Flare using Cosmic Blazer

Flare the Demonhog

Flare is just a normal Hedgehog trying to live a "normal life" but later Finds out some thing about his past,That the world will be ruled by his father If he doesn't kill him on time


Name:Flare the Demonhog

Age:13(During the demon war)14(At the end of the war)

Nicknames:Demon,Monster,Cutie(By Grandmother hates it)


Flare's mad dash

Flare by the time his 13-16


Fur Color:Black

Marital Status:single

Date of Birth:Unknown

Place of Birth:Unknown

Residence:Station square

Alighnment:Evil at first later Hero


Chaos Control:Used the Same as Shadow and Sonic

Cosmic Blazar:his Strongest and first Energy burst wave

His fur is dark enough that he can blend in the night

Super speed

Dark half

Flare is not fully good this was Showen when Shadow died Flare lost Control of his demon and it took control of him from then on he tryed his best to control it

Super Transformations

Flare First went super when he was 6 at his School on his first day the war started some kids were in the Classroom Close by and seven demons were about to kill them Luckly Flare was able To stop them but Got hurt in the fight,one of the demons started to Crush his right arm and the seven Demons held the Chaos Emeralds that allowed him to go Super for the first time

Super forms



Dark super

Dark hyper


Hyper Quasar

Galaxy(Final and Ultimate form)


Flare is a boy that has a Quite and lonely nature and is always up for a fight and to Challenge his own limits,Its rare to get Flare Angry and will If any of his friends get hurt .Most of the time he is cool and calm and when Angry he will more likly punch something or someone hard(more likly his best Friend Ace)



helping others

getting himself into trouble



His father

anyone hurting his friends


Flare is a black hedgehog with two bangs and a Scar on his right eye his Eyes are light blue he wears a pair of torn up jeans and a torn up White shirt that belonged to his older brother,on his wrist are Shadow's rings they were given to him by Shadow once taken Off they allow him to tap his Full power.

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