Flare Barrier is a defensive Golden Fire that is normally used in conjunction with Flame Rejuvenation.


The user coats there hands in golden fire, and gets into a defensive stance creating a shield of golden fire. This sheild is either large, weak, colored grey and shrinks slowly or medium size, strong, colored red and shrinks fast. It will also shrink when attacked.. This is commonly known as a "Shrinking barrier" While the shield is standing, the user gathers great amounts of heat energy and releases it in a short burst creating a dome shield of Golden Fire. More layers to this barrier can be created by gathering heat energy and releasing it in a burst again, but only if the shield created before the first layer is still active. If the "shrinking barrier" shrinks so much it dissapears the attack is over and no more layers can be added. If the Shrinking Barrier dissapears before a layer of Golden Fire barrier is created, the user is flung into the air and immoblized.

The Barriers of Golden Fire are strong, and can withstand almost any one attack but can be destroyed by any technique over time (Fire and advanced fire do little to no damage). Tsunami is strong against these barriers.

This attack biggest drawback is the great amount of energy it takes to create barrrier layers.


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The strength of these barriers is amazing but because of the many drawbacks it is A-Ranked

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