The Fleeing Evil Saga is a sort of sub-arc of The Legend of Fox the Brave. It focuses on Austin Smith and his struggles against the villainous Finitevus, ultimately leading to his self-imposed exile.


The Fleeing Evil Saga is a subseries of stories that focus on the struggle between Austin Smith and his enemy Finitevus.

Hunt for a Storm Fighter: It starts when Finitevus finds Austin in Lamarkie Forest, ultimately scaring Austin into fleeing to Angel Island with Knuckles only to fall into a trap set up by Finitevus himself, who had been expecting him to do so. Austin is captured, but escapes. However, he dislocates his left leg(which Julie-Su has Mighty put back with his super strength). At the end, he is captured yet again by Finitevus.

Austin's Terror: After being captured, Austin is mentioned to have tried and failed several times to get a call through to his Teammates and alert them of his situation, but stops when he sees Finitevus enter where the brown and black warrior is being held. When Austin shifts his weight to take it off his injured leg, Finitevus notices the young dog's wrist-com and takes it, saying that he can't have Austin contacting his friends. He then forces Austin to reveal when the Base is the emptiest. After the younger warrior complies, it is revealed that Finitevus was helping Dark Enerjak(brought back in the Prologue of Secrets of the Dark World: Part 3). After that, the Storming Base is later destroyed, and Austin is driven off by a furious Fox. Austin then decides to travel to Angel Island, later accompanied by Rokky the Krokorok from Rogue Squad.

Austin's Return: After having a nightmare(the Prologue), Austin decides to go for a walk, but is captured yet again after having an argument with Finitevus, who insults the warrior's beliefs in the Spirits in the Stars. Rokky witnesses this and flees to tell Knuckles, who is enraged, and attempts to free Austin with Rokky, when they are joined by Lucky Lucario, who warns them that the Storming Base is under attack again. Austin is freed, and he returns to the Base, pulling Fire Fox from the wreckage of the main building before his leader tells him to find Finitevus, which Austin does, tackling him and pinning his villainous enemy to the ground. Austin is momentarily distracted by Lucky, allowing Finitevus to throw the younger dog into a tree and escape.

The Lost Fox: Austin accompanies a patrol to Angel Island to stop Finitevus again, but once again becomes the main target when the villain manages to control Feral Fox, leading to the death of Officer Coal the Wolf. In the end, Austin is struck in the stomach when he takes a blow for Splash the Greninja and is knocked unconscious, letting Splash achieve his Master Splash form for the first time as well as freeing Fox from Finitevus' control.

Raging Storm: Austin is relatively minor in this story. After Finitevus lays claim to the Storming Base, Austin helps Longmire the Cat, Fox's son Braveheart, Splash, and Nomis the Noivern get Dallas and Dakota to safety; but when he returns, Scourge taunts the warrior, even going so far as to kick the black and brown warrior's bad leg, making him fall. Shane distracts Scourge so Austin can be taken away for medical attention. After the first, failed, Storming Revolt, and Shane's memorial, Austin despondently tells Splash that he and Longmire are going to hide where Dallas and Dakota are, mostly for his own safety as well as that of his boys. Following the second, successful Storming Revolt, Austin returns with his sons, Longmire, and Nomis.

Dallas and Dakota: Brothers in Trouble: While still in hiding, Dallas spots Finitevus. The pup is painfully aware that his white pelt would stick out as easily as Finitevus' in the forest. The youngster is later returned to the Storming Base, and he encounters Finitevus in the Lamarkie Forest. The villainous Echidna states that he wants to speak with Austin, also confirming Dallas' doubts, since the white-furred apprentice knows his father hates Finitevus. Dallas flees and warns his father, who he sees alongside Cori the Charmeleon. Because of his sneaking off, Dallas is punished by being made to help clean out the Base while Austin goes to see what Finitevus wants. After the meeting, as Austin prepares to leave, Finitevus warns him that if the black and brown warrior won't listen to him, he has ways of making him listen. Two weeks later, Finitevus invades Austin's room and kidnaps Dallas, reminding the pup's father about his ways of making the warrior listen. Austin later furiously rants to an imprisoned Scourge, convinced that he was in on Finitevus' plan. He is dragged away, while in another part of the World, Splash rescues Dallas from Finitevus, returning him to a patrol before turning to fight Finitevus once more.

