Fleet of the Black Abyss

A massive and powerful fleet currently led by the warlord Callisto Montiglaire, the Fleet of the Black Abyss prowls the seas of Mobius. Their very name strikes fear into the hearts of many land-dwellers, and they are considered top criminals by G.U.N.

Their primary goal is to conquer the land using the power of the sea, and bring about a new age, one ruled by aquatic Mobians. To do this, they seek the Oceanic Orb.


The Fleet has always been ruled by the Montiglaire clan, having been formed roughly 150 years ago. Having slowly grown in size and power from the very beginning, the Fleet's goals were considerably smaller back then; to bring power to aquatic Mobians. The Montiglaire clan believed that aquatic Mobians were superior to their land-dwelling cousins.



To the Fleet, land-dwellers are an inferior group, as, according to the Montiglaire clan, all life came from the sea, and therefore the water-dwelling species should rule Mobius. However, they act very much like a family unit, and the non-combative residents of the Sawtooth Isles are considered kin, even if they do not actively participate in the Fleet's activities.


  • Mutiny is to be punished with death.
  • Anyone who slays their allies out of spite or anger is to be punished with death.
  • Everyone is required to help out on the ships in some way, and this includes the captains.
  • Supplies that help severely sick or injured residents of the Sawtooth Isles are to be prioritized.
  • For security reasons, civilian residents of the Sawtooth Isles are not allowed in the Vaults.
  • Ships/vehicles from the Eggman Empire are to be destroyed on sight.

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