The Flare form of Burn the Pyrohog, former crown prince of the Pyranic Empire and member of Reaper's Legion. This form is triggered in Burn by exposure to a set of ten Flame Crystals.

Physical Appearance

Burn, who normally resembles an orange and blue Shadow recolor, seems to change very little in this form. His lower quills sag more, similar Shadow's Darkspine transformation, while the upper quills simply elongate and curve downwards, giving the pyrohog a more streamlined look. The majority of his fur lightens to a pale orange, while his streaks seem to turn into more of a cobalt blue. He also generates an aura of the same colour as his fur, complete with the blue streaks which seem almost black. His irises change as well, taking on the shade of his quills. Aside from this, the visible side to his musculature and skeletal structure barely changes.


While transformed, Burn's clothes typically stay in the same condition they were in beforehand.


The form is not commonly used by Burn, with the only well-known appearance being alongside Vulcan Scorch and Reaper's Unleashed/Reaping form in a direct confrontation with members of G.U.N.'s Fifth Army Division. In the report made by survivors of the battle, Burn was a close-to-mid range fighter in this form, and was responsible for setting up entire squads of soldiers to die at the hands of Reaper with intense firewalls and fields of burning grass to slow or wall-in soldiers. It is also said that Reaper's Legion members carry sets of sealed Flame Crystals, in case they need to give one of the Pyrohog members a power boost.


When transformed, Burn's natural Fire abilities ascend with him, although he seems incapable of using basic Fire techniques. Instead, all attacks he uses are increased in power to the advanced Inferno flame, increasing the pressure and heat behind the techniques. This flame also provides him an aura of heat and mostly-translucent flame, a defense that makes unarmed combat against the transformation without proper elemental defenses suicidal.

Combat wise, as stated in the G.U.N. report, Flare Burn is classed as a close to mid range fighter with a more support orientation. While he can still fight over a long distance, Burn prefers to use the increased speed, stamina and power of the form to close the distance. Burn is capable of flight through two different methods - a slower, standard levitation method, or propulsion using jets of Inferno flame in the manner of rocket boosters. In his array of unnamed techniques, small walls or fences of Inferno flame are his emblem, often used with only a single gap small enough for Reaper to enter the framework with his scythe, a devastating combination that can stop entire platoons to be massacred by the trained assassin. However, his transformation is known for its signature technique - Staggering Scorcher. If used in close quarters, the technique could penetrate plate steel incredibly quickly, although doing so would also stop the attack from proceeding any further than the metal. However, the most common use is against retreating soldiers, and aimed lower than a traditional killshot would be. The technique is, for all intents and purposes, a shotgun blast of compressed flame. Burn uses this to his advantage, often charging and unleashing the attack at fifty meters on retreating opponents, creating small fields of intense heat where fireballs miss, or crippling fighters when they hit. However, this lack of a killshot is not from any mercy on Burn's part, but instead leaves the targets open to be taken prisoner by the Trolls for experimentation or conversion.

This transformation is one Burn has practiced with to a moderate level, allowing him to maintain the form for up to an hour. However, if transformed for more than half an hour, he is typically drained both emotionally and physically, unable to fight, let alone move very fast.

As the form is primarily based around his use of Inferno flame, Burn has very few weaknesses in the realm of basic elements, and as a Super form, almost no untransformed Mobian can hope to fight him head-on. However, long-range barrages can force him into fighting over a long distance, a battle that takes more focus to fight with the high-intensity flame. Likewise, defenses using the advanced elements of Tsunami, Diamond or Gale can block against his attacks. The basic only element capable of piercing his defenses, Wind, has to be employed over a distance to be effective, due to his aura. However, the form is not invulnerable, with any other Super-transformation capable of matching and potentially surpassing this one in power.

Known Techniques


While in this form, parts of Burn's natural personality are subdued. Primarily amongst these are his caffeine addition, which plays no role in his actions and his occasionally forgetful nature, which is only evident in how he targets opponents, preferring to focus on the larger group rather than smaller threats, even if the smaller threats are more dangerous. Instead, he is driven and focused on achieving whatever goals he has to.

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