A
"S for significant! Piece of cake!"
—Flower after getting rank S
"TAILS! I need your genius! Wait..that didn't come out right..."
—When Flower is confused during a mission.

Theme Song

These wings are made to fly

Little Mix-Wings music video

Little Mix's 'Wings'-Flower's Theme song.

Classic Design

This is Flower's original design, except this is the second look. 
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Her second look

Relationship with Tails

Flower and Tails share strong emotions for each other, but are far afraid to admit it. They keep their feelings from each other, until their eventual first kiss, which is when they both turn fifteen. In the future, when Tails is 18, they will get married, followed by two children when they are twenty-one. 
Tails punishing Flower...

Tails tickling Flower

Sparkles the fox

Tails and Flower's future daughter, Sparkles.

Th Taiower- Our moment zps9058b627


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