Austin's Battle: Storm witnesses Finitevus, with his new "right hand-Lycanroc" Lycus(an antagonistic and vindictive Midnight Lycanroc with a serious vendetta against Austin for no reason other than he's a dog and Lycus is a wolf) trick Knuckles(Sonic Boom) into betraying the Storming Alliance, shocking Austin and enraging Fox the Brave. That night, Austin has a nightmare, but it is interrupted when Sky the Falcon reveals that there is a fire caused by someone from Lycus' gang. Austin accompanies the patrol and saves one of the inhabitants. In the process, he sees Sleek. Austin shoves the cat he saved toward the nearby exit, and tackles Sleek, demanding to know why she burned the forest. In a high-pitched voice, she says, "Doctor's orders!". Austin is immediately distracted with looking for Finitevus, in which she kicks him in the stomach and escapes. Spotting Finitevus, Austin howls with rage that he'll make him pay before collapsing from exhaustion and smoke inhalation. In the next chapter, Finitevus watches as Rynok the Rhydon carefully takes Austin away. Finitevus notices E.J.(his face and top middle quill blackened from the soot he Spin Dashed through), and decides to tell Austin-once he wakes up-about the warning E.J. and Locke were given about Austin prior to his arrival. After Austin recovers enough to walk, he heads to the river in Lamarkie Forest, and encounters Finitevus, who tells him of the warning he overheard, badly shaking his faith in the Spirits in the Stars(since Locke now technically is one), and in E.J.'s credibility. Austin confirms this with E.J., and for the next few weeks, remains in his room. While stretching, Sky the Falcon warns of trouble in Lamarkie Village, and a storm breaks when an Alliance patrol gets there. At first, Lycus is the only one visible, and the Lycanroc relays Finitevus' demands, but Fox calmly rebuffs this. Finitevus then replies that he will gladly tear through the Storming Alliance to get what he needs from Austin, and a fight breaks out. Austin slinks off to find Finitevus, and encounters him atop the only two-story building in the Village. Austin tries to use his greater weight to force Finitevus to the ground, but his enemy is smart and twists the warrior off-kilter so he falls on his side. He once again tries to win Austin over, but the warrior refuses due to his stubborn loyalty to his Team, realizing that he's being forced to the edge of the roof. He then loses his footing when his hind paw slips and he falls off. In the Epilogue, Finitevus muses over his previous failed attempts to get Austin, silently stating that one way or another, he'll get Austin to give up his knowledge.

Austin's Flight(story): In the Prologue, Austin confronts Locke in a dream about the warning he got from Master Y of the Mega Force, but after the Guardian's explanation, Austin walks away, hurt. He runs into Shane the Wolf, who warns him that "A storm is coming. Until it clears, you can never set foot in these Worlds again!" Austin is frightened, and wakes up. An unknown amount of time has passed since Austin's battle with Dr. Finitevus in Lamarkie Village, and he mopes in his room. After a short nap in his room, Austin hurries out when he hears a dreadful snarl. It turns out that Brutus the Golisopod has turned on his old gang and ratted them out to the Storming Alliance. This convinces Silver to lead a patrol to find and stop Finitevus. He decides to take Diggs the Excadrill, when Fox suddenly blurts out that Austin will be going too(a poor choice on his part). Silver then says that he will take Storm as well, deciding that when facing the villain that scares him the most, Austin will need the comfort of a friend. The patrol sets out, and along the way, Austin dives into a bush, coming out with foliage stuck to his head and shoulders, with some just above his nose on his muzzle. He then impersonates Finitevus, which sends Diggs and Storm into a fit of laughter. After a while, the patrol is ambushed. Silver and Diggs are swept away by the river they are forced close to, while Austin and Storm are knocked out and captured by Finitevus and his goons. After they come to, Storm is held down by Silvally, and Finitevus threatens to have Storm killed if Storm doesn't comply. Austin tries to free his friend, but Finitevus grabs him, yanking the dog's head back so sharply his back spasms with pain, leading to him falling to the ground in a fit. Storm tries to free himself, but his muzzle is slashed by Silvally. After recovering, Austin demands Finitevus let him and Storm go, but the villainous Echidna tells him that he needed a way for the brown-and-black warrior to give him what he wanted. When Austin asked what would happen if he refused, and Finitevus tells him that Storm would lose his life. This forces Austin to surrender, and he sinks into a submissive posture. An unknown time later, Storm riles Austin up, and the dog turns and attacks Lycus, but is thrown off easily because Austin had lost a shocking amount of weight during his imprisonment. Finitevus, who'd gone ahead, walks in on the fight, demanding to know what was happening. Austin courageously says that he refuses to be bullied any longer. Finitevus then tells the warrior to follow him, and Storm also follows the two of them, wanting to know what was going to happen. Austin lunges for Finitevus while the evil Echidna has his back turned, but Finitevus-expecting this-spins around and knocks the warrior out of the air. Finitevus tries again to win over Austin, promising him anything he wanted after "saving" the Worlds from "corruption". After overcoming an almost violent shaking fit, Austin confidently states that what he wants to live in peace as a warrior. He reminds Finitevus of the threats he made to him before, but Finitevus' response is inaudible(since the whole ordeal is heard from Storm's POV). Austin drops into a crouch and lunges for Finitevus. He misses, but lashes out with his hind legs. Finitevus grabs the warrior's left leg and twists it so that Austin's hip and back begin to hurt badly, and he collapses. As Austin tries to get up, Storm launches himself out of hiding. He slams into his friend, telling him to get moving. He fires a Water Gun at Finitevus, distracting him so that they can escape. in the Epilogue, a recap is given as to what happened to Silver and Diggs following the ambush. Silver and Diggs found Austin's shirt, which was ripped in several places from Lycus' claws, and his wrist-com, which was broken in half, and attempted to ambush Finitevus and his goons to rescue Austin and Storm, who were already long gone. Their mission failed, they returned to break the news to the warriors' devastated families. While Whirlpool did more work, his mate and daughter, and Austin's brother, mate, and sons were taken off their duties so that they could grieve. Michael also made a habit out of wandering through Lamarkie Forest and howling his grief to the stars. Whirlpool silently swears to himself that he'll make Finitevus pay for what he did.

