The Flame Fighters are a group of Mobians from the future who helped during the events of Sonic '06 to save their future from Iblis and Mephiles. They now live in the past close to the coast by Station Square. However, they visit the future every so often to see how things are going there.

Shimmer the Hedgehog is the leader of the Flame Fighters. She, Star, and Azure founded the team when they were around eight, and soon after, Dawn and Night joined the team. Star left afterwards, and the team continued to fight Iblis until it was extinguished.


The members of the Flame Fighters are Shimmer The Hedgehog, Azure the Squirrel, Midnight the Fox, and Dawn the Cat. Star the Wolf was a former member before starting her own team, Team Star.


The only policies of the Flame Fighters are that you must be 10 or older to officially join and fight, you must be loyal to the team, and you need to be very skilled in combat.


No religion.

Base of Operations

The Flame Fighter's base of operations is located in a short tower in the middle of the city. It consists of a central meeting room, where the supercomputer is, and where the team discusses issues, individual bedrooms for each member, a living room, and a storage room surrounded by top-notch security were they keep very valuable items such as some of the Chaos Emeralds.


The Flame Fighters are from the future, where before it was saved, was inhabited by the Flames of Disaster and was filled with dark smoke and lava. The city was abandoned and no signs of life were evident, until they helped Sonic, Shadow, Silver, & friends save the future. Later, the future became more peaceful, but the effects from Iblis still scarred the land and darkness lurked around every corner.


No uniform.


The group started when Shimmer met Azure, and they became friends. Shortly after meeting Dawn and Night, the four decided to give their group an official name: the Flame Fighters. They set up headquarters in the center of the city, and with Azure and Night's technical knowhow, they created a supercomputer and security system. Years later, the team helped Sonic & friends save their future and destroy Solaris by gathering information on Mephiles the Dark and fighting Dr. Eggman, Mephiles the Dark, Solaris (Fanon), and Iblis.

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