Flame is a black cat with orange tips. She wears her hair up. (She is a recolor of Blaze). And, yes, you guessed it. She is fire powered. She is also skilled in lots of other things too. She is second in command to Fire (her brother) in one of the strike teams. She could also be viewed as chief adviser to him. (Although Jazz viewed her as the leader) She is on the same team as Nida, Aida, her brother Fire, and Wacka Aquarius. She works well in combat with her brother, but gets angry if he gets hit. That can be a weakness or advantage. Flame loves driving a motorcycle, and she is very good at it. She drives a black two seater version of Shadow the hedgehog's Dark Rider, (Sonic and sega all-stars racing) if you can possibly imagine that. Flame is rivals with Cargrid, his sister Clover, Knight, and his friend Eclipse. She wants to become well known, and be under great respect by all. To Fire, she is a fun cat who loves having fun, but to those that are not her friend, she is a sassy cat who will burn those she dislikes.


Flame is a black cat with bright orange sections of hair. She wears black shoes, and never wears anything pink. Her top is black with orange fringes, while her pants are pure white. she wears white gloves that are often covered in soot or ash. Her gloves have puffy cuffs, and so do her shoes/socks. Her black shoes have one large white stripe on each one. She has golden eyes, and wears an orange


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bead on her forehead. Naturally as a cat, she has a white face instead of the brown/tan/peach muzzle hedgehog. She also wears a gold piece that fits onto her shirts collar.

Flame the Cat is A RECOLOR of Blaze the Cat. You can see the original image right her to the left. Thank You.


If you really know her, Flame is a fun loving cat who is fun to be around. To most though, Flame is a sassy and not fun to be around cat who burns at will when angered. Flame loves to ride her motorcycle. She wants to be respected by all, but is disliked most for her sarcasm. Flame enjoys Fire, (element) because it is her power. She hates water, in all forms, rain, lakes, puddles, oceans, and any other form you can think of. Flame is one of the most popular children at her school, and she loves being that, as it brings her respect. While Clover attracts schoolkids that want to, well be like her, Flame's popularity comes from her being incredible at sports, the best riding her motorcycle, and that she doesn't mind getting covered in dirt. Girls who. Wish to be like Flame give her her respect she loves. 


  • Fire (element)
  • Motorcycles
  • Burning things
  • Fireworks
  • Fire pits
  • Watching sparks float through the air
  • Fireflies
  • Sports


  • Water
  • Puddles
  • Rain
  • Swimming
  • Fireproof items, unless clothing
  • Super soaker wars
  • Getting wet
  • Clover
  • Disrespectful ones



Fire: Flame is very protective of her same year old brother. She is not older, but she would appear so, having more skills, being stronger with her fire attacks and defense, and wielding more weapons. She still follows under her brother's leadership, though she advises him on everything. She is part of his Strike Team, and works with him for Echo, leader of the Echo Empire. Flame loves her brother much, and gets enraged if he is hurt in the slightest bit, and he also is a very worried and will get quite emotional without her. They truly need each other, whether for their sake, or everyone else's.


Nida: Flame enjoys Nida's great amount of respect towards her leaders. Nida would respect a toad if were her leader, and respect hungry Flame likes that about Nida. Obviously, then, Flame doesn't view Nida as a friend yet, as she just wishes her to obey her and her brother without question. However, unlike Cargrid, Flame does spend time with all her team members outside of missions. She isn't all business with them. Flame prefers to spend time with her brother, but Nida is a strong sword fighting ally to Flame.




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Flame is a Fire powered cat. She is fairly strong in her powers, and she can perform most moves. Flame can share powers with her brother because they are close friends, siblings, and share the same power. This makes them both more powerful. She will get enraged if her brother gets injured, thus making her even stronger in fire, which can draw a lot of strength from anger and hatred. Flame, if she links power with Fire (her brother) can use a type of super form where she is completely engulfed and surrounded in Fire (element), making it really hard to hit her, and making all her attacks twice as strong. However, entering that state makes water hurt her twice as much. Overall, she is quite hard to defeat, and extremely powerful with her Elemental techniques.


Flame can use her tail and claws to be good at fighting without weapons. She can kick, slap, and whip you until have no health left. Flame is an expert at riding her motorcycle. She is able to beat almost everyone at riding it. Flame can use a large variety of weapons, almost everything from a staff to daggers. Flame has the ability to climb up a metal wall or pole by using her cat claws and tail. Flame also has a comically powerful slap attack. She is a very formidable opponent no matter what you challenge her at, as long as there's no water involved. 


Flame has a large disadvantage against water powers, because they hit her harder than most, (her being fire powered) and she can't hit them as hard as most. She will get enraged if her brother gets injured. Her inability to hurt innocents to beat her opponent has led to her losing some fights, too. Her powers are weaker around water too. Overall, Flame is very easy to beat if you are water.

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