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Flab is a character that appears in the Random Fight flash series by BloodSonic1 and is planned to appear in Flashfire212's fanfics. He is created by RandomFlab 2 and is one of his fursonas. He starts off as a Digimon, then turns into a Megaman character, and is now a hedgehog.

Biographical Information
Name Flabornamue Mephistophelis the Demonhog
Age 16 years
DOB 8th February, 1995
  • Mephiles the Dark (father)
  • Emily (mother)
  • Pheer the Demonhog (younger half-brother)
  • Kino the Demon (twin brother)
Counterparts Gera the Demon (Anti-moebian)
Future Relatives Unknown


Fatty McFat Fat


Romantic Interests Linda the panda (girlfriend)
Physical Description
Species Demon/Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Musky Green, Hair drooping downwarsd as if wet (before running), Hair sleeked back with grey streaks (after running)
  • Eyes: green, wih tiny swirls of brown and small lines of red within the iris.
  • Red Vest
  • Black gloves
  • Orange Shoes
  • Black spiked shoes (on occasion)
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Custom-made Axe
  • Supersonic speed (faster than Sonic)
  • Super Defence
  • Steel-like skin
  • Close-Combat specialist
  • Energy attack eater
  • Grand Slam Shabam
  • Demon Release
  • Raging Demon
  • Is immune to poisons
  • Can't be paralysed
  • Is immune to burns
  • Can use Chaos Kaioken
  • Can use the demon beast's power from within him
  • Is able to use the byakugan
  • Can clone himself to the ammounts of living stones that he has
  • Demon Flab
  • Demon Beast Flab
  • Super Flab
  • Hyper Flab
  • Psycha Flab
  • Flare Flab
  • Dark Flab
  • Terrano Flab
  • Sparking Flab
  • Aquon Flab
  • Light Flab
  • Breezy Flab
  • God Flab
  • Vulcan Flab
  • Solaric Flab
  • Golem Flab
  • Scar Flab
Other Information
Australian V.A. User:RandomFlab 2
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s)
  • Blut Im Auge by Equilibrium
  • Once in a Lifetime by Dragon Force
  • Strong and Strike by Toshiro Masuda
Appearances To be posted
Original Creator User:RandomFlab 2


Flab is the main character made by RandomFlab 2. It was originally an insult to me as i went through a chubby phase (it is over now XD) and since it doesn't bother me anymore i am using the name for the char. The character has done a variety of transformations, to finally a hedgehog. He has some interesting abilities. It has not been shown yet, but the Agunimon and Megaman characters are not Flab himself, but Flab fans claiming to be him. As for the evil megaman ..... he is the girl megamans father and acted to get her to come home.

Random Fight

to be added


  • Meat (especially ham)
  • Kind people (somehow includes Selmah)
  • Being alone, pondering his thoughts
  • To protect everyone but himself


  • Tonic (but then again, who doesn't?)
  • People who are willing to do anything for power
  • His Father (Mephiles) whenever he tries to makes Flab evil.
  • People who belittle him


Flab is a shy demonhog. He likes to keep his feelings to himself, and prefers it when he is doing something alone. Once befriended by Flab, he is his true happy self, being random at times, and knows the difference between a serious and a non-serious situation. Flab likes to have fun, but actually prefers to sit down and enjoy a nice conversation with someone. When alone, Flab has a sort of depressed attitude, mainly because he listens to 3 of the five thoughts going on in his head, confusing him as he tries to contemplate what it means. Also because of this, it renders mind-readers baffled, as they are unable to read his mind. When seeing people new who try to befriend him, Flab tries to keep his emotions low and weak. Some people recognise Flab as the "Beast of Mobius's Nightmares!", it is because of this that Flab is shunned or scares people off from the rumors that he is a "living ripper". It is also because of this, Flab trusts no-one. He will treat you as a friend should, but Flab still will not reveal any secrets or show you his prized possessions. Lastly, Flab is trying to find the right girl for him, because after the death of his girlfriend, everyone blames Flab for it. Flab is a good listener, and tries to help people with their problems as much as possible. Flab is currently going out with Linda the Panda, and is slowly realising that not everyone hates him.

Battle Style

Flab likes to wait until the opponent has made a move before he makes his own. Flab has trained himself to predict multiple possible movements that can be made by an opponent. An example of this is if the opponent bends his/her legs, this suggests to Flab that the opponent will either: jump to perform an ariel attack, lunge towards Flab to enter a close-range, or to curl into a ball to perform a spin-dash. Flab is a close-range expert, he has studied where all severe blows can be dealt, and where pressure points are in the limbs of the opponent. Flab has the ability to use the Byakugan of the Mephiles Clan. Flab uses this in battle to predict what kind of long-range attack the opponent can use. Whether if it is a beam, large beam, or energy ball attacks. When facing long-range opponents, Flab uses his speed and chaos kaioken skills to dodge and reflect energy attacks. Also, Flab has the abililty to absrob energy attacks, meaning any kind of beam and or laser, Flab can absorb provided it is not made of an element. Because of his incredible defence, Flab often runs into battle after the opponent makes a move, also meaning he runs into whatever attack the opponent has pulled. Lastly, to be clear exactly how much defence Flab has, his defence is so strong, that if Draco Meteor is used on him, all he suffers is a bruise. This is because of the intense training he puts himslef through daily.


  • Close-Combat specialist
  • Speed (uses this to his advantage)
  • Defence (because most of his opponents are to scared to attack closely and they use long-range attacks)
  • Tactical genius


  • Earth based opponents (Flab can't run on manipulated ground)
  • Telekenetic opponents
  • Can't use energy attacks

Flab's Valuables

Flab owns the following:

  • A Red-vest handed to him from his mother
  • A pair of Black-spiked shoes from his father
  • An axe he made from the earthy armour of Gerakinos
  • A custom-made hoverbike
  • A soon to be made custom look, so he can place his vest in a box for safe keeping


Flab has an axe. This axe is virtually indestructabe. Having shockwave amplifiers and an armour-like coating, this axe can reflect any beam and absorb any impact. There are seven slots embedded in this axe on the handle, of which the seven living stones stay there, changing the elemental type of the axe at Flab's will.

The Guardian

Flab is the guardian of The living stones. These stones help Flab access some crutial forms also resulting in a form which renders all elemental moves useless. Flab is also the guardian of the Electric Orb of Haeos, Earth Orb of Temblor, Wind Orb of Khazri and the Dark Orb of Voidstar.



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