Flaming Comet is a powerful Fire-elemental technique.


The user forms a ball of fire in their hands, enhancing and increasing it's power until the orb begins to form into a comet-like shape. Once the orb reaches roughly the size of a baseball, the user throws it at the target, with the flames forming into the characteristic "tail" that the technique is famed for.

The technique is famed for two reasons. One is the technique's increase in power when it strikes a Nature- or Water-manipulator, increasing the power of the technique beyond the amount of energy it was charged with, the other is what happens when it misses. On a miss, once the comet-like projectile impacts on earth or metal, it releases a cloud of heated dust and smoke, blinding almost all fighters, even those with thermal vision. However, Wind-elemental techniques can be used to extinguish the technique without either enhancing it's power or triggering the blinding effects.



Technique Rank

Due to the technique's twin strengths, and the sheer power of the fireball, it bears an A-rank.

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