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Florina the Muntjac
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Florina the Muntjac is a member of the Northamer Egg Army, and serves under Northamer Sub-Boss Alistair the Porcupine of the Crimson Citadel Egg Base. She typically oversees operations within the Red Valley Mineshaft.

Physical Description

A somewhat curvy muntjac who stands a fair bit over three feet tall, Florina has a somewhat short muzzle with a round nose, somewhat small, diamond-shaped ears, and a fairly short scut of a tail. She has medium-sized, Cybernetic antlers that curve at the ends, as well as small, curved tusks that always stick out of her mouth.

Her fur is primarily rose quartz in color, with a linen muzzle, inner ears, chest, stomach, and underside of tail, as well as vertical twilight lavender stripes reaching from the base of her antlers, partially form above her eyes, and then reach the bridge of her snout to conjoin there; her shoulders and upper back are also twilight lavender in color, as are her fingers. She has no hair on her head, instead having a tuft of longer fur, and her eyes are light French beige in color. Her Cyberized antlers are silver in color, with black highlights.

Florina's outfit consists of a long sleeve top with white cuffs, white stripes down the arms, and a zipper down the front, as well as white gloves, black pants, and boots.



Base Stats
Stamina Great
Strength Great
Energy N/A
Durability Average
Resistance Average
Speed Great
Reflexes Good
Magic N/A
Kinesis N/A
Intellect Superior
Other Stats
Eyesight Great
Hearing Great
Olfactory Great

Florina is surprisingly strong despite her appearance, thanks in part to the Cybernetic enhancements to her upper body; she can lift roughly 1000 lbs. over her head, and throw strong punches that can break through stone and even dent steel. She also has powerful legs that can dole out punishing kicks capable of shattering through steel. Her Cyberized antlers make for good weapons, and her headbutts are strong enough to bowl over lightweight opponents if she charges them. The small tusks sticking from her mouth, a muntjac trademark, are mostly just for show, but can be used fairly effectively with a bite.

She carries a Chromatic Pulse Rifle as her only weapon, but she only really uses it when fighting up close would not be preferable. It houses a conduit of refined Ictusite, causing the 'bullets' fired from it to deal Elemental electric damage and have a decent chance of causing localized paralysis in struck targets; the 'bullets' can also short-circuit machinery if they hit in the right place.

She is also quite intelligent, and is good at thinking fast on her feet.


Florina has no specific resistances to any Elements or energy-types. She is quite fast, and can easily outpace slower foes and evade their attacks. Her Ictusite-Core CPR gives her an edge over opponents weak to the Element of Electricity.


Florina has no specific weaknesses to any Elements or energy-types. Her defenses aren't anything special, therefore she mostly relies on her agility to try and evade potentially devastating attacks. Her Ictusite-Core CPR isn't as effective against opponents who resist the Element of Electricity.

Friends and Foes







A hardworking woman prone to severe perfectionism, Florina seems to be at her most content when things are running smoothly, especially when she knows she's the one responsible for it. Of course, her stoic, business-like demeanor quickly crumbles as soon as the well-oiled machine she takes great care in maintaining starts to fall apart, turning her into a frantic and impulsive mess as she struggles to repair the damages.

This tends to leave Florina constantly high-strung, even if she may not seem that way on the outside, and she typically spends long nights working on whatever it is the Eggman Empire needs done, not feeling comfortable if she leaves any task unfinished. Her fellow soldiers often wonder if she's even capable of relaxing.

Despite being the forewoman of the Red Valley Mineshaft, Florina has no problem getting in there with her workers, as she believes the best way to be a leader is to experience what her employees do whenever possible, instead of just overseeing operations from afar. Of course, someone has to manage all the smaller tasks that come with operating a mineshaft, as well, which is also what she does.

Positive Traits

  • Hard working
  • Even-tempered

Neutral Traits

  • Perfectionist
  • Stern

Negative Traits

  • Stubborn



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