Firebomb is a powerful and ruthless technique. While typically a combination technique requiring both Napalm and Fire users, it can be used alone when a Napalm user has an ignition source.


When using this technique, a Napalm user fires off at least one Gel Stream, which releases a powerful stream of Napalm at the target(s). If they have not done so already, the Fire user will create an ignition source, which can be a simple flame or a fire technique. With the ignition source introduced to the Gel Stream, the relatively harmless stream of liquid becomes a powerful blast of fire and molten liquid. While at first considered a two-person Flamethrower, this technique has higher incindiary abilities than the fire technique, which can be amplified with offensive fire techniques. This makes the technique more powerful and more versatile than the basic Flamethrower technique. With Napalm's ignition qualities, Firebomb also has potential as a delayed action technique.




With versatility and raw power, this technique is easily a B-Rank when used effectively, and at its maximum potential can rival A-Rank techniques.

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