Flare the Wolf is Flashfire212's main fursona and a crossover character.


Flare is a fullblooded 16 year old (currently, in the books he's the same age as Will) wolf with pyrokinetic powers and a temper. He is a talented musician, and often seems to sleep in alleyways at night. He is from an alternate universe (another series of books by Flashfire212) and often disappears from one world and reappears in another.

History: The Books

Book Three: The Invasion

Flare is a surprise help, appearing out of nowhere in his Semi-Perfect form and fighting off many Antis who were threatening his future love, before sending them all back to Moebius. He also watched the duel between Will the Echidna and Striker, before returning to his home galaxy.

Book Four: Insanity

Flare is the musician at Will and Maddy's wedding reception, where he watched Shadow's insanity spiral out of control. He heads home after the wedding, getting information on what could have caused that insane side. In the final battle, he is involved in stopping the members of Shadow's army from affecting the fight.

Book Five: Possession

Flare gives Will a lot of much needed advice during this time, especially on what to do about Maddy. He tries fighting her, but loses after a bloody beating.

Book Six: Sealed

Flare appears again here, with no signs of any wounds from his duel at all. He takes part in the information gathering alongside Ronan the Fox and a couple of others. He helps guide Will on the right path while in Moebius.

History: RPs

Info being acquired

The Overlanders II

Time Crisis


Flare is a dark brown wolf with a light-tanned muzzle and Yusei (from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds) styled hair with red streaks. He wears black jeans and often a black denim jacket, with a running gag that he produces whatever he desires from there, from his swords to a pair of lightsabers to a fresh meatball sub. He often wears his main two swords on his belt, and has a small machine pistol strapped to the outside of his jeans.

Abilities and Powers

Flare is a very powerful pyrokinetic and electrokinetic, and he has been seen using the other elements as well, although that power is also dependent on certain external sources (humidity, heat, anger). He is also an extremely talented swordsman, capable of beating much larger and more powerful foes.

Flare is also an experienced marksman with small to large caliber weapons, carrying a small but powerful machine pistol with him nearly always. Due to his experiences in the main universe he calls home, he can form black dragon-like wings on his back, and even manifest wrist, elbow, tail or knee blades out of fire, amongst other physical changes.

He also possesses a rare ability called Flow-Walking, which allows him to pass through the walls of dimensions and through the threads of time. Due to this, Flare has seen canceled and discontinued possibilities of time, and is often seen when timelines start to collapse, trying to guide people to repair it. With his anger, he has two forms, one of which is uncontrollable.

Flare is also a musician, often seen with a guitar case slung across his back. He writes and sings songs about events and things that happen to him. It is also known that he forges weapons for use, with black-and-red-bladed swords a specialty.


Semi-Perfect Flare

Perfect Flare

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Theme Songs

  • Shadow on the Wall - an original song by Flashfire212/William Bonnici (For the time before he knew Ryu)
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