Flame the Rabbit

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Flame the Rabbit is one of The Trolls and a fiery-red Cream the Rabbit recolor.


Flame's fur is primarily a fiery red color, with markings of flaming orange. Her dress is a fiery blue color, and her tie is colored a flaming green. Her shoes are colored both fiery red and fiery blue. Her eyes are a flaming yellow.


Flame is crass, rude, offensive, hot-headed, and sadistic. She gets a kick out of insulting and putting down other people, enjoys verbal fights, and will assault people (verbally and sometimes physically) at the slightest provocation. Her main hobbies is starting arguments with people, even over the most insignificant or idiotic things, and insulting/offending/putting down other people. If Flame can't find someone to fight with or insult, she will actively search for somebody, attacking even complete strangers. Flame will insult and attack absolutely anybody, regardless of their strength or status, even going after Rageik on a regular basis. However, because of her appearance none of the other Trolls are willing to physically attack her (which she is fully aware and takes advantage of), and are forced to merely contend with her assaults. However, this hasn't stopped some of the Trolls from duct-taping her mouth shut or muzzling her, though neither stay on for long. The only one who is able to make Flame be quiet is her mother, Domina, who she is utterly terrified of. However, it's speculated that Domina's methods of punishment may be the very reason for Flame's harsh demeanor.


Flame has little to no combat abilities, depending solely on her verbal assaults to distract and demoralize her enemies. She has been trained in how to fight, but her small body makes all of her combat knowledge virtually useless. Because she does not have a Chao, Flame is incapable of even using any of Cream's attacks.

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