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Flash Step, also known as Shunpo, is a high-speed movement technique.


The Flash Step is quite different from normal high-speed attacks, in that it does not involve the physical capabilities of the user; this means that the technique can be used effectively even by those normally capable of only slow movement. Instead of being based on the user's physical state and well-being, the Flash Step technique focuses on the effective use of energy and getting from point A to point B. Focusing energy into the soles of their feet, the user uses the energy to push themselves at high speeds. The efficiency of this technique is based on how far the user can travel with the use of each step; the more capable the user is, the farther (and subsequently faster) the user can travel with a single step. Conversely, those inexperienced in the use of this technique can only travel shorter distances with each step, thus requiring more energy use.

When used effectively, this technique is extremely useful, because the speed at which an experienced user can move allows them to temporarily disappear from the sight of normal people and strike without being noticed. However, what makes this technique so useful is its versatility: due to the energy being focused to the soles of the feet, users are capable of traversing on even adverse surfaces, extending to even water and even up in the air. This allows a user to strike from numerous different directions and angles, even when the target is off the ground. However, despite the speed of this technique, opponents naturally capable of high-speed movement would likewise have the reflexes and perceptiveness to be capable of countering this technique.



  • Senka/Flash Blossom
  • Spirit Blink - Soul variant
  • Shadowstep - Darkness variant


Due to the incredible speed and efficiency of this technique with the only actual flaw being based in the user's capability with the technique, this technique is debated as either an A-Rank or S-Rank.

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