Flare the Phoenix
Name Flare the Phoenix
Nicknames None, just Flare
Age 14
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Arabian Phoenix
Height 105cm
Weight 25kg
DOB 22nd November
Birthplace Iteos Isle (The "Winter Wonderland")
Occupation None yet
Speed, Strength, Fly Fly
Top Speed 100mph (walking), 150mph (flying)
Known Relatives
Likes Flying, the colder climates, music, skiing, school, ice hockey, video games, creative writing, most sports
Dislikes Fighting (pacifist), broccoli, Earth cats, sour food, scream rock or other loud noices
Favourite Food Chocolate Bars (Boost)
Favourite Drink LA Ice
Favourite Band Green Day
Favourite Colour Orange
Flare is a 14 year old anthropomorphic phoenix. He and his father are the only ones of their kind living on Iteos Isle, as the others prefer the hotter climates, including his mother. His two best friends are Tally the Mouse and Becky the Husky, the three are like family.  


Unlike Tally, Flare is a pacifist, but will fight when it is the only option. He is very charismatic, and can sit there and talk to try and sort out a problem, rather than punch someone. Because of this, others see him as a positive role model, and just about everyone at school wants to be his friend. The only thing others have against him is his choice of friends, but he doesn't care what they think.

Flare is also one of the only people on Iteos Isle who can calm Tally down when she's in the middle of a fight. But if she has a good reason to be fighting someone (she does sometimes), or she's about to lose, Flare will normally step in and help her out, which is probably the only time anyone has ever seen him fight (sports don't count, but he always takes part in those).

Despite all this, Flare is not one to talk about his feelings. The only time Tally or Becky the Husky can tell if he's upset is in the stories he writes. The characters personalities or the plot normally reflects his current emotions.

Attack styles

Flare is generally more on the defensive when it comes to attacking. He uses his fists, tails, or the spikes on his back as shields, and when flying, he can dodge almost any physical attack. Flare tries to keep any battle he fights in the air, he will even pick up a foe and drop them on top of a cliff, building, or iceberg so they're stuck and he can manoeuvre easier than he could on the ground. Tally will then climb up to continue the fight.

In those rare moments when he isn't on the defensive, Flare attacks by punching, kicking, or by hurling the enemy up to 500 meters away.


Very good sense of hearing
His charisma
Being able to fly even though he has no wings, he controls his flight by twisting his body, similar to an Asian Lung (Chinese Dragon) He is weak while on the ground, but can carry a ton while flying


Flare is very good at sports. His favourite are the winter sports, skiing, ice hockey, and ice-skating, and even riding a bobsled with Tally and Becky. He is almost unbeatable in those. He plays other sports like soccer, tennis and dodgeball, but all with their own winter twists (His friends at school often joke that he only plays sports so he doesn't seem to secretly be a girl, but a glare from Tally shuts them up).

He is also better at flying than any other person on Iteos Isle, which he uses to his advantage. The only exception is his father.


His most pointed-out weakness is his hatred of fighting. The meaner people at his school (such as Monique and Forran the Wolves), often try to make him angry, to bring out the fighter in him, but once again, Tally normally intervenes, or he uses his charisma to shut them up.

Friends, Rivals and Enemies


Tally the Mouse (best friend)
Becky the Husky (best friend)

Alex the Rabbit (close friend)


Tally the Mouse (friendly rival)
Becky the Husky (friendly rival)
Monique the Wolf

Forran the Wolf


Daze the Snow Leopard

Aletta the Penguin

Theme Songs

21 Guns - Green Day

Bullet Station Zone - Sonic Heroes

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