Firestorm the Fox is a male red fox who is a minor character in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a former leader of the Red Fox Pack, succeeding his father Racket and preceding Woodrow and Rush. Firestorm is also the brother of Grizzly, brother-in-law of Heather(RotW), uncle of Maako and Karra, and granduncle of Wilder, Barry, Braveheart the Fox, and Midnight.


Firestorm is a stocky red fox todd with thick, unusually bright red fur, dark brownish-black paws and ears, white fur running from his chin to his underbelly as well as in his ears and a white tail-tip. His right hind leg is slightly crooked due to an old injury from the Attack on Albion.


Firestorm is stoic and calm, and protective of his Packmates, acting as a sort of father figure to them. He is stern and firm in his ways, yet fair. Despite his advanced age, he faced Enerjak with fierce determination.


Before the Series: Firestorm's past is largely unknown. At an unknown point in time, Racket-Firestorm's father-appointed him as his deputy while they lived outside of Albion.

The Villain's Reveal: Firestorm first appears when he is speaking with Racket when Wikstrom's patrol brings Silver to the camp. Firestorm looks suspicious when Fin howls Racket's name. Much later, when it is Silver must return to his own time, Firestorm, now the leader of the Pack on Angel Island, thanks Silver for his help before the Lucario leaves to return to his own time.

The Lost Pack: The Prologue is told from Firestorm's POV. When Enerjak(actually a brainwashed Knuckles) arrives in the camp, promising to help them toward a future free of the fighting they'd suffered, Firestorm demands a reason to trust him. He states that his Pack lived alongside the Echidnas peacefully for many years, and demands to know why they should be forced to move, especially when the Pack had wandered the Worlds for many years since they were driven out by Sonic.EXE. After Woodrow disses Enerjak, telling him to shove off, Firestorm can see the deputy's cub Rush hiding between his mother's forelegs and staring up at Enerjak with a terrified expression. When Enerjak responds to the red fox's disrespect, Firestorm gets a cold feeling in his belly as the demigod lifts the entire Pack up effortlessly with his powers and sends them flying. Later, Firestorm leads the Pack to a camp near the Red Wolf Pack's territory, leading to the two Packs to clash repeatedly. In a battle in which Gray Wolf Pack warriors Stormfast and Angus save them, it is mentioned that Firestorm died in the clash.

The Hidden Warriors: Coming Soon...

A Brother's Search: Firestorm is first mentioned by Snowcap, when she asks Woodrow, the deputy, if they should take Michael Smith to Firestorm. Later, Firestorm is seen atop a rock, watching Mara and Rush(both unnamed) when Woodrow's patrol returns with Michael. He is mentioned to be a combination of Woodrow(bulky), Tanner(long-legged), and Redpelt(bright fur). When Michael asks him if he's seen Austin, Firestorm says that he hasn't, but that Locke might have answers regarding him. Later, after Redpelt rescues Michael from Dr. Finitevus, Firestorm is visibly unhappy to hear Michael's choice to leave, but accepts, understanding his desire to leave. He wishes the young dog the best of luck on his search to find his brother.




Firestorm is the second fox to chronologically appear with a name similar to the popular Warriors book series; Redpelt(SotP) is the first, Redpelt(TLP) and Darkfoot are technically both third, as they appeared at the same time.

Firestorm is also the name of a hero from the DC Comics; who appears in the game Injustice 2.

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