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This is an article about Flamefly Steam, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 12/22/2015.

A representation of the sin of lust, Flamefly is a wayward soul in search of love. Shame she's fated to never get the right one, at least in her current state.


Flamefly resembles a well-developed humanoid female with a bit of a bizarre wardrobe. This includes a tight black morphsuit covering her entire body with stitches on the sides of her hips, a white long-sleeved shirt with a sealed slit in the chestal area, light blue shoes that curve inwards at the end, a black mask resembling a butterfly (on an otherwise empty white face), and a hood that ends in two horns with small violet flames floating past the tips. On these horns is a deformed heart drawing made of only one line for each. She also has two large butterfly wings made of fire that she uses primarily for design, but also have their uses.


Flamefly is generally a very sensual person, even in her personality. She always seems to allude to wanting to do "things" with the people she's talking to, regardless of gender or preference. She's generally very open about herself to others, always thinking they'll be the same back to her. Despite all this, she seems to carry a bit of self-doubt around herself, primarily from her being the embodiment of Lust and the chance that she might be able to hold up to that. She also has insecurities about things she does not know about, primarily her past life before she became... this.


Flamefly's backstory is mostly unknown. The Arch-Face of Lust picked her to corrupt as she was more the kind of person to be less revealing around others. From there Flamefly's mind was quickly corrupted and shaped into what she is now.

Events of the EQuartz Committee: Season Four

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Flamefly's major strength lies in pyrokinesis. She can do the basic stuff, generate and manipulate fire and whatnot, but that's not all she can do. Flamefly can change the heat in a large area around her, and can even create solid bubbles of psychic heat to capture others, where she then lulls them unconscious and slowly saps their energy. She also has not only psychokinesis but also the ability to fly with her fake-wings.


Flamefly, as you might expect, is very flexible. She can contort her body in any way imaginable, even going so far as to being able to twist and bend body-parts far beyond normal capabilities. She can use this to easily sneak through and pull off even the slightest and most impossible escapes known to any sentient being.


Being a pyrokinetic, Flamefly would of course have weaknesses to water and earth-elemental attacks. Both work well to quell her strengths, and even temporarily prevent fer from flying as her wings too are made of fire. One can forego fighting her by refusing to fight back and just talk to her, letting her truly express herself and see what she has become and remind her of who she once was, or take the easy route and knock her back into her senses.

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