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Flare's reaction when she and her friends finds a haunted house to trick-or-treat in halloween

an anticomorphic 16 year old hedgehog/cat hybird and is the daughter of sonic and blaze from the future she is skilled with pyrokinises she loves ice cream and playing


a indigo hedgehog with pink goggles,earings with hearts on them a yellow,red and orange collar,a purple coat,a lime under shirt a blue tank top a diamond-shap neckales yellow rings and pants with light-blue shoes

perosonal info


name:princess Diane the hedgecat

nicknames:Flare,Diane,loser(used by luna once)

A pic

like the new look? ^_^

birth place:mobius (in the future)



relationship:sonic the hedgehog and blaze the cat (parents) blaster the hedgecat (brother) jake the hedgehog and lily the bat (adopted parents) zap the electrohog (adopted brother) twilight the bat (adopted sister) 

Love intrest:Zen the bladehog

Wepond(s):nothing yet

Speacies:hedgecat(hedgehog/cat hybird)

Eye color:yeah its green

Moebian counterpart:Selena the hedgecat

Other counterpart(s):Flame the hedgecat(male counterpart)


flare has the personality of sonic she is clumsy and funny she is also happy most of the times she is an dependable fighter she is also fun to hang out with and could be a bit short-tempered and she also loves drawing and pretty much a gamer




in the future blaze and sonic started dating

after a few years in may 2018 blaze and sonic got married after sonic got some flowers for blaze he was shocked to find that sonic and blaze now has 2 kids they named one diane (her original name) and the other one blaster the docter explained that their a hedgehog-cat hybird also known as a "hedgecat" for short

give away

when flare was 2 years old when blaze was taking care of her elise died and released iblis it was destroying cities,burning down houses and killing many people blaze and sonic didint wan't flare and her brother to get hurt so they used a time remote to go back in the past leaving flare and blaster a door step

flare and blaster's's adopted parents were name jake the hedgehog and lily the bat (and no she doesent act like rouge)

and their adopted brother and sister was zap the electrohog and twilight the bat


when flare was 3 years old there was a robbery this caught the eyes of balster the hedgecat he went to see what was going on till the criminal found him he tried to escape but he got caught blaster screamed for help lily and jake saw what was going on they tried to get blaster but the criminal escaped lily and jake didin't know what to do but call the police the police had bad news,they coulden't find the theif or blaster so they had to take close care of flare they also tried not to be over protected

The shadow

(yeah i decided to think of another one soooo WIP)

meeting Roxy

flare was 10 years old in 5th grade she would always be bullied by people older than her she also met Roxy the hedgerabbit they became best friends ever since then they also hang out together they play games also and Roxy became Flare's best friend and supporter

Luna's first encounter

(i decided to do a new story for this one)


she is pyrokinetic,so she has psychic control over fire


she can run slightly as fast as sonic not as fast though


normal moves

spindash-she curls up into a ball and tackles her foe

homing attack-she jumps and preforms spindash in the air and hits her foe

pyrokinetic moves

fire blast-she blasts her foe with fire

fire sphere-blasts a sphere of fire at her foe

blazing burn-burns her foe to ashes (but not kill them so don't worry) b

urning blast-She blast fire to her foe


catch my breath by kelly clarkson (main theme)

Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson Lyrics

Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson Lyrics

i take no credit

the main theme of flare the hedgecat 

a demon's fate by within temption (dark theme)

Within Temptation The Unforgiving - A Demon´s Fate FULL SONG HQ Lyrics

Within Temptation The Unforgiving - A Demon´s Fate FULL SONG HQ Lyrics

i take no credit

yep my dark theme




take this!


getting hit:




spins* yes!

not bad we should do that again *thumbs up*


goes on her kneens* aw man

scratches her head* oh well.. better luck next time


oh no!

here this will help

getting healed:


ok im back in action!

seeing results

getting an S rank:

that wasent hard

spin then punches the sky* aw yeah!

getting a A rank:

im never falling back!

getting a B rank:

well i could do better next time *waves and leaves*

getting a C rank:

umm.. ok

getting a D rank:

oh boy.....

getting an E rank:



oh shoot!



in race


let's do this!

get ready

passing someone:

see ya!


1st place:

i told ya to get ready!

not bad guys!

2nd place:

hey! that wasent hard nor easy

3rd place:

oh man..

4th and below:

aww....well better luck next time


like sonic she cant swim,although it doesen't kill her (olbivous)


at first flare was suppose to be sonic's sister but that has been scratched

after she was suppose to be shadow's sister but thats been scratched also

even though flare hates water she still swims but this is rare

Flare went through alot of revamps, no seriously.. problably like 20 times

Flare's clothing was inspired by gogo from big hero 6 (that would be olblivios if you watched it already)

Flare has a mixed-up personality of anna from frozen and blossom from power puff girls and power puff girls Z

Flare is the fursona of her creator because she shares some of the hobbies and what she likethat her creator has/likes (example:drawing,pokemon,ice cream,)

Flare is a very sleepy character,this is proven because she doesen't even bother to get up once shes in bed


art by others

Super forms

Flaming Flare

apperantly one of Flare's forms her skin goes from indigo to red,orange and yellow this is activated by the seven sol emeralds this also activates the attack mega burst


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Sonic the hedgehog

flare and sonic are good friends they love to hang around together and kick eggman's butt together and play funny 

Shadow the hedgehog

since flare is a tranee G.U.N agent,they apperantly see each other very often but they don't talk to each other very often though

Amy rose

these girls love to go shoping try on clothes and play together flare would always laugh whenever sonic gets caught by amy also

Silver the hedgehog

flare's secondt best friend they always hangout fight Dr eggman nege AKA dr nega whenever he comes to the past 

Blaze the cat

these 2 pyros love hanging out

Roxy the hedgerabbit

well they mostly have like a sister-to-sister relationship Roxy is more like a sidekick/supporter to Flare, roxy may be young,but she is strong along with her chao,Glaze the sparkle chao and her very first best friend


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Sonic the hedgehog (friendly)

when it comes to speed these to would always have a race to see whos the fastest

Blaze the cat (friendly)

these 2 pyros would always have a match depending who has better fire manipulation or control

Luna the bat (main rival)

(NOTE:look in the history "Luna's first encounter" to see why they are rivals) Flare really hates Luna,they would always fight and Luna would always brag infront of Flare also


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sonic rush core

flare is one of the playable characters unlocked after beating the first Walkthrough along with shadow this is also her first appearance

Counter parts

Cquote1 It doesen't matter if you win,just have fun! Cquote2
Flare the hedgecat (sonic riders version)

Sonic riders

in sonic riders flare's ponytail now faces completly at the bottom with black and grey gloves that shows her fingers and with a clip on her front hair she also has a blue dress with sleeves her thing that hold her ponytail is now have orange and yellow she also wears a light blue pair of shoes with hearts on it and yellow pants with white stipes

Sonic riders flare

flare's sonic riders look

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