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"I'm still SwiftClan at heart, but I'm not Firekit anymore. Just call me Flame."
—Firekit changing his name, Unnamed Story(cancelled)

Flame(formerly known as Firekit) is a male Litten who is a supporting protagonist in the latter half of Dakota's Search. He currently resides in SwiftClan's Forest with Dakota as his protector and de facto mentor.


Being a Litten, Flame resembles a small kitten. He has mostly black fur with a red muzzle, a red pattern on his forehead, two long three-pointed "whiskers" on his cheeks(one on each cheek. He has two red stripes on each leg, just above each paw, a tufted tail, and a couple of upward-pointing spiky tufts on his head. Finally, he has a small black nose, and red eyes with yellow sclera; when the fur on his back bristles up, it becomes red


Flame is friendly and acts like a typical Clan kit. He had a bit of trouble coming to terms with knowing he was a Litten and not a regular cat, but overcame this with Dakota's help. He is quite close to Dakota and Shell. Flame has ultimately chosen to remain a Litten, liking the way he is now.


Dakota's Search: A lost and unnamed Litten was found by Dakota and Shell during their quest to find answers from Finitevus. Deciding to take him to SwiftClan, the two Alliance members settled on the Clan name of Firekit for him, since he was basically a kitten that could breath fire. Dakota and Shell took Firekit to SwiftClan's Forest and the current Clan leader, Sedgestar, allowed him to stay. Dakota also chose to stay, wanting to keep an eye on Firekit while also wanting to avoid Finitevus. Though Shell disagrees with this, she reluctantly accepts and heads back to the Storming Base.


Flame's current moveset consists of Ember, Fire Fang, and Scratch.


Flame's current Ability is Blaze, which powers up moves when on low health.


Like all Litten, Flame can use Fire-based attacks. Firekit initially couldn't use Ember or Fire Fang very well, until Dakota taught him how to arch his back in such a way to allow him to add strength to his moves and used them more effectively.


Being a pure Fire-Type, Flame is weak to Water, Rock, and Ground-Type Pokemon and he is resistant to Fire, Grass, Steel, Bug, Ice, and Fairy-Type Pokemon.


A confirmed concept for Firekit is that he will evolve into Torracat and receive further Clan names, Firepaw and Firewhisker, but he likely will not evolve into Incineroar given that it is a two-legged Pokemon and a great deal larger than even a human.

  • However, this idea was scrapped, and the concept is now that Firekit has changed his name to Flame with the desire to remain a Litten.

Flame is the first and so far only Pokemon to join SwiftClan permanently, as Nomis' time there was temporary, and the old Noivern is a Megastone Rogue at heart.

  • This has since changed in Return of Evil, when Dakota and Flame join the Storm Fighters when Dakota forgives his brother.
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