Firefly Scent is an effective Insect Style communication technique, combining pheromones with light flickers to create an effective code.


The user splits the message into two halves, an emotional 'suggestion' and a coded message. These are then released, emotion before the message. The emotion is triggered by a pheromone burst, which affects all that inhale it. However, the message is transmitted through a visual Morse code, leaving only those who know what to look for able to understand the message's intentions. The technique typically involves the Insect-style Firefly form, a style characterized by bioluminescence, rather than the manipulation of light. Most Firefly-form users are capable of some kind of bioluminescence, and also the pheromone-manipulation common to the base Nature element.

Due to the twin-layered security of-sorts, it is rare for anyone else to receive and understand completely what the message is saying.



Parent Techniques

Technique Rank

Due to the near-unreadable characteristics of this technique, it bears a B-rank.

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