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This is a page about Flint the Hedgehog, a character created by Flashfire212. This character has been adopted by and is currently owned by Wikikinetic

The leader of Anthracite Town, an awkward settlement on an island in a strange dimensional void, Flint has seen this place through when it used to be a normal village and was nearly on the brink of war with its neighbor to its current, more modern, and more unusual state. Now, he's having to deal with societal unrest, dimensional anomalies, and even more bizarre things, placing him over his head in difficulties. Needless to say, he's not pleased about it.


Extremely slim to the point of sometimes being thought of as anorexic or skeletal; hardly helped by his slouching stance and poor posture, Flint has thick purple fur that helps to disguise his slim frame to some degree. His olive eyes often seem dull and sluggish, as if exhausted simply by the efforts of ruling.

Despite his appearance of chronic exhaustion and unhealthy physical shape, Flint makes his way around every day in his regal attire, posturing a little with his motions or while perched atop his throne. Typically, this is a white shirt and navy pants with dress shoes, accompanied by a platinum crown inset with a number of small gemstones, a royal blue cape hemmed in golden thread and held to his form by golden bindings, and a pair of white gloves marked with faint blue markings.


Flint's continuous leader position in a situation that he barely knows how to deal with, but where everyone seems to be counting on him, has shaped him into a somewhat irritable person who tries hard to do his job, but will often snap at others when they try to correct him. Not one to admit that he's making mistakes, since—as he sees it—he clearly can't make mistakes or else everything would fall apart, Flint will often act presumptuous and arrogant when really he's just trying to make everything hold together. Those who understand him may realize that a lot of this is just a façade for an otherwise stressed man pushed almost to the breaking point, but those who truly realize what's going on in his mind are either rare or nonexistent.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Flint, partly because of his poor health as a child, was never trained as a warrior. Instead, his taste in books and his family's own genetic skill in creating telepathic constructs filled his youth, and even now as leader his bookish habits remain. A fairly competent scholar, though not noteworthy for his intelligence, Flint instead is capable of creating complex illusions and mirages for others to see through a somewhat obscure telepathic trick. These illusions are well known and celebrated by those who meet him and see these, although foreigners are often stunned or fall for these psychic tricks.

Flint's lack of training as a warrior, however, is a major downside for him if he is threatened. While his mirages are highly effective at intimidating people who are not familiar with how detailed these illusions can be, those that know are rarely distracted from him. As a backup, Flint is also well-versed in telepathic combat; however, his primary form of self-defense is to wait for his bodyguards and retainers to come to his aid.


As a child, Flint was always prepped for leadership, as it was known that he was likely to inherit the throne and would never be a good warrior. As such, he wasn't at all surprised to inherit leadership roles at the age of 22; however, he was surprised when the method of inheritance was because his parents had become mind-controlled by a world-destroying monster (namely, Rinnahssiah). He barely had any time to try to counteract Rinnahssiah's measures before the people, dissatisfied with the lack of rule caused by him trying to understand what was even going on, got help from the nearby Platinum City, causing a chain of events that lead Flint's village to be thrown into a new dimension with Platinum City (now called Copper City). At around this time, Flint managed to get a hold of current events, take charge of his village, expand it into the new Anthracite Town, and get things working reasonably smoothly. However, problems kept arising, no matter what he did, and even when he managed to intervene and stop things, he wasn't able to stop various tragedies from befalling (such as a mini-war occurring in Anthracite Town that left a number of his citizens dead and one severely wounded). This inability to stop problems from arising would result in Flint becoming the rather irritable fellow who he his today.


This character's sixstat code is 041351

  • Health: 0 – Flint is very bad at taking damage. One solid hit and he'll probably be knocked out.
  • Damage: 4 – Flint can do above-average damage with his telepathic combat skills.
  • Speed: 1 – Flint can't move around quickly, only being able to move into a brisk walk if pressed.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Flint's reflexes are about average, which is surprising given his otherwise sluggish combat skills. These higher-than-expected reflexes are largely due to his telepathy factor.
  • Intelligence: 5 – Flint is highly intelligent and can quickly formulate plans for any scenario.
  • Regen: 1 – Flint's regeneration from damage is a bit better than his resistance to damage, but is still fairly low.

Fun Facts

  • Flint is the first character who I have posted to this wiki who has a major leadership role.