Austin's Exile: The Prologue details what happened to Silver and Diggs after they, Austin, and Storm are ambushed. In the main story, Austin and Storm sheltering in a cave on a hill inhabited only by an old Midday Lycanroc named Blast, and inevitably flee when Finitevus arrives to question Blast about Austin's whereabouts. At a strange place called the Altar of the Sunne, Austin meets a rogue Albino Lycanroc named Ice Fang, who tells Austin why he left his Pack. The meeting is interrupted when Storm calls up, having been ambushed and taken prisoner by Finitevus and Silvally. Finitevus calmly states that Austin knows his demands, but the brown-and-black warrior snarls that he's stated his answer multiple times. Finitevus bluntly reminds him of his threats to Storms life, and Austin lunges forward, slamming into Silvally and knocking him off of Storm. The two then flee to where Ice Fang has his residence, but because there is a constant blizzard, Storm is driven away by Austin's determination to meet with Ice Fang again. Storm is captured yet again by Finitevus and his followers, and Austin is forced to cut short his meeting with Ice Fang in order to save his friend. Ice Fang quickly manages to tell Austin that there is a new home waiting for him in a jungle on a different island. Ice Fang also says that he warned the Totem/Guardian there that she could expect Austin and Storm to head there. Austin rescues Storm again, and the two flee to the jungle, while Finitevus and his followers are attacked and distracted by an unknown figure. The pair ultimately decide to remain in the jungle to save themselves and their families.

Included Characters

Like the main series, the Fleeing Evil Saga has a wide cast of characters. Instead of focusing on Fox, this sub-series focuses on Austin Smith, with the second trilogy including Storm the Buizel as a secondary/supporting protagonist.


Storm Fighters

Megastone Rogues

  • Splash the Greninja(Raging Storm only)
  • Nomis the Noivern(Raging Storm only)
  • Diggs the Excadrill(Austin's Flight only)

Rogue Squad


Rogue Squad:

  • Lucky Lucario(Austin's Return only)

Non-Alliance Members

  • The Chaotix
    • Knuckles(Archie)
    • Julie-Su(Hunt for a Storm Fighter and Austin's Return only)
    • Mighty(Hunt for a Storm Fighter only)
    • Vector(Hunt for a Storm Fighter only)
    • Ray(Hunt for a Storm Fighter only)


Dr. Finitevus

Knuckles(Sonic Boom)

Lycus' Gang

  • Lycus the Lycanroc
  • Silvally
  • Sleek the Salazzle
  • Brutus the Golisopod(formerly)
  • Rory the Incineroar
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