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""My name is Fireflower Azalea, apprentice guardian of our Temple Guardian, daughter to the village leader, and the last hope for Chun-nan. And I will take you down!"
—Fireflower the Seven-tailed Kitsune to Dark Gaia's minions


Fireflower is a seven-tailed kitsune (or fox) with scarlet red fur and golden fur on muzzle, inside ears, tip of her tails, and on her chest. Her hair is rolled down in curls and her eyes can change color from orange to blue depending on how she is feeling or how high the humidity of her flames can be.

Casual Attire

Fireflower's attire consists of a modest blue and white knee-length skirt, a sky blue tank top, and blue and white hiking boots. She is also often seen with a blue bow held in a pony-tail style. She also wears white gloves with blue cuffs. An intricate pattern of a fireflower is etched into the gloves, which aids Fireflower in using her pyrokinetics.

Tradition/Dance Attire

This attire consists of a blue kimono with white and pink lotus flowers decorating the garment, brown sandals, and her curls arranged elegantly up, down, and around her head, decorated in blue and white ribbons and cinnamon sticks. Her sash is white.

Blazing Fireflower Attire/Appearance

When in her super form, Fireflower is wearing a flaming orange kimono with fireflowers blazing on the garment and flames adorning the sleeves. Her curls are adorned with fireflowers and her pupils glow bright orange, her eyes disappearing entirely. Her seven tails spread out behind her and are also aflame.


Though Fireflower usually is kind, attentive, and outgoing towards her village and the villagers of Chun-nan, she can't stand outsiders, and is often cold and uncooperative around them.

Though she often doesn't show it, Fireflower has a secret longing to leave her village and Chun-nan to explore and journey throughout the world on an adventure. But her duties to the Temple Guardian, her home village, and her father often leave her in a tight spot.

Fireflower is devoted to the traditions of her homeland and will often make a fuss when others dare to deny tradition.

She is said to have the form and air of a princess, a nature that had been passed down to her from her mother, for that is what she had been described as when she was alive.

Fireflower feels as though there is something her mother and father want her to do in life, so she figured she would become an apprentice guardian of the Chun-nan Temple, to please them.

When she is by herself, either training with her powers and sword fighting, or catching up with her studies, she is confident and patient.

When she is outside of her village, or Chun-nan in particular, she may seem a bit odd in the eyes of others because of where she was born and her heritage. When outside of Chun-nan, she treats others same as she would treat those of her village.


Early Life/Years

Fireflower was born in Firefly Village to her father, Jang Yi, and her mother Lotus, around the same year Sonic the Hedgehog was born. From the moment she came out of her mother's womb, her mother was inflicted with a severe disease that would cause her to die in 4 years time. In those few years of living, Lotus cherished her time with her daughter, till the last of her energy was spent. Prior to Lotus's death, Fireflower's father made it his absolute responsibility to provide for his daughter in any way he could, involving her education, training, and teaching in the ways of their people and their tradition.

Secret Training

From the age of 12, she journeyed to the tops of Everflame Mountain home to the ancient Everflame Bow, and set herself for training there, to prepare herself for future dangers that were shown to her by the Temple Guardian that would both threaten her village and her country. She trained herself so she could control her powers through her mind and her body. She also trained herself in the arts of traditional Chun-nan swordsmanship, and would practice there every day, and has done so to this day.


Fireflower was born with pyrokinesis, which basically means she can control, create, and extinguish any and all forms of fire. She can never feel cold, but needs to eat a lot so she can sustain energy.

When in her super form, Fireflower has power and control over these abilities:

  • Use of the Everflame Bow
  • Flight
  • Powered up Magic Blasts, Storms, and Bursts etc.


Fireflower has a wide range of magical powers, which are absorbed, or gathered up through her Magic Aura, which then is released through her seven tails, her heart, or her hands.

Her fire manipulation is also harnessed in a way quite like this.

Fireflower is also capable of ESP, though she often fails at it, and thus, hardly ever uses it. In order to use ESP, Fireflower has to hone her conscience till it reaches the pits of her mind, and thus, she often loses concentration, which results in severe, throbbing headaches which can last for a couple of days at least.

Skills & Use of Weapons

Fireflower is an excellent swordsman, having learned what she could through books and scrolls, and the rest from the Temple Guardian, her father, and from her mother's handiwork.

She is quick-footed and quite light, her movements airy and fluid, yet sharp and precise. The skill she had learned from the Temple Guardian, to sense the presence of unwelcome beings, she uses in aiding her to pinpoint targets and hone her attacks swiftly, making her a fierce opponent.

Firesword is the name of the sword that Fireflower wields as she fights. It is made of clear, crystalline, hardened glass and is shaped like a long stick with a curved, smooth, snake like, glass vine winding up the stick from the bottom to the top and sprouting out at the top as a sharp, triangular, lotus petal styled, blade with a pointy end. It was her mother's sword, before she passed away.

Strengths & Weaknesses


When in her super form or using her flames, Fireflower's strength, use of magic, and durability is heightened.


Similar to Amy Rose and Blaze the Cat, when Fireflower is angered or upset over something, she can completely lose it and sometimes be unable to control herself and regain her dignity.

When out of her super form, she can be thoroughly drained of her energy, and faint from tiredness.

Sometimes, she can mess up in her perception and leave herself exposed to a blind spot in her guard.

When acting cocky or snobbish, she can be easily taken out and/or weakened.